Getting To Know Your Soil

As humans, we often find solace and a sense of connection in nature. One way we can deepen this connection is by digging into the earth and delving into the world beneath our feet.  This act of digging not only physically allows us to explore the soil and its hidden treasures but also symbolically represents […]

Plants: The Secret Superheroes of Our World

There’s nothing quite so magical as watching plants grow – from tiny seeds and shoots to flourishing leaves and flowers.  Learning to become little plant detectives is an important part of the Science curriculum in primary schools, with children learning to name local flowers, bushes and trees, exploring the different parts and functions of a […]

The Breath of Life: Inspiring and Expiring

Breathing is one of the great miracles of our existence.

My latest Interview

This time by John White from SAMA Here is the link to the interview. Please leave a comment and ideally like it on FB

The Living tooth

Chapter 1 provides a list of all tooth parts and a short video clip into the structure of a tooth.

Your Jaw and Skull

. Chapter 23 . Your Jaw and Skull . Here is where you get an understanding of the mechanics of your body e.g. how a filling that is too high in a tooth can upset the delicate balance of your bite which in turn may create symptoms elsewhere in your body. A very important part […]

Children´s Teeth

Healthy parents conceive healthy children!
Use fluoride-free tooth paste.
Take your child with you to your routine dental treatment

Join the Blotting ® evolution

Achieving and maintaining a healthy mouth is within the reach of everyone. This message has never been more valuable at a time when fewer and fewer people can afford expensive dental treatment. The Phillips Blotting Brushes and the associated Blotting Technique are the key to total oral health for a lifetime.


. . Dental amalgam filllings are composed of approximately 50% liquid mercury; the remaining powder is made up of mainly silver (~20-35%) and some tin, copper (~10%), and zinc (~2%). . If you have mercury fillings, your mouth is a toxic area. If the health regulations for your mouth were the same health regulations for […]

How You Mix Your Own Tooth Paste

How to make your own tooth paste. Save money by preparing it yourself!