Water Fluoridation


Water Fluoridation is one of the biggest scandals of our time.

The fluorides used to fluoridate your water aren´t natural fluorides – they are toxic chemicals, industrial waste products from the phosphate fertilizer industry that cannot by law be dumped!

Initially water fluoridation was introduced with the benefit to reduce the incident of dental caries in children but once fluoride is added to the water it is impossible to control the dose or who gets it and it´s nothing but mass medication.

Even fluoride promoters admit that its benefits are only topical – if it doesn´t work from the inside why swallow it?

There is hardly any difference in tooth decay whether countries fluoridate the water or not.

But it can cause significant harm such as brittle bones, lower the IQ, damage your thyroid and pineal glands and many other severe problems.

It’s this simple – tooth decay is not caused by lack of fluoride!

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