The End Of The Human Condition

The End Of The Human Condition

Several years ago I took cover in a bookshop from thunder, lightning and a heavy downpour of rain that could give Noah’s flood a run for its money.  

Given that the deluge would last a while, I looked around for something interesting,

One book receiving special promotion was entitled ‘The Human Condition’.

Now, I don’t throw around the phrase “most important subject ever” lightly, but the Human Condition? That’s like the ultimate puzzle of existence, right? So, naturally, I flicked through it, fully aware that resistance was futile—I was going to buy it anyway.

The Human Condition is something that, consciously or unconsciously, we’re all looking to understand better.

Jeremy Griffith, the brains behind this masterpiece, throws everything but the kitchen sink into his exploration of why we humans are the way we are. 

Psychology, philosophy, history, pop culture—you name it, he’s got it in there. I found it a rollercoaster ride through the labyrinth of our minds, from the heights of goodness to the depths of, well, you know, the not-so-good stuff.

This particular book is an enthralling analysis of human behaviour and the complexities that define us, sometimes even confounding us!

The author Jeremy Griffith uses psychology, philosophy, history and even cultural references to evidence and illustrate his scientific theory for the origins of human consciousness, and our capacity for what we term ‘good’ and ‘evil’ and every nuance in between.

Each chapter is its own mini-epic, tackling big questions like the meaning of life and how our ape-like ancestors inadvertently unlocked the Pandora’s box of consciousness. It’s a wild ride, so buckle up and prepare to have many of your life-long beliefs blown!

Here is a breakdown of the chapters –

I particularly enjoyed his explanation of Adam & Eve, without the associated guilt.

Picture this: diving into this book is like staring into the abyss, but in a good way—trust me on this one. Sure, it might give your brain a workout, maybe even make you question your entire existence. But isn’t that what we’re all about?

Once you’ve braved through the mind-bending journey, you’ll emerge on the other side with a newfound perspective on yourself, the people in your life, the world and its future.

And here’s the kicker: this book’s your ticket to breaking free from all those pesky fears that have been holding you back. 

Sayonara, human bondage! Suddenly, the world’s your oyster, and you’re free to chase after whatever floats your boat, whether it’s chasing dreams or just binge-watching cat videos. 

The author, Jeremy Griffith writes:  

“The greatest of all goals of the human race—in fact it has been our species’ great hope, faith and trust—is that one day we would find the redeeming, reconciling and psychologically healing biological understanding of our ‘good and evil’- conflicted human condition. 

Renowned Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson wrote, ‘The human condition is the most important frontier of the natural sciences’ (Consilience, 1998, p.298 of 374), and in another of his books, ‘There is no grail more elusive or precious in the life of the mind than the key to understanding the human condition’ (The Social Conquest of Earth, 2012, p.1). 

Well that most ‘precious in the life of the mind’ breakthrough of the biological ‘understanding [of] the human condition’ has been found.

The short of it is that our world IS in crisis—politics, environment, mental health, corruption, chaos—BUT WE NOW HAVE THE SOLUTION!

All our problems are symptoms of the deeper issue of the HUMAN CONDITION, so to fix the world we had to fix the human condition, and that’s what Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith has done!

Finally, the underlying issue in all human affairs has been solved, which means EVERYTHING in human life can now be explained, fixed and brought back to life!!


‘What this book of books, in fact this greatest of all books, does is take humanity from a state of bewilderment about the nature of human behavior and existence to a state of profound understanding of our lives–understanding that drains away all the pain, suffering, confusion and conflict from the world. This is it — THE BOOK THAT SAVES THE WORLD!’ – Professor Harry Prosen,former President of the Canadian Psychiatric Association

‘Nothing Dr. Prosen has said about the immense importance of this book is an exaggeration. This is the book all humans need to read for our collective wellbeing.’ – Dr Scott D. Churchill, Professor and former Chair, Psychology Department, University of Dallas

‘This book is actually written from a position outside of the human condition. It is just amazing; Griffith walks freely through all the psychosis of our troubled human condition and with such freedom is able to explain everything about us!’ – Tim Macartney-Snapebiologist, mountaineer and twice-honoured Order of Australia recipient

‘I am stunned & honored to have lived to see the coming of “Darwin II”.’ – Professor Stuart Hurlbertesteemed ecologist

‘The sequence of discussion in ‘FREEDOM’ is so logical and sensible, providing thenecessary breakthrough in the critical issue of needing to understand ourselves.’ – Dr David Chiversanthropologist and former President of the Primate Society of Great Britain

“Impressively well written, persuasively argued, deftly organized and accessibly presented, “Freedom: The End of the Human Condition” is a compelling and articulate read throughout. Highly recommended for both community and academic library collections, “Freedom: The End of the Human Condition” will prove to be of compelling interest to both academia and the non-specialist general reader.” – Midwest Book Review

Interesting that many reviews are outbursts of negativity. To me, these join the growing list of naysayers whose predictions came to nothing.

Gather round for a history lesson in epic fails! Sliced bread, the supposed pinnacle of human ingenuity, was a total flop at first. People were like, “What’s the deal with these squished loaves?” But then, someone got their act together, upgraded the cutting gear, and voilà! Suddenly, sliced bread was the best thing since, well, unsliced bread.

And there’s more! Alexander Graham Bell, the man behind the telephone? His early invention got the cold shoulder from Western Union who believed that the idea of transmitting sound through wires was a “fantasy.” – early automobiles – the PC – lightbulbs – even the humble lollipop didn’t take off until someone put a stick in it.

So, next time you’re feeling down about your latest flop, just remember: even the greatest inventions started out with negative criticism. It’s all part of the journey to greatness!

Famous quotes in this field; ”I can state flatly that heavier than air flying machines are impossible.”

“There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now; All that remains is more and more precise measurement.”

“X-rays will prove to be a hoax.”

The Human Condition – bringing about a dawn of understanding that ends all the suffering and conflict on earth.

Dr. Elmar Jung
Dr. Elmar Jung

Dr Elmar Jung

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