Episode 065 | High Alert – Waterfluoridation to benefit all of UK


Hello again and a warm welcome to episode #065 of Elmar´s Tooth Talk – The missing link to total health. 

Today’s we talk about the UK governments ingenious plans to fluoridate all tap water. 

So, before we start, let me tell you What’s in it for you in this episode.

We talk about:

  • WHY believe is not good enough when it comes to science
  • WHAT is it really that goes into our tap water
  • WHAT fluoride does to your body
  • WHAT the WHO says about fluoridation
  • WHAT fluoride does to the IQ
  • HOW to avoid tooth decay in kids
  • WHAT to do next

Let us go straight in. scrutinising

Dr Niger Carter from Oral Health Foundation said:

We believe that water fluoridation is the single most effective public health measure there is for reducing oral health inequalities and tooth decay rates, especially amongst children. 

We welcome these proposals and believe they represent an opportunity to take a big step forward in not only improving this generation’s oral health, but those for decades to come.

Oral Health Foundation believes. Well, don’t we all believe? Some believe in God, others in Allah, Mohammed, in flat earth, in winning the lottery or whatever. 

When it comes to health wouldn’t it be great to rely on something else other than believe? Things like facts, real science and proper research? 

Research that is funded with the aim to get true results?

Science that still deserves its name?

So, the Government made plans to advance health by adding fluoride to all tap water in England. Should you be concerned?

Why don’t we have a look at the facts?

Firstly, fluoride doesn’t purify the water as for example chlorine does. 

Secondly, what will be put into the water is hydrofluorosilicic acid.

Thirdly, what are the consequences for our health?

Do you know what Hydrofluorosilicic acid is and where it comes from?

Hydrofluorosilicic acid is toxic waste from the fertiliser industry. It contains arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminium, and other waste products. 

All in the name of fluoride.

As you may remember from your days in school, there was a subject called chemistry. And we if you paid attention to your teacher, you might even remember that he once mentioned that all these substances are highly toxic. That they are more toxic than lead and only slightly less toxic than arsenic.

This kind of so-called fluoride is not pharmaceutical grade as the fluoride they cram into toothpaste.

And the fluoride added to tap water is 20 times more toxic than calcium fluoride, the naturally occuring fluoride.

You could also use fluoride as a rat poison. 

We know that fluoride interacts with various process in our body. It is poisonous to enzymes.

Fluoride is a competitor to iodine and therefore affects your thyroid function. 

Already without any fluoride added many people suffer from a dysfunctional thyroid which I can see on a daily basis with my patients.

This means fluoride affects our endocrine system.

Fluoride also increases the risks of gene defects, remarkably it also increases the risk of hip fractures

But not only that, Canadian as well as Chinese research teams found fluoride causes lower IQ. 

It is a myth that tooth decay is caused by a lack of fluoride.

And does it get worse? Decide for yourself.

Let us look what Dr Paul Connett, Professor of Environmental Chemistry and Toxicity and one of the top fluoride experts has to say.

Connett states that water fluoridation is wasteful and costly because less than 1% of tap water is drunk by children. Most tap water is used by industry and for washing, toilet flushing, watering gardens etc. 

Therefore, 99% of taxpayers’ money spent on fluoridation is literally money down the drain! 

Even the WHO, World Health Organisation, said in the past that no fluoridation schemes should begin until total fluoride intake has been measured – but this was never done.

Back in 1937 the American Dental Association described the use of fluoride in toothpaste as unscientific and irrational and it shouldn’t be allowed.

The city of Basel in Switzerland has, after 40 years, aborted the fluoridation because they couldn’t see any proof of benefit and the incidence of decay didn’t decrease in any way. And in Eastern Germany dental health improved after fluoridation of drinking water ceased.

And we see many people with fluoride levels way above previous WHO safety limits.

Is it a conspiracy that during the Second World War in Nazi and Russian concentration camps, fluoridation was used because they knew that fluoride even in small amounts, was enough to make the prisoners docile? 

They wouldn’t do this.

If they knew about the neurotoxic effects fluoride has on the brain and on your pituitary gland, they wouldn’t propagate this. Wouldn’t they?

Fluoride intake is not only from fluoridated salt or dental products such as toothpaste, mouthwash or fluoride gels. It comes in from industrial pollution, pesticides, antidepressant drugs and other medical medications. 

How poisonous even fluoridated toothpastes are is shown by the death of young children who have swallowed the content of a tube of toothpaste and died. This means that a tube of toothpaste contains enough poison to kill a 7-year old child and this happens more often than we read in the newspapers. 

Dr Dean Burk, a former Chief Chemist at the National Cancer Institute published a research paper showing that in the US alone there are ten thousand fluoride related deaths every year. 

These fluorides react with your stomach acid and build a very strong fluoride acid which is so strong it can dissolve even glass and especially in children can lead to quite severe stomach pain. 

Parents are warned not to make up babies’ bottle feeds with fluoridated water as babies could get a fluoride overdose. 

Fluoridated water as well as other fluoride intake can cause dental fluorosis, which is permanent brown or white mottling of children’s teeth which than requires dental treatment to solve the problem that it should prevent. 

Doesn’t that sound irrational?

There are far better, healthier, effective as well as cheaper ways to greatly reduce tooth decay in children such as “Smile Programs” where young children are motivated and taught how to clean their teeth properly and are also educated in healthy nutrition and diet. 

If one thinks of medicating fluoride for whatever good reason and research, then it should be given on an individual basis and according to their bodyweight and general health.

Should we let them mass-medicate us with no control over dosage received?

Wouldn’t that be unethical to fluoridate everyone regardless of their need or personal choice?

Doesn’t this go against medical ethics? 

And wouldn’t it be preferable for the government to give fluoride free toothpaste to any child than to wastefully add this toxic chemical to the whole tap water supply.

What about material risks?

Where remains our informed consent?

For more information listen to my Podcast #5 and search for Paul Connett, “The Case Against Fluoride” or Dr Philippe Grandjean, Professor of Environmental Chemistry from Copenhagen University, who writes on children’s IQ being damaged by fluoridation

The history of water fluoridation has been excellently documented by Peter Meiers, and Val Valerians and can be read on their respective websites.

Write, talk, email to your local MP and ask for his stand. Inform them about the risks involved and ask him to vote for real health.

That was Elmar’s Tooth Talk – The missing link to total health.

Thanks for tuning in. Bye for now.

Fluoride Free Alliance UK

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