Episode 28 | What are Bio-Photon Mirrors Interview with Nicole Pechmann

Interview Partner Information:

Name: Nicole Pechmann

Website: https://lightkinesiology.com/en/

Address: Kirchplatz 3, 87509 Immenstadt im Allgäu, Germany

Phone: 08323-9590931

Extra Information: Taster days, Seminars, workshops see website


Hello again and a warm welcome to episode 028 of Elmar´s Tooth Talk – The missing link to total health. Today I am joined by Nicole Pechmann, co-founder and developer of Light-Kinesiology.

We talk about:

  • WHAT are Bio-Photon Mirrors
  • WHO developed them
  • WHO can benefit from the treatment

Listen on:

1 reply
  1. Gerrit Egberts
    Gerrit Egberts says:

    It was nice to hear your both voices again, this time the voicesound from Nicole was much better then the last time but your voice Elmar sounds like you were somewhere in a cave.

    But thanks you both anyway, greetz to Sam & Renzo
    Paw from Boaike.



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