Sleep vs. Food: The Surprising Source of Human Energy

Edward Hookey Dewey, a medical graduate from the University of Michigan in 1864, served as an assistant surgeon in the U.S. Army. 

Although you may never have heard his name, he became famous as the “No-Breakfast Doctor.”

Now, with Christmas on the horizon, the usual flood of celebrity cookbooks will start appearing in bookstores soon, each with its own unique theme. 

But before you decide on a Christmas gift, consider the wisdom of Dr. Edward Dewey. During his lifetime, he authored two valuable books: 

  • The True Science of Living (1895)
  • The No-Breakfast Plan and the Fasting Cure (1900)

Edward Dewey was likely one of the most influential figures in simplifying life. His books reached thousands of people. What he proposed was revolutionary, although not everyone grasped the true depth of his convictions.

So, what was his big idea? Dewey’s groundbreaking discovery was that the human body doesn’t get its strength from the food we eat; it gets renewed during SLEEP. 

Food is like the raw material for our bodies, not the source of life. 

This theory has some interesting aspects:

First, it’s backed by mathematical proof, making it undeniable.

Second, it challenges conventional ideas about where life and strength come from and that most of us could thrive on much less food than we currently consume. It even raises the idea that our mind shapes our body, not the other way around.

Third, Dewey’s theory reveals that many medical beliefs are based on false foundations, potentially hindering recovery for the sick.

In the end, Dewey’s work opens the door for scientific investigations into life’s origins and the immortality of the soul, but that’s a conversation for another time.

So, before you tuck in for a good night’s sleep, turn off your cell phone (or switch it to flight mode), use an old-school analog alarm clock if you need to wake up early, and don’t forget to switch off that WIFI router. 

A little simplicity can go a long way. 

Sweet dreams!

Dr Elmar Jung

Dr. Elmar Jung
Dr. Elmar Jung
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