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For any parent, it is always hard to see your child suffering with the irritation and pain of teething. Some children are fortunate enough to simply cut a tooth overnight without any drawn out pain, whereas some less fortunate children experience discomfort for days or even weeks with each tooth.

Unfortunately, the process of teething cannot be prevented, and as it can take 2-3 years for a child to get its full set of primary teeth, it can be a very distressing time for the child. But luckily there are some effective ways to help ease the symptoms of teething.

The most common symptom of teething is irritation, with teething babies experiencing pain as the tip of the tooth starts to rise closer to the gums. The first teeth are usually the most uncomfortable, as it is the first time the child has experienced the sensation, but each child reacts differently. The best way to combat this irritability is to get your child teething toys which are designed to help sooth the discomfort of teething, and to offer the child cold food like chilled yogurt or pureed fruit to sooth the gums.

Some babies also experience drooling which is stimulated by teething. As the baby loses the fluid, it is important to top up their fluid level with cold water from a bottle or cup. Cold water can sooth the gums, and can also replenish fluids lost through drooling and loose bowel movements; another symptom of teething.

Of course there is a selection of medicine-based reliefs available to help ease the symptoms of teething, but it is always important to consult your doctor as to the best medicine and dosage for your child and their symptoms. Teething gel is a popular remedy and is available over the counter (always read instructions first to make sure it is suitable for your child), but should your child be experiencing other cold-like symptoms or a fever, then consult your doctor.

I favour homeopathic remedies like Chamomilla.

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What teething solutions have you found that work?

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  1. Paty
    Paty says:

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