Interview Partner Information:

Name: Dr Dirk Schreckenbach



Dr. Dirk Schreckenbach
Karlstr. 2
D-66424 Homburg/Saar

Contact Information:

Tel.: +49 6841 4499

Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

Extra Information:

  1. “Dental Whispering – The teeth – mirror image of your soul”
  2. “There is a whole person attached to every tooth”


Hello again and a warm welcome to episode # 030 of Elmar´s Tooth Talk – The missing link to total health. I am Dr Elmar Jung.

In this 6-episodes series I am joined by Dr Dirk Schreckenbach, holistic dentist and naturopath from Germany. We talk about:

  • What is the Tooth-Organ Connection
  • Challenges of conventional orthodontic treatment
  • the skull and its bones
  • What do the front teeth stand for
  • Which organs connect to the front teeth
  • What emotions are involved

Check out the Tooth-Organ Chart

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