Episode 069 | Interview with Scientific Researcher Dr Colin Robertson


Hello and welcome to episode 69 of Elmar´s Tooth Talk: The missing link to total health.

What’s in it for you:

  • How to know what exercise is best for me?
  • Why exercise is important
  • How nutrition affects your exercise
  • What influence oral health has on your fitness
  • How your bite affects your performance

If you think sports nutrition is only important for the peak performers in professional sports, think again.

From my own experience, I know it is even more important for us non-elite sportspeople to have exercise nutrition that supports our efforts.

And today we have an absolute expert in this field.

Dr Colin Robertson 🔗

To give you, a glimpse of an idea about the knowledge, wisdom and experience Dr Colin has gathered over many decades some of which he will share with us today, let me give you a brief introduction to his bio.

Dr Robertson has been involved in human performance and sport science his entire professional career.

He has worked in every aspect of Strength and Conditioning from rugby to wrestling to wheelchair basketball, and countless sports in between; at national and international levels of competition.

As an environmental physiologist, he has prepared numerous global adventurers to undertake unimaginable challenges, from climbing Everest to rowing the Atlantic, “Dr Col” has become a go-to specialist.

Dr Robertson is well-published amongst the peer-reviewed scientific literature and has authored (and co-authored) leading impact papers on nutrition, chronobiology, athlete preparation, and the changing state of health in Western Industrialised Nations.

From clinical rehabilitation, right up to elite sports performance, Col has worked with an extremely broad range of athletes and individuals.

Today Dr Colin is best known for linking the evidence base of elite sports science and clinical health practice to everyday exercise activity and nutritional behaviour.

Dr Colin’s driving philosophy is:

Health, wellness, and fitness are the building blocks of a life worth living, and that everyone – regardless of their personal circumstances – has the right to receive the absolute best levels of support and guidance when it comes to making positive lifestyle changes.

Sport and fitness are vital industries, and the only industries that can breed a culture of health and hope that people can rely on, and that can make all of our futures brighter.

Enjoy the show.

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