Episode 094 | Amnesty and Moving-On?


Hello and welcome to episode 94 of Elmar´s Tooth Talk: The missing link to total health. I thought it was time to check in to see what has been going on in the field of Budweiser, Erdinger & Corona and I came across some very interesting ideas which I like to share with you today.

What’s in it for you in this episode:

Here are a few words and topics we discuss. Such as:

  • Informed consent
  • Forgiveness
  • Tyranny of the unvaccinated 
  • Corona dictatorship
  • Long-Covid
  • Amnesty
  • Repent 
  • Nuremberg Trials

In an article in the German weekly newspaper “Junge Freiheit” Konrad Adam writes:

“Volunteers wanted” that’s how it shouts from the ads.

We are looking for people willing to participate in medical experiments that promise a new miracle cure for cancer, hair loss, or sweaty feet or small fee. That sounds suspicious, but at least shows respect for the two minimum requirements that are to be placed on experiments with humans: information about the program and consent of your own free will. 

It is called “Informed consent” in the jargon of doctors, dentists, and lawyers. When the corona hysteria was created and even before it reached its peak,  this informed consent thing did you hear about it or did it just silently disappear as if it never even existed?

Was there any clarification or approval provided for what can probably be seen as the largest, most expensive, and most deadly experiment in the cultural history of homo sapiens? 

Did politicians, who always like to march forward, did they know where the journey was going? And didn’t they consider information and approval superfluous? 

Didn’t they act like the famous tourist group described by Mark Twain: after losing direction, they picked up the pace?

Every wrong turn, every setback, and every disappointment has been accompanied by slogans to persevere.

As usual. when politicians are at their wit’s end, and most often than not even long before, what do they do? They call in the experts. Those so-called experts then deliver exactly what was asked of them namely: The next perseverance slogan. And don’t they get paid handsomely for a job one could consider worthless if one is an optimist or more realistically harmful? 

They were, of course, cautious enough to free themselves from the consequences of their doing. 

One such politician saw it coming as he put it, “we will have a lot to forgive one another”. And we will get to the forgiveness part in just a few moments.

Politicians, he said, deal with imponderability and cannot always be right. 

But not always wrong either, but he didn’t say that. 

In a functioning democracy, ministers whose statements and actions were so thoroughly wrong would have to resign; but to our all surprise, really, they continue to play. 

The political scientist Karl Deutsch ascribed the privilege of not learning to one specific group: professional politicians.

That was well said, but unfortunately, it didn’t go far enough, because now all sorts of professional groups, associations and unions, interest groups, and dignitaries want to share in this privilege. 

Civil society has mobilized across the board and is now crushing everything in front of it. 

The socially relevant forces, employers and employees, capitalists and activists, vegans and non-smokers, the churches, NGOs, LGTB, the climate activists, social media, print media,  – they all want to be there.

The result is a new, progressive morality, traces of which can be seen everywhere, including in medicine. The old Hippocratic oath “Primum nil nocere” – Above all: do no harm! – no longer applies. 

The pressure alone under which the new preparations were developed and immediately used and vaccinated left no time for thorough testing. 

Frank Ulrich Montgomery, the infamous head of the World Medical Association, publicly complained about the “tyranny of the unvaccinated”. Easy for him to say with the backing of the pharmaceutical industry, mask manufacturers, unions, hospitals, most doctors, dentists, and pharmacists.

Even the former chairman of the Ethics Council, the theologist Peter Dabrock, had to put in his two pennies, for where ghosts have settled down, he must have thought, the theolog’ is also welcome. 

He explained that accusing the unvaccinated of tyranny might be an exaggeration, but it is legitimate. To refuse the small poke by referring to the right to self-determination is antisocial and lacks solidarity.

When it comes to vaccines, however, shouldn’t we stick to the cautious rather than the religious? 

And we also mustn’t forget that politics is about dealing with probabilities, not with the truth. 

When the need to decide goes beyond our ability to know, there must be trade-offs: 

  • gain versus loss, 
  • benefit versus disadvantage. 

It’s not easy when it comes to health, because in addition to physical health, there is also mental and emotional health and, if the World Health Organization (WHO) is to be believed, something like social health.

Focused on the body, politicians and so-called experts have lost sight of the soul and the social environment and have just as confidently disregarded the demands of children as they did the longings of locked-up nursing home residents. 

Doesn’t it look like politicians see the pandemic as a dress rehearsal?

Their role models appear to be billionaires who have turned health into a gold mine and charity into a business. Isn’t it a joke that what would ruin any other business, the poor quality of the goods, represents an advantage in Corona trade?

If the protection does not last, you are obliged to top up, refresh, and top up and refresh and top-up and refresh and so on: a roaring trade that is far from over, because when the Corona star sinks, the Medusa head of Long-Covid appears, a mysterious, disease that is as insidious as it is protracted. 

