March 2022

“I’ve been chronically ill for the last 10 years, in and out of hospital and my health got worse when I had a root canal re-done at a previous dentist.

I did some research on root canals and the health impact it has. Which lead me to look for a Holistic dentist and I quickly realised that not all Holistic dentists are what it says on the tin.

In terms of Dr. Elmar Jung, Sam Cooper, Ana and the rest of the team, it was the best medical experience I’ve had. I feel like a had a mind, body, spirit overhaul.

It was compulsory for me to see Sam Cooper before the extraction because that is Dr. Jung’s requirement.
Not to give too much away, I’m so glad this is a requirement. I feel so much better on an energetic level since seeing Sam and understand my Self so much better. She advised me on certain vitamins and minerals as well.

Back to Dr. Jung. The extraction of my root canal tooth was done with such skill and finesse that I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort during the anaesthetic or the extraction itself. I had blood taken by Ana, again no discomfort as she skilfully got the needle in my vein.
I had a Vitamin C infusion while Dr. Jung was working on me. He gave me a breathing technique while he would time my breath while doing the anaesthetic.

The extraction itself happened so gently, it’s like Dr. Jung lured my tooth out like a tooth whisperer. Once out, we saw an abscess attached to the top of the tooth. Ozone was used to clean my wound; my own white blood cells were used in my wound and stitches were applied.

They far exceeded my expectations. To call Dr Jung a dentist is doing him a disservice. Dr. Jung, Sam Cooper and the team are health Alchemist. They are like an oasis in a world suffering with the Medical Industrial Complex.

To have a taste of what approach to health you will be getting, read Dr. Elmar Jung’s book called “Shut your mouth, and open wide” (available on Amazon) I will give the book 5 stars as well as it’s very easy to read and is packed with overall health information that makes you realise the wealth of knowledge and passion for health he has. I’m only 6 days in since my surgery so will update this review of any health changes since my root canal extraction and getting rid of the mercury in my mouth.”

From Ruka Tuk on Google

February 2022

“I feel the session was a proper spark for me, it re-inspired me to follow ‘my path’ with more focus and determination, and to look deeper within. I do feel different, and I do feel this is just the beginning of something with so much potential.”

DS, Dorset

January 2022

I have consulted with a number of the leading Biological Dentists in Europe, and for several years now I have had the good fortune to be treated by Dr Elmar Jung. His work is of the highest quality, and I always find his caring expert approach to be the very best way to support and build my health. Despite living hundreds of miles from his practice, he is definitely my go-to dentist.

His partner Sam Cooper is one of the best therapists I have ever worked with at clearing emotional blockages, memories and toxins. Having worked with experts such as Robert Dilts and Tony Robbins, then that says a lot about the esteem I hold her work in.

Together they really are a very effective team at building a person’s dental, emotional and overall health. And they do it with a great deal of care, love, warmth a humour too.

I can not recommend them both highly enough.

Many thanks Elmar and Sam for all you do and all you are.”

Mark Ellison, Sheffield

December 2021

In 2014 I began feeling unwell with migraines, inability to tolerate cigarette smoke and alcohol.

It became evident that a large molar tooth which was filled with amalgam had become severely infected. I went to a conventional dentist and received antibiotics and a root canal treatment. From that point on I began having daily migraines, depression, severe fatigue and multiple chemical sensitivities.

After a few years of ill health I decided to have the root canal ‘tooth’ extracted, again by a conventional dentist. I hoped that my health would improve, but it got worse. I decided to have my other two amalgam fillings removed because I was concerned about mercury toxicity.

Unfortunately, I had them removed by a conventional dentist. I then subsequently needed root canal treatment on one of those teeth.

It was at this point that I came across the documentary Root Cause, which lead me to believe that I had a cavitation and taught me about the toxicity of root canals.
Despite knowing the risks, I had another root canal treatment, because I was scared of loosing another tooth (how foolish in hindsight!).

At first I was not able to afford holistic dentistry treatment and put the problem of the cavitation to the back of my mind. I then became pregnant and suffered a severe breast infection late in my pregnancy which required hospital treatment and surgery.

I was now absolutely convinced that I had a cavitation because the breast infection was left sided, the same side as my old dental infection.

I then found Dr Elmar Jung and was willing to do whatever it took to get well. I had a constant aching pain in my jaw, where my then current root canal tooth was and the adjacent suspected cavitation.

