Episode 054 | How you can achieve entire wellbeing Interview with Mark Bennett

Interview Partner Information:

Name: Mark Bennett

Email: hello@entirewellbeing.com

Website: https://entirewellbeing.com/

Phone: 01183 219533 | 07776 250077

Extra Partner Information

Mark is a member of the

  • British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT)
  • Complementary and Natural Health Care Council (CNHC) as well as being a registered

He is also a Certified Gluten Practitioner and a registered Nutrigenetic Counsellor.


Hello and welcome to episode number 54 of Elmar´s Tooth Talk: The missing link to total health. I’m Dr Elmar Jung.

In today’s episode we talk about how we can achieve entire wellbeing. I am joined by nutritional scientist