Episode 092 | MYOBRACE – More Than Just Straight Teeth

Interview Partner

Name: Dr. Ana Velasco

Instagram: @biologicaldr


Hello and welcome to episode 92 of Elmar’s Tooth Talk: The missing link to total health. I’m Dr Elmar Jung.

Today I am joined by our lead dentist Dr Ana Velasco. Ana is a specialist in Myobrace functional orthodontic non-invasive tooth treatment.

Episode 11 already covered braces, today we are going into much more specifics.

What’s in it for you in this episode:

We talk about:

  • WHAT is the difference between traditional Orthodontics and Myobrace?
  • Why it is important to address misaligned teeth and jawbones
  • HOW long does a treatment with Myobrace take?
  • WILL my child need braces after the Myobrace treatment?
  • WHEN the treatment is finished, will the teeth crowd up again?
  • WHAT are the side effects of the Myobrace treatment?
  • IS the treatment painful?
  • WHY tooth extraction is not the best solution
  • WHEN is the best time to start orthodontic treatment
  • HOW does a functional orthodontic treatment look like
  • HOW often does the patient have to see you 
  • HOW much do I have to invest
  • WHAT are additional therapies beneficial for orthodontic treatments 
  • Who developed it
  • Myobrace for different ages
    • Junior 3 – 5 primary dentition
    • Kids 6 – 10 mixed dentition
    • Teens 11 – 15 developing permanent dentition
  • Compliance, Motivation, Perseverance, Cooperation

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