After my initial consultation with Dr Jung in March 2021, my first treatment was light kinesiology with Sam. I felt instantly at ease and the treatment was powerful.
I had an emotional release and my boyfriend commented that I was noticeably different for the days afterwards.

Sam provided telephone support the following day, during which we talked at length about some emotions and dreams that had come up for me. I felt like I could talk to Sam about anything.

Straight after the light kinesiology I had two fillings repaired by Dr Jung. It was the most relaxed I have ever felt in a dental chair.
Just a few weeks prior to seeing Dr Jung, I had a general check up with a conventional dentist who did not even notice that my fillings needed fixing, despite me reporting sensitivity. It turned out that one of my fillings had significant decay. This just demonstrates how most dentists are missing the basic diagnostic tools.

In April 2021, Dr Jung performed cavitation surgery on me and the removal of a root canal tooth, plus the removal of my wisdom tooth which had become infected as a result of the neighbouring infections from root canal and cavitation.

I then saw Sam immediately afterwards for more light kinesiology. Considering my state of health at the time (awful!), I felt ok after the dental surgery, and I attribute this to the care that was taken, and the measures put in place to support my body holistically.

Dr Jung and the team are very accommodating and made a constant effort to ensure that I was as comfortable as possible.

The first thing that I noticed during the days after I arrived home, is that my chemical sensitivity had improved. The constant aching pain in my jaw has now gone. It has now been eight months since my treatment and my chemical sensitivity has improved even more, although not completely gone.

My dental extraction sites healed well without any infection. My pain levels were also manageable, although I did use painkillers for approximately one week.

I am still struggling with chronic fatigue, migraines and allergies/sensitives, although the intensity is gradually improving. I am now doing the Dynamic Neural Retraining System to help bring everything
into balance.

Dr Jung has done his job perfectly, to diagnose any dental infections or abnormalities and to treat them properly and holistically without any negative or toxic side effects. I find his prices to be reasonable and it is easy to get the treatment you need without a complex or unnecessary treatment plan (like some other holistic dentists).

Dr Jung is the best in the U.K., without a doubt.

Kim from Warwick

August 2021

Three years ago at the age of 36 I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune condition known as Palindromic Rheumatism. This is an inflammatory arthritis which then developed into Rheumatoid arthritis. I chose to decline the immune suppressing medication and decided that I would do whatever it takes to heal this naturally. This lead me on a healing journey and various exclusion diets as well as numerous lifestyle changes.

In my research I was continually drawn to the potential for the seven amalgam fillings I’d had, as being a considerable source of toxicity. I had done so much to heal my gut including parasite and fungal cleanses, however there was still something stopping a full recovering, a ‘block to cure’ somehow. It was time for the amalgams to go.

After extensive research a friend recommended, I look into Dr Elmar Jung’s practice. After looking at their website, listening to Elmar’s Toothtalk podcast and communicating with his team I was confident that this was the practice for my treatment.

On the day of the first appointment I was greeted by a smiling, warm and friendly Dr Elmar. I was made to feel comfortable and at ease with the work I was about to have done. The treatment went smoothly and after a long stint in the chair I walked away wondering how I would feel without all that metal that had been in my mouth for so long.

In the following weeks I noticed a significant difference in my mental clarity and cognitive function. I had previously experienced brain fog, a lack of focus and an inability to study for any length of time. Since the treatment I managed to complete a course I had been struggling to get done in the space of a couple of weeks, and i am blown away by how much information I can now retain. I am currently detoxing the metal toxicity that will have accumulated in my body and have noticed a reduction in inflammation throughout my body and joints.

I am so pleased with how I have been feeling since the treatment, I only wish I had had it done years ago before before the ‘pain teacher’ decided to pay me a visit.

The experience I’ve had with Dr Elmar’s practice has been great and couldn’t recommend Elmar and his team more highly, I will be using him as my dentist from now on.

Peter Burroughs, from St Erth in Cornwall

July 2021

Dr. Elmar Jung is thoroughly professional and has a great attention to detail with his work.

I cracked my tooth recently which resulted in a large section coming away. I originally went to my local dentist who categorically stated it would need to be extracted.

I’d already researched Dr. Elmar and wanted the extraction to be carried out with him.

One of his first questions was whether the previous dental practice had tested the tooth to check whether it was still alive or not (they hadn’t) and so this led to Dr. Elmar offering me the option of saving the tooth as it was still alive.

