Episode 088 | The World of Krypto Part II



Hello and welcome to episode 88 of Elmar´s Tooth Talk: The missing link to total health. 

We are back with part two of our four-part series to shed some light on the world of Krypto. Again, a big welcome to our expert Carsten Gotowy.

Today we talk about:

  1. WHAT is the difference between Krypto and FIAT money
  2. HOW safe is Krypto
  3. WHAT are the risks
  4. WHAT are the benefits 
  5. WHY would you put money into Krypto
  6. WHAT is the difference between Centralised vs decentralised wallets
  7. WHAT is Error 40

And now over to our Krypto expert Carsten Gotowy. 


email vip@elmarstoothtalk.com if you want to know more about krypto

That’s it for today. Thanks for tuning in. 

I look forward to seeing you next time. Bye for now.

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