Episode 005 | Fluoridation – How beneficial is Fluoride really for You?

In this episode you’ll discover:
– Countries still fluoridating their tap water
– The risks and benefits of fluoride
– How to prevent tooth decay
– The history of water fluoridation
– Why Basel stopped water fluoridation after 44 years
– How to reduce your fluoride intake

Episode 004 | Mercury-Amalgam Part 4

In this episode you discover:
– What damage mercury can cause to your brain
– Can mercury toxicity be connected with chronic and disabling diseases?
– Why boys are four times more affected by autism than girls
– Why Candida can be your friend when you suffer from mercury toxicity
– How some patients got their lives back after dental treatment

Episode 003 | Mercury-Amalgam Part 3

Discover in Elmar’s Tooth Talk:
• The damaging effects mercury has on your brain
• Why detoxing is vital?
• The shocking findings about mercury by Dr Alfred Stock over 100 years ago
• The disturbing details on the information sheet of amalgam fillings
• Why alcohol is good for you if you have mercury amalgam fillings.
• How Light-Kinesiology and Bio-Photon mirrors help to detox

Episode 002 | Mercury-Amalgam Part 2 – How to test for Mercury intoxication

Elmar’s Tooth Talk – The missing Link to Total Health
Episode 002: Mercury Amalgam: Symptoms, Tests and SMART Removal
Are you poisoned by your fillings – Why teeth are no safe place for mercury.
The symptoms of mercury intoxication, tests available. IAOMT SMART protocol to safely remove amalgam fillings. How dental practices dispose of mercury. Why some people cannot detox

Episode 001 | Mercury-Amalgam Part 1 – How Mercury can destroy a life

Today on Elmar’s Tooth Talk about Mercury Amalgam fillings you will discover:
Why women benefit and babies suffer during pregnancy and fathers play a vital role too
What parents must know about mercury, heavy metals and infertility
Why you must get rid of this toxin before getting pregnant
Why your dentist could be your saviour if you suffer from inexplicable symptoms

Episode 000 | Introduction

This is the ‘Pilot Episode’ of “Elmar’s Tooth Talk – The missing Link to Total Health” where I share with you what this podcast is all about, my vision and mission. You discover who is Dr Elmar Jung? What topics will be covered? Why this podcast could be the missing link to your total health and how you will benefit from the information provided.