Needless to say, I was delighted with the outcome having gone in expecting the tooth to be extracted. The practice extends its focus to looking at the whole body as a holistic system which gives reassurance that the best decisions and approaches are taken for overall health and recovery from treatment.

His podcast series shows a real passion for the subject and continual learning.

David Mathias, Bristol

January 2020

Dear Elmar and Sam

This is a quick note to say a huge thank you for the treatment you gave me last Thursday … it felt like it was a very significant step and whilst I am aware patience and standing in the unknown is key in the cancer journey, I feel the focus of my health concerns shifted from dealing with breast cancer to overall body health.

My acupuncturist also felt that there was a quite a change but most of all I felt you empowered my own self healing process and confidence in that. It was also a pleasure to be part of the seamless way you both worked together.

In addition, Elmar the removal of my amalgam and filling of temporaries seemed Masterful … quite a miracle to make a complete set of teeth out of the stumps that were left, with relatively little discomfort just a sore jaw from opening so wide 🙂

Jane, London

November 2019

Dr Elmar Jung was recommended to me by Dr Rau, the leading doctor in Biological Medicine at the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland, so I was reassured that he would have an expert knowledge of dentistry as well as a professional understanding of the link between oral health and overall health.

He most certainly does.

I have been ill for the last three years with complex symptoms relating to inflammation and toxin overload. I was advised to get rid of all the metal in my teeth and so I had my amalgam fillings and a metal root canal post taken out when I was having treatment in Switzerland as I didn’t know Dr Jung at that stage.

I arrived at Dr Jung’s with a gap in my lower front teeth following on from the post extraction and he has now made me a cantilever bridge with no metal, fixed with non-toxic cement.

It has quite literally restored my confidence to smile again as the match and overall effect is brilliant.

He was kind and thoughtful throughout the whole process and I trusted his advice at every stage. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Anna, London

October 2019

It is now 3 months after my extraction of 7 infected teeth and 4 cavitation surgery and would like to share my positive experience.
I am suffering from ME/CFS with loads of symptoms and while there is still work to be done, I am very confident that I am in the right direction. There are some missing links after the removal of root canals, infected teeth, cavitations, amalgams, etc but that’s a different story for a different post.
After these extractions and surgeries, I can say that:
  • My cervical spondylosis is 90% gone
  • Pain in the knees gone 90%
  • My brain is working better, brain fog not totally gone, but better for sure
  • My physical endurance is much better.
  • Also, my endurance to light and sound is much better as well
  • Migraines are gone 75%
  • Dizziness – better, but still there
No antibiotics for me, I don’t touch them except for extreme situations. IV Vit C was used during surgeries and after that I have made some essential oil capsules and took one in the morning and one in the evening. Ozone and PRF were used during the surgery.
Dr Jung is a true gem!
Only positive experiences with him. He’s kind, passionate, hardworking, knows his craft, has patience and he’s great, yeah! I am happy to have found him!
Overall, I can say I do not regret at all these extractions and surgeries and feeling better for sure. There are still some more to come and hopefully will get rid of this chronic disease once and for all.
Stay strong, and do not give up! Healing will come! I wish you guys all the best and everyone to be healthy and well!

Excerpt from Facebook’s Nico group with permission from JOHN JOHN

Treatment August 2019

First Feedback:

Hi, I joined this group in May when looking for a Bio-Dentist to remove a root canal that I had been given through uninformed consent & not asking enough or the right questions. Through this group & friends I found a Bio-dentist relatively near to where I live, and booked an appointment to see him. I was asked at the time to keep people updated, so this is me updating you all 🙂

The dentist I found is Elmar Jung, and in April I had my first consultation with him, before the appointment I had to fill out extensive health forms, and I researched the areas of dentistry that I wanted & that he offered, as well as some that I hadn’t even heard of, so I arrived with questions & a clearer idea as to what it was that I wanted – removal of amalgams, replacement of a metal cap, and the very unwanted root canal.

The consultation was really positive, he answered all questions, and had plenty of questions to ask me, I felt it was a two way process of acknowledging what was happening and that, this time, informed consent was being given. After the appointment, I was sent information, literature & consent forms to go through. I felt under no pressure throughout the whole process, in fact, I felt that I was finally on my journey to health.

