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BAD BREATH (Halitosis)

Bad breath can undoubtedly lessen your confidence and self-esteem. It does not need to be if you follow the recommendations on this site.


. Chapter 21 . Homeopathy . Homeopathy works with your body´s own recovery system to get well naturally. It was discovered and developed by Samuel Hahnemann a German physician in the 18th century. The bottom line of  Hahnemann´s philosophy is to treat the person rather than the dis-ease or the symptoms. Homeopathy uses only ingredients […]

Tooth Ache

Chapter 8 . Tooth Ache . You often hear toothache is amongst the worst pains known to man. So we thought you might like to know what to do when tooth ache strikes. Normally this happens on a Friday afternoon when your dentist is already on the 3rd hole of his golf course. We put […]