Episode 063 | How Lockdown, Masks and Jabs Destroy an Entire Generation


Hello again and a warm welcome to episode #063 of Elmar´s Tooth Talk – The missing link to total health. Todays podcast goes beyond just teeth and oral health it deals with the impact this plandemic has on our most vulnerable.

So, before we start, let me tell you What’s in it for you in this episode.

We talk about:

  • WHY Kids are no Super-Spreaders?
  • WHAT the plandemic does to children
  • WHAT JFK says about children
  • HOW schools and kindergarten cause damage to children
  • HOW testing causes trauma
  • WHAT infamous roles media and government play
  • WHAT are human activists doing for children?
  • HOW to support the children

We hear a lot about the absurdity of this plandemic, the consequences on people’s businesses, health and overall live but hardly ever do we hear, see or read about what it does to the most vulnerable of our society, our children.

Therefore, in this podcast we are going to explore what unbelievable damage this plandemic is causing to our children?

One of John F Kennedy’s most important quote in my opinion was:
“Children are the world’s most valuable resource, and its best hope for the future.”

What President Kennedy said over half a century ago, is more valid today than ever.

Children are the real victims of the corona mess. They are completely falsely accused to be “super spreaders”.

Contrary to all scientific knowledge, they are told to stay away from their grandparents, as this could cause their death. Listening to real experts, we know that this is utter nonsense.

Schools and Kindergarten

It goes on with unreal seating arrangements in class, half-baked home-schooling and contact restrictions. This all unsettles children and adolescents and leads many to withdraw into isolation.

Isn’t it true that our children are permanently flooded by oppressive procedures they do not comprehend, like being forced to cover their faces by wearing masks in school?

Doesn’t this mean they are being forced to hide their identity from their friends and peers? Doesn’t this lead to even more separation? And …
Doesn’t this rob them of their dignity, rob them of their ability to concentrate and, moreover, has unforeseeable long-term consequences for their physical and mental health?

The mask requirement causes great harm to children and young people.

It has been proven that masks do not protect against external corona infection.

The high CO2 concentration under the mask leads to attention disorders, can damage organs and cause malformations.

Think about this: The mask is worn for a period of time that would be impossible in occupational safety.

But not only that: children are afraid to go out of the house without a mask; they are afraid of being bullied, attacked and marginalized. No wonder: after all, politicians and journalists urge citizens to report “mask refusers”.

The Trauma of testing

Testing is traumatic, especially for young children.

It is hurtful and scares a kid on several levels, physically – a swap-stick deep into the upper nose, into the sinus cavities, is hurtful and can be even traumatic for children.

And what about the psychological impact, what if I’m positive?

“All my school mates and teachers have to stay home because of me”; or 

“I could infect my parents and my frail grand-parents”. 

Guilt is everywhere.
Guilt is like fear.
It makes people pliable, manipulable – takes all initiative and enthusiasm for life away.

Follow the rules

And what does it mean to be obliged to follow strict rules of social distancing – don’t get close to your friend.
Of course, it is to protection yourself, but more importantly to protect your friend’s health. Therefore, you need to keep a distance to your friend.

They can no longer freely communicate, and even if they could, due to the face covering, they could not read their friends facial expressions – which is key to any useful conversation.

And the masks make constantly aware of the supposed threat.

The infamous role of The Media

They are being fear-induced, constantly indoctrinated and brainwashed, by radio, TV-broadcasts and social media by permanently having to listen to “case” figures, infections, hospitalizations and death rates.

Never mind, that most of these figures are false or distorted in the first place. The entire scenario made even more meaningless by absurdly obsessive testing-testing-testing.

Due to this one-sided reporting and corresponding statements by our politicians, many children believe that wearing the mask or even worse having the jab is the right thing to do.

How do they crown it all off – the newspapers, magazines and of course the infamous BBC?
By showing pictures of coffins, not one or two, but hundreds and mass graves. These pictures are already utterly disturbing for adults, let alone for children.

It appears as if fear is being weaponized and replaced by more fear and the perspective no future; at least not the future they once dreamed of.

The shock of the plandemic enables the government to deprive us of our basic rights. If it achieves its goal, it will not only destroy the basic democratic order: Corona will become a trauma, especially for today’s children, which will cause permanent physical and psychological damage.

Children are crying from despair, crying from fear, crying from isolation – crying for not being able to congregate with their friends, classmates and peers – and crying for seeing no way out.

What is being done to our children is inhuman.

Why do psychologists and psychiatrists report of such a skyrocketing number of abnormal behaviour, depression and suicides in our youngest?

A peer-reviewed paper “COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease” published January 2021 by Dr Bart Classen points to the potential medium- to long-term disabling neurological effects, especially degenerative diseases, that may be linked to RNA-based inoculations. This would be disastrous for children. Entire generations could be wiped out.

Human Rights acitivists

Where are all the activists who fight for everything from Amazon rain forest to Animal testing, climate change and LGBTQ+ XYZ?

When do they start fighting for the most precious resource we have, our children?
Jab testing on our most vulnerable ones is ok but animal testing is a crime? Hello, anyone home?

School closings

We know for a fact that children are the least vulnerable to COVID and still they are forced into mass-testing, all the way to kindergarten. Why then close schools?
Testing with hurtful nasal swaps, as often as once or twice a month or even more. With a test we also know for fact is as useless as it can be.
School closings have a devastating effect on children. They lose contact with friends and caregivers who could correctly classify the information about Corona for them: the teachers.

But above all children suffer from psychological problems such as listlessness, poor concentration, aggression, depression, anxiety and others. dangers of vaccines, which are largely unexplored and approved far too quickly.

The Government

The government’s measures and corona reporting destroy the most important institution and safe haven a child can have, the family.

Like the Media it has long been that they tell us the truth or at least both sides of the coin so everyone can make their own informed decision. These days seem long gone.

You have to make your own inquiries, be sceptical and do your own research. If you rely and trust the government, BBC or mainstream media to provide you with an unbiased picture you must be, well how to say it in the nicest possible way, let’s say you are lost and may I add deserve it.
As it appears, the COVID crisis is man-made and serves the destruction of the world economy. If not stopped by our youth and coming generation, COVID and Great Reset is about to give civilization the final blow.
We have to ask ourselves if peace is still the citizen´s first obligation?

How to support and protect our children?

We must not allow this to happen. We must listen to our children’s grief. We must clear the path for a bright future for our children, for our successor humanity.

According to Professor Dr Stefan Hockertz, a German immunologist, toxicologist and pharmacologist it is important that adults offer solidarity and support to children and adolescents to convey security.

That we support them in conquering their anxiety for them to become resilient and robust and to provide them with unbiased information to gain competence and maturity.
Because we know knowledge is power.

Our world needs a generation that can lead us out of the mess of dystopian values that was created predominantly by a western civilization of greed.

Together we can make this happen.

Thank for tuning in. This was Elmar’s Tooth Talk – The missing Link to total Health.

Bye for now

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