Before the surgery, I had to start taking a number of supplements & minerals and put on a vitamin C protocol, which also was to include IV vitamin C at the time of the treatment. On the day I arrived, terrified &, when we went through the risks involved, I was upset, but knew that this was always going to be the right thing to do & both Elmar & Clare took their time with me, at no point did I fill rushed or ignored.

Blood was taken for the PRF, the Vitamin C IV was set up, and we were all dressed up ready for the extraction of the amalgam, which took no time at all! The cap was then lifted, more amalgam which was removed, all was replaced, and a temporary cap was put on. Throughout the whole procedure, I was told what was happening and checked on for comfort etc. After this, now metal-free, we took a break, I took a deep breath & prepared myself for the root canal removal (26). I was so scared, Elmar asked if I had said goodbye to the tooth, and actually, I had, and thanked it for all the work that it had done for me. The procedure was odd, to say the least, I felt that at any time I would hear the tooth pull & the dentist & equipment would go flying, I calmed these thoughts & again just focused on the healing that was already taking place, I continued to thank the tooth, and gave it permission to let go. Which it did, in one piece, which I brought home with me. What followed was ozone therapy, PRF inserted, and stitches.

The procedures were completed & then Elmar used bio-photon realignment mirror technique on me and also left me to continue with this for another half an hour, I hadn’t heard of this before, but it was non-invasive, and is said to eliminate pain & swelling.

All of this happened last Thursday, I’ve had no pain & no swelling, just slightly sore. I’ve been resting, and intend to keep resting until I feel sure that there is no chance of the membrane being dislodged & leading to dry socket. Too often we rush back to our lives with no acknowledgement to what our bodies have been through & the time that we now need to heal.

The whole experience from start – receiving the root canal, to finish – educating myself, taking my health into my hands & having the fortune to meet someone like Elmar Jung, has been quite a journey.

I hope that you all find your own path to good health, but remember we have to take responsibility, research, ask questions & stop letting people have access to our mouths without knowing who they are & what they are doing & why, and what we want them to do this – informed consent!

Second Feedback

This is the concluding part of my journey to health. Yesterday I had my follow up appointment with Elmar Jung, he checked the extraction site & fitted my crown. I’m happy to say that everything has gone really well. Since the extraction I’ve had little pain & no swelling, I put this down to the treatment & care that I was given & shown by Elmar & his team. But, and this is KEY! I put it down to me & the time that I gave myself to heal. I followed the recommended diet, took the supplements & minerals and, really important – I rested – bedrest/garden rest for nearly two weeks, and now, in my third week, light exercise. I can’t urge you enough to take the time to do this, this is a big investment, on so many levels, give yourself the time to heal & make it work. It’s an amazing feeling. I wrote a long post regarding my story, I’m happy to share that again. Meanwhile, I will stay with the group & offer as much support as I can to those of you embarking on this journey. Much love & healing to you all. Be gentle with yourselves.

Karen R., Somerset

Treatment August 2018

I have been ill with M.E. for 12 years but able to hold down a job. That all changed in 2017 when I began to struggle with new disabling symptoms. I subsequently lost my job and became next to housebound.

Due to the locality of my symptoms, I began to suspect my teeth as the cause, but any dentist I saw dismissed this hypothesis.

A visit to Elmar, however, established I had cavitations in several areas and a toxic root canal.

Within weeks of these being treated and following the recommended supplements protocol I was feeling a million times better and able to return to work after 8 months absent.

I still have health problems but the awful symptoms which left me housebound and unemployed have gone.

Thank you, Elmar and Clare for always being on hand to answer any questions and for making the process of having four teeth out as straightforward and pleasant as it is possible to be.

I highly recommend you as a dentist to anyone even if you have to travel miles for a visit.

Emma, UK

Treatment carried out April 2017

Highly satisfied with results.

I’ve been thinking about removing my mercury for the last 6 years. This year I wanted to face my fears and overcome my obstacles. I suffered with a condition call occipital neuralgia after a fall, but I have a number of other ailments affecting my health.

I researched mercury toxicity a lot. There is so much linked between poor health and the state of your teeth. Any how I actually first went to another prestigious mercury free dentist, but I just didn’t get a good feeling about him.

On my first visit to Munro Hall I was greeted with a big beaming smile from Dr Elmar Jung and both Lilian and Graeme Munro-Hall.

