Why Minerals Are Essential For Your Teeth & Gums

Nothing says “health” better than a vibrant smile. If you´re lucky enough to have one, it’s a real asset you definitely want to protect. Actually, it’s far more than just appearance: the state of your mouth affects your overall health and your overall health affects your mouth.

Once you start researching the aspects that give you a happy smile you will always find yourself coming to the same conclusion. It´s your dental hygiene regime and your nutrition, your diet, the things you eat and drink day by day that determine your health hence the state of your teeth. A balanced diet is especially important for our children to let them grow into healthy adults. The following story shows the impact food can have on a child´s live making it heaven or hell.

A dentist´s hyperactive son (not mine, luckily) had many teeth decaying. A hair analysis was taken showing that his sodium was just out-of-this-world high, and a lot of other scores were high. So first thing the normal table salt was replaced by celtic sea salt, he got off the meat and off preservatives (as good as possible). No more junk food and sugar. But he still had cavities. Then his father suspected he might be allergic to homogenized milk. Got him off the milk, put him on minerals and vitamin supplements. He hasn’t had a cavity since and he’s not hyperactive anymore. He went from just barely passing kindergarten to making A’s and B’s now.

Why Modern Humans Are Mineral Deficient

Today it is highly recommended to supplement your diet with minerals because the soils have long become severely mineral deficient due to over farming. The predicted increase in degenerative diseases such as Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer, Heart Disease, Gum Disease and many more are an obvious marker for this and has already reached epidemic proportions.

On top of the deficiency of the soil there are further threads like contaminated water and polluted air, harmful chemicals and toxic emissions.

If you suffer from gum disease, decaying teeth or loose teeth, it is very likely that you suffer from mineral deficiency. You might especially lack on zinc, iron, copper, potassium, magnesium and manganese. Hence it is important to add minerals to your daily diet. This is even more important as your food, whether it is conventionally or biologically grown, doesn´t supply you with sufficient minerals to keep your body healthy in the first place.

The average dietary intake of e.g. zinc (7.8mg) is a lot less than the RDA of 15mg. If a mother is breastfeeding this amount should be 25mg, three times the average intake. This leaves breastfed infants hopelessly deficient in a mineral that is essential for all growth processes including intellectual development.

How To Get All Minerals Your Body Requires To Stay Healthy?

As technology became more advanced, the temptation to fiddle around with food, water and air increases. The efforts to bring “science“ to a new level of understanding and profitability raises as well. Thus many people think GMO (Genetically  Modified Organism) are the biggest breakthrough to fight starvation.

Dr. David Ehrenfield, Professor of Biology at Rutgers University says “Genetic Engineering is often justified as a human technology, one that feeds more people with better food. Nothing could be further from the truth. With very few exceptions, the whole point of genetic engineering is to increase sales of chemicals and bio-engineered products to dependent farmers.”

With the use of traditional mineral supplements, there is still a massive lack of minerals in people´s daily intake because most of these mineral supplements are not fully absorbable. This why it is recommended to have a plant derived mineral supplement that your body can metabolize to almost 100%.

Why Fluoridation is no option.

Research has shown for many years that putting fluorides into water supply or taking via tablets etc. does not reduce dental cavity. The Swiss city of Basel stopped their Fluoridation after they did not achieve any improvement in decaying teeth.

There is proof that fluorides do a lot of harm such as increasing genetic damage, hip fractures , infertility, dental fluorosis …. and fluorides are highly toxic.

The best way to keep your teeth, gums and actually your whole body healthy is by applying a balanced diet, a strict hygiene regime, physical exercises ….. and always look at the bright side of life…

Dr. Elmar Jung

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