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Todays Diet and Nutrition

. Chapter 27 . Todays Diet and Nutrition . Nutrition is still the key to your overall health. The more natural and untreated the food you eat the healthier you are. Processed food, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, preservatives and E-products should be reduced or better avoided. Some say your blood group has an […]

Laser Assisted Dentistry

. Chapter 26 . Laser Assisted Dentistry . Has the Holy Grail of dentistry finally been found? No doubt laser-assisted dentistry has a lot to offer especially for patients who hate drilling, the high speed drill noise that comes with it and the numbing injection or are just scared to death going to the dentist. The […]

Your Checklist for the Dentist

. Chapter 25 . Your Checklist for the Dentist . If you haven´t been to the dentist for a while, make sure you get a comprehensive dental check up. In our easy to read book you´ll find two self-explaining lists one for checking your teeth at home and one to put you in the know […]

Chewing and Your Bite

. Chapter 22 . Chewing and Your Bite . Chewing properly is only possible if your teeth are well-aligned and your chewing joints (Temporo-Mandibular-Joint: TMJ) function well. The TMJ is one of the most important joints in your whole body. If it doesn´t work as it should you might experience all sorts of pain. From […]


. Chapter 21 . Homeopathy . Homeopathy works with your body´s own recovery system to get well naturally. It was discovered and developed by Samuel Hahnemann a German physician in the 18th century. The bottom line of  Hahnemann´s philosophy is to treat the person rather than the dis-ease or the symptoms. Homeopathy uses only ingredients […]

Tongue Diagnostic

. Chapter 20 . Tongue Diagnostic . Your tongue does much more than just help you to speak properly. It´s the organ you taste with and it helps detect minute changes within your mouth, whether broken teeth or the development of lumps. On top of that your tongue contains a holographic image of the rest […]


. Chapter 19 . Tooth-Organ-Connection . Your teeth are living organs connected by meridians to other many other parts of your body as well as your emotions. Take a look at our fascinating interactive tooth chart Any infection in your teeth or mouth can spread to any other part of your body. It can also […]

CranioSacral Therapy

. Chapter 18 . CranioSacral Therapy . In 1970 John Upledger, then a surgical assistant discovered the movement of the Dura Mater, the outermost layer of the meninges surrounding the brain. He combined his findings with Dr. William Sutherland´s Cranial Osteopathy, developed them further and established CranioSacral Therapy. Cranial Osteopathy focuses on manipulating the sutures […]


. Chapter 17 . Orthodontics . Some thirty years ago children cried if they had to have braces. Nowadays they cry if they don´t get them. The earlier you start the treatment the easier the correction will be. A whole-body-approach (holistic) is important because crooked and misaligned teeth are merely symptoms of underlying causes. Whenever […]

Children´s Teeth

. Chapter 16 . Children´s Teeth . Healthy teeth for healthy children starts long before conception. Only healthy parents will produce healthy kids. Expecting mums unwittingly deposit up to 80% of their toxins e.g. mercury waste vaporised from their fillings and stored in different organs, into the unborn baby through the umbilical cord. Children´s teeth […]