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Fixed brackets are simply symptomatic treatments.
It is important to start (holistic/functional) treatment at an early age to work with teeth and jaw as they develop.
Functional Orthodontics helps to eliminate blockages, loosen rigidity, straighten up what is bent and transforms disharmony into harmony.


Homeopathy works with the body’s own recovery systems to help the person get well naturally.
Rather than treating the symptoms as “modern western” medicine does, Homeopathy treats the person.


There are few types of pain that can make life such a constant misery as toothache. Discover TWENTY Ways to deal with tooth pain and how dental problems can affect animals


. Chapter 21 . Homeopathy . Homeopathy works with your body´s own recovery system to get well naturally. It was discovered and developed by Samuel Hahnemann a German physician in the 18th century. The bottom line of  Hahnemann´s philosophy is to treat the person rather than the dis-ease or the symptoms. Homeopathy uses only ingredients […]