Episode 066 | Why Toothache Strikes and How You can Strike Back


Hello and welcome to episode number 66 of Elmar´s Tooth Talk: The missing link to total health.

In today’s episode we talk about one of the worst things in dentistry: Toothache.

So, What’s in it for you in this episode:

We talk about:

  • What are the common reasons for toothache?
  • Why toothache can origin from somewhere else in the body
  • How the quality of your tooth ache quality can tell its possible cause
  • Why toothache is a good thing
  • Five ways to tackle toothache
  • How to prevent toothache in the first place

There are probably few pains that spoil your life as much as toothache does. But the good news is that in most cases they are reversible.

Wilhelm Busch, the 19th Century German author wrote, “A toothache, not to be perverse, is an unmitigated curse”.

It is also said that toothache is the small thing that can shake up larger events.

And the novelist, Vladimir Nabokov mused, “A toothache will cost a battle, a drizzle and an insurrection.”

We know, our teeth are by no means lifeless chewing tools.

On the contrary, every single tooth has blood vessels, lymph vessels and nerve fibers that come from the trigeminal nerve.

Even the smallest changes in and around the tooth in its socket, such as trapped food, a filling that is prominent, or a crown that is misalignment are immediately perceived.

What are the common reasons for toothache?

The list of causes of toothache is a very long one.

It ranges from the obvious reasons such as

  • Tooth Decay,
  • Tooth Abscess,
  • Broken Teeth,
  • Gingivitis,
  • Pulpitis
  • Eruption Problems of Wisdom Teeth,
  • Tooth Whitening Products,
  • Defective Fillings and Crowns,
  • Teeth Grinding,
  • Impacted Food Debris,
  • Root Sensitivity,
  • Orthodontic Treatment,
  • Temporomandibular Joint Problems
  • Teeth that Don’t Fit Together Perfectly,
  • Dry Socket After Extraction
  • Sinus Infection

Of course, previous dental treatment can also be the reason for the pain. The tooth nerve may have been irritated by filing down the tooth.

Why toothache can origin from somewhere else in the body

However, not every toothache has its cause in the painful tooth. In podcast number 31-35 “tooth-Organ connection” I go into this topic in great detail and use examples to show how problems in other areas of the body show up as toothache.

Toothache can also be a harbinger of a heart attack or an angina pectoris attack. In this case, the toothache shows up in the left lower jaw.

Maxillary sinus infections, ear, nose and throat infections and neuralgia can also trigger toothache.

Other possible causes include: shingles, headaches and migraines, trigeminal neuralgia or neuralgia induced cavitational osteonecrosis, also called NICO.

How the quality of your tooth ache quality can tell its possible cause

Not every toothache is created equal.
Different qualities of toothache indicate different causes.

A sharp shooting pain that comes and goes is often associated with sensitive tooth necks, gum recession, dental caries, tooth abscess or a broken tooth.

A pulsating pain usually indicates an acutely inflamed tooth nerve, tooth decay or an acute tooth or gum abscess.

Chronic toothache occurs, for example, with neuralgia, dental caries with involvement of the tooth nerve and injuries.

Pain when chewing can indicate tooth decay, an acute tooth or gum infection or abscess, food particles jammed between the teeth, or crowns or fillings that are too high

Pain on cold or sweet things shows up in the early stages of tooth decay or when the dentin is exposed.

Pain over hot occurs especially when the tooth nerve is inflamed

Swelling, redness and fever can be associated with a tooth or gum abscess

If toothache lasts longer than 2-3 days, is severely painful or even accompanied by temperature, if cannot open your mouth properly anymore and if you cannot swallow properly, it is advisable to visit your dentist immediately, for them to find out the cause and take remedial action.

The first German professor for experimental physics, Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, who lived from 1742 – 1799, is quoted with the following words.

“To invent an infallible toothache remedy that works immediately would be worth as much, if not more, as discovering a new planet”.

It is not clear whether this statement was made when he himself was suffering from unbearable toothache.

Why toothache is a good thing

Really, toothache is a good thing.

Well, it is because it causes your focus on something that is obviously wrong and without tooth ache you wouldn’t know, would you?

Toothache, like any other forms of pain, is a warning sign.

The pain is caused by nerve irritation, pressure, trauma, acidity, or direct contact with the poison.

Five ways to tackle toothache

  • Cloves or clove oil as an essential oil has been used as a home remedy for toothache for centuries.
    Cloves have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and mildly numbing effects. Place the clove or clove oil near the painful tooth.

    When using any essential oils make sure they are well diluted before entering the mouth!!
  • Ice cubes.
    Either to cool the cheek or you massage the ice cube into the back of your hand on the side on which you have the toothache. In the place between the thumb and forefinger.
    This works because there is an acupuncture point at this point, which, when stimulated, causes your brain to release endorphins and enkephalin, two of the body’s own pain relievers.
  • A tea made from two parts peppermint, four parts each of St. John’s wort and lemon balm and a little valerian can also have a good effect.
  • If you don’t have all of that at home, prepare yourself a highly concentrated, lukewarm saltwater rinse. You leave it in your mouth for about two minutes until the toothache subsides.
  • The homeopathic remedy arnica is particularly suitable for pain after surgical interventions at the dentist and any kind of acute injury.

We have also experienced that Olive Leaf extract can work wonders with tooth ache, swelling pain and after surgical interventions.

Far more important than how to deal with toothache in my opinion is

How to prevent toothache in the first place

Here are five important points to incorporate into your daily routine

  • Diet, low in sugar, dairy and gluten
  • Good oral hygiene with flossing and tongue scraping
  • Oil pulling
  • Regular check-up with your dentist
  • Balanced supplementation protocol with Vitamin D3 & K, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Iodine, Omega 3 Oil, prebiotics

Now you are equipped with what to do when toothache hits and even more so how to prevent it.

And I wish you that by applying the tips toothache is a foe of the past.

Thanks for tuning in to Elmar’s Tooth Talk – The missing Link To Total Health.

Bye for now.

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