It reveals itself in all sorts of symptoms, in coughing, tiredness, shortness of breath, lack of sleep and muscle atrophy, chest pain, forgetfulness, lack of concentration, and exhaustion of all kinds, in short: Long-Covid is everywhere and has been around for a long time. 

This opens a new market, a gigantic supermarket with unlimited possibilities. Bright prospects for a new Covid industry! 

Corona was a market where people cheated and pushed, misinformed, and arbitrarily billed. Everything depended on the question of who bears the burden of proof, and it kept hitting the others. 

After all, maybe an even deadlier disease is lingering around in their laboratories, who knows?

Sceptics had no chance and were allowed to be publicly addressed as deniers, contrarians, conspiracy theorists, and right-wings. 

They were cancelled on all possible levels, and if nothing helped the Nazi-club came out of the bag to finish them off.

If it was ever legitimate to speak of a tyranny of the unvaccinated, then it is at least as legitimate to speak of a corona dictatorship. 

The claim “… protects you and others” was always only half the truth if at all. Wasn’t it a complete lie from the onset?

There would be a lot to forgive. And I agree forgiveness is a good thing.

However, I was wondering how in this instance Professor of Economics Emily Oster concluded that it is time for an amnesty and a moving on from all alienations that have typified the covid era.

I tend to agree with Highwire’s Del Bigtree response to this call for amnesty and moving on. 

Which I share with you here.

For forgiveness to happen can someone of those who called us deniers, conspiracy theorists, anti-socials,injuries and much worse names, explain all the things we are supposed to forgive? Because it appears to be quite a long list.

  • Are we supposed to forgive that you locked down and took away our jobs and our dreams of having a future? In that process, you destroyed our economy worldwide.
  • Are we supposed to forgive all the sanitising and all the spraying and the destruction of our nasal passages, as you tested us with the product which itself couldn’t even test properly? 
  • And how about all those who died and weren’t treated correctly in hospitals? And died alone because you didn’t let us in.
  • And how about all the suicides that took place, and the child abuse and domestic abuse and drug abuse? Or turning our children into hypochondriacs? 
  • How about denying people transplants because they didn’t want an experimental ‘vaccine’? 
  • And what about the police brutality, attacking those people who were standing in the truth; who wanted to watch their child playing in a sports event without wearing a mask – because they knew, that masks don’t work. 
  • “And then there are the injuries: all sorts of people suffering from seizures that are unexplained, and the lies from the pharmaceutical industry saying that these injuries never happened. 
  • And how many athletes have been crashing to the floor unable to play again, or maybe dead? 
  • All the performers who can’t get through a concert or can’t even perform any longer? Is this brand-new ‘normal’ what we are supposed to forgive and forget, and have amnesty for, while it’s still happening right now?
  • And what about the doctors who still have their licensing under attack? 
  • If you said any of the things that have now proved to be true, like this vaccine doesn’t work or [covid-19] has a very low death rate, or maybe you should try ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine – you can lose your licence
  • So in the very moment when Dr McCullough’s licence is being taken away because he has been quoting the science from around the world on blood clots, on thrombocytopenia,  on myocarditis (the swelling of the heart) – something he knew about more than anyone else and he’s under attack, we’re supposed to give amnesty right now? 

Del Bigtree also points out there’s a word that goes along with forgiveness if we’re to look at the biblical spiritual nature of this. 

That word is ‘repent’. 

You see, in order to deserve to be forgiven, you must articulate what you were being forgiven for. 

That’s called ‘repenting’. 

So, Del Bigtree continuous, please explain to me what you think you did wrong here. 

“Because at the Nuremberg Trials, which is what maybe is about to happen (in the USA), the doctors did not repent; they did not say they made a mistake. 

What they said was, ‘We didn’t know better – we were just following orders. We were just doing what we were told, and there was no way to know better.’ 

Forgiveness is important but we are not even ready for that conversation until we hear those that made that mistake, those that continue to censor, those that continue to attack, and those who will not admit that these are not sudden adult syndrome deaths; we’re not randomly seeing excess mortality deaths around the world because maybe we locked down for the wrong reasons. 

“No, when you stop being mystified by this rise in deaths and get to the reality that you gave an unproven, untested pharmaceutical product that was killing every animal in every animal trial prior to giving it to human beings; when you admit that, just maybe it is the ‘vaccines’ that are killing us around the world, dying and collapsing on fields and collapsing in cages. 

“When you’re ready to repent, I will forgive. 

And then, and only then, will I consider amnesty.”  Says Del BigTree.

Now, why should we forgive politicians who have publicly declared that there should be no more people like us because we are not vaccinated, have not recovered, and are still alive? 

Shouldn’t these politicians and their experts and jab-pushers, who have abused their office and position resign, or better still be stripped off of all their perks and pensions and reconsider their wrongdoing whilst waiting for justice in government-provided housing?

Food for thought. What do you think? Is it time to Move on?

That’s it for today. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time. Bye for now.

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