Episode 080 | How Your Teeth Affect Your Posture

We talk about
– What is Posturology
– How did Posturology develop?
– What are the five key sensory receptors?
– What are Postural imbalances?
– Why postural insoles are different to orthotics
– What are the benefits of Posturology?

Episode 079 | The Tooth Quiz #2

Check your knowledge with our Tooth Quiz #2. How much do you know about mercury, root canal treatment and water fluoridation?

Episode 078 | The Tooth Quiz

Today is quiz time. 20 fun and interesting questions about teeth, gums and more giving you the opportunity to check your knowledge.

Episode 077 | Composite Fillings, Replacing one evil with another

We discuss:
– Are white fillings a sensible alternative?
– WHAT are the arguments against composite fillings?
– WHY composite fillings are more susceptible to tooth decay and abrasion
– WHY composite fillings trigger allergies
– WHAT are the solutions

Episode 076 | The Importance of a healthy Lymph System

– WHY the Lymph System is so important
– HOW is the lymph formed?
– HOW the lymph system works
– HOW Lymph system and Immune system work together
– WHAT is a lymph node
– WHAT to do when lymph nodes swell
– HOW you can improve your lymph flow with some easy-to-follow methods

Episode 075 | WHY Perception is Projection

– WHAT “perception is projection” means
– WHAT are our Five senses?
– WHY Happiness is a choice?
– The Sixth Sense
– WHAT is the benefit of perception is the projection
– Is the grass really greener on the other side?
– WHAT is the key to happiness

Episode 074 | How your thoughts determine your life

– WHY I change the subject
– WHY it is important to focus on the positive side of life
– WHY we attract what we think about most of the time
– HOW do you think about thinking?
– WHAT is controlling your Mind
– HOW real are our thoughts?

Episode 073 | Reduce Plastic to Save lives Interview with environmental entrepreneur Kathryn Hogan

We talk about:
• How plastic destroys wildlive
• HOW we can reduce one-use plastic in the conventional dental world
• WHAT are the alternatives
• HOW did the 3-month rule of disposing plastic toothbrushes came about
• Is flossing still recommended and by whom
• HOW to floss correctly

Episode 072 | Elmar interviewed by Natasha-Dawn Ni Leighn

In this episode I am interviewed about holistic dentistry, amalgam fillings and our practice in Southampton.

Episode 071 | Latest News About The Jab

What’s in it for you in this episode:
– WHAT the European Medicines Agency, EMA, revealed
– WHAT scientists proved
– THE one time Fauci said a true sentence
– WHY American military doctors ring the alarm bell
– WHAT shocking news a recent study revealed about the jab
– WHAT an undertaker discovered
– HOW graphene oxide interacts in the body
– WHY sportspeople suddenly drop dead