I found the clinic to be very thorough, organised and calm.  I immediately had a good feeling I could trust my health in their hands. 

I’m not going to lie the second listing on google after Munro Hall was an article about how terrible a dentist Dr Jung is. Well Dr Jung carried out my procedure of the removal of my mercury and two wisdom teeth, I couldn’t have been happier with the results. I’m a person who goes on gut instinct, I really felt I could trust him even though the article was quite damning. I found Dr Jung to be very explanatory of the procedure, thorough and very gentle.

Now I’m sure you want to hear what has happened since removal. Well I immediately felt I had finally let go of something blocking me like a big mercury laced barrier. I have suffered with quite serious anxiety, especially since hurting my neck. The idea of public speaking would leave me weak at the knees. I just gave a short talk at the Royal Academy about my art and I delivered a very concise speech. Afterwards I felt very energised, this definitely would not have happened beforehand. I feel happier in my self and my menses have started to normalise, this has been an issue for the last 9 years. I’ve noticed that I’ve had a little weight loss.

The main thing so far has been that I’ve managed to overcome my fear around doing things like going on long train rides, basically tasks related to anxiety.

I’m excited to see what other changes will occur, but it’s still early days. It took about 4-6 weeks for my body to recover from the whole procedure, but I’m truly happy with the results so far.

Thank you Dr Jung!

Foulla P. (40) from London

“I’m exceptionally happy with my treatment from Dr. Jung. His expertise and care was of the utmost importance during my dental treatment. Dr. Jung’s professional approach was positive, friendly and respectful throughout. I would recommend Dr. Jung to anyone that’s considering an alternative approach to dental health with the knowledge and friendly understanding that Dr Jung has. Great dentist and highly recommended”

Justin from Cornwall, UK 2016

“I have been treated previously by a number of biological dentists both in Europe and the UK.

Dr. Jung proved to be head and shoulders above any other I have used. Extensive Knowledge of a Whole Body Approach, always available to answer a question, completely professional. One of the best.”

Carmel Breadner, Lisbon, Portugal, 2016

“I was first treated by Dr. Elmar Jung four years ago and have had some further work done recently. Despite this long gap Dr. Elmar knew exactly who I was, what my situation was, and following preparatory examination work explained exactly what he proposed to do I had plenty of opportunties to ask questions and discuss the work before going ahead.

As I live 3 hours away from the practice, when I have had any follow up questions, it has been easy to contact Dr. Elmar on the phone and discuss the situation, and agree a way forward.

The holistic approach to dentistry practised by Dr. Elmar, means he is well versed in a wide range of medical conditions and supportive of complementary treatments.

This has been a very helpful part of my consultations.

In short I have had excellent, skillful and caring attention from Dr. Elmar and would not hesitate to recommend him”

A from Gloucester, UK, 2016

“I would like to recommend Dr. Jung without hesitation. He is an excellent dentist, highly professional but friendly and caring.

As well as being an expert in holistic dentistry he is also able to offer advice about general health matters”

Mr. M. C. from Kent, UK 2016

“I have had dental treatment by Dr. Elmar Jung and I would like to share my experience during this time.

When I attended the clinic with Dr Jung I didn’t understand why I was so sick. For years I had optimised my health with alternative health treatments, healthy diet, supplements etc and still I was not as well as I thought I should be. Honestly I felt in a really bad way.

I had even had all my amalgam fillings removed many years ago and doctors could find nothing wrong with me but when I was recommended to Dr Jung by a friend, I was shocked to discover that cavitations and root canals could be the cause of my ill health.

I underwent treatment with Dr Jung and haven’t looked back. Since the treatment I have gone from strength to strength and my health has optimised. I truly believe the treatment that I underwent was life saving.

Dr Jung’s expertise, professionalism and care of his patient is simply second to none. I have never been fond of attending Dentists but my experience under his care has completely changed my perception. He is quite frankly the best there is. I would have no hesitation in recommending his expertise to anyone else.”

Miss S. Cooper of Hampshire, UK 2015

“Dear Dr. Jung,

First of all I want to express my satisfaction that I met the clinic “Munro-Hall” and all the people working on clinic.
On first meeting with Dr.Graeme, Dr.Lilian and with you I have seen the seriousness, professionalism and willingness to help me in resolving my problems with health. Control with scanner is shown to have many (23 total) infection even in places where they extracted teeth thirty years ago.
I was shocked and scared.
Dr. Lilian, Dr.Graeme and you have explained to me all the possible consequences if it is not urgently done.
Two days after returning home, I received a calculation of the intervention.
On the day of the surgery I was excited and you are calm me words that will be all right. Everything was as expected during the three days that lasted cleaning, scraping, tearing and everything else while you’re working. I wondered how this man does not get tired after more than three hours of scraping, grinding, pulling, tearing, and all with incredible calmness and constancy, only from time to time said, all right, can I continue?”

Suad Rahic, Bergamo, Italy, 2016

“Elmar is an excellent dentist!

Extremely patient, diligent and technically skillful. He is able to see the root of a dental problem and aims to solve it with a holistic approach, taking into account not only a tooth as a separate entity but the entire person.

I value Elmar so highly that I am still his patient, even after moving from London to Luxembourg. I find it is worth the effort travelling so far, as I can be sure to receive excellent dental treatments.”

Mrs. H. Krauss, Luxembourg, 2016

“The first choice for the removal of dental amalgam fillings. Patients travel from all over the world to come to this specialist to have their ailments treated. The patient is coached and built up with supplements to prepare for the big day when the mercury fillings will be removed and then everything is done to make them comfortable. Further supplements, are supplied to ensure the mercury is flushed from the body until the patient feels the full benefits of having this toxin removed from their body.”

John James, Watford, UK 2014

“I am now back home and after a very much needed sleep, I am writing to thank you for your excellent workmanship and the care you took in dealing with my case. I shall highly recommend you to friends and people I meet who have crowns, implants, amalgams and root-filled teeth and pass on some of the knowledge you gave and the books you recommended. I was also very impressed with Hannah’s contribution to my treatment and care – I felt she genuinely cared for me and did everything she could to assist with my recovery.

As I sat having my vitamin C infusions I came across some interesting patients. Those who were waiting to see you and spoke to me, were very grateful to the existence of the Munro-Hall Clinic and others were deeply appreciative of the treatments being given to them at this truly holistic dental practice.

I would also like to say a thank you to the admin staff managing this clinic for all the professionalism and kindness they showed me.

My best wishes for the future of this inspiring and honourable dental practice.”

Lauren Usher, UK, 2016

“I cannot rate Elmar Jung high enough. An excellent dentist, who has helped my health enormously. He is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of dentistry and health. A top notch dentist. I am very happy with the treatments undergone.”

Miss S. W. from Morpeth, UK

“Very thorough, very empathetic and listening, very comfortable, What more can you say xx”

Miss Vicky Jones from Rutland, UK, 2016

“Dear Dr. Jung

After my surgery and infusions in December, everything healed up very well.  I am thankful for no further issues, other than getting sick after traveling (cold related stuff).

I realized that I had been living with ALOT of pain in my mouth since that wisdom teeth surgery in December of 2015 (performed in the US).  I knew I had some pain on and off, but did not realize how much pain I had lived with for so long.  After that surgery I was in the most pain I had ever had in my whole life.  Took SO much pain pills (which I dislike greatly and try to stay away from).  I remember getting up at night in such pain (even with taking the highest amount of pain pills prescribed) and just in tears.  I guess after having that much pain for weeks (it was I believe 2-3) that once it was gone, all was better than that.  So I did not realize how much continual pain I really had.

Dentists here told me that the pain I was having was TMJ.  And tried the different things to help that, which helped minorly.

But after my surgery with Dr. Jung in December 2016, and after all was healed, I realized how much pain I had actually lived with for a whole year!

I thank your clinic and you Dr. Jung for performing that surgery on me and giving me that relief that I did not know I was even having.  My mouth, finally, does not hurt anymore! 🙂

I also want to mention the blessing I had from all your caring that not only you all as Doctors shown me, but the staff as well.

Thank you again for your time, attention and care.  I will hold your clinic always in my mind as to the peace and care I felt.  Though the surgery was hard (I had to pray several times as Dr. Jung worked – as I felt myself panicking at times).  I remember the peace, love and care I was shown throughout it all.

Dr. Jung giving me a hug before I left, also will be remembered.  Can’t say, apart from having my midwife for my last child, that I have ever been shown care and compassion from someone in the medical world in my life.  For that I am so grateful and will always remember!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Angela A.”

Mrs Angela A. from the US, excerpt of her testimonial sent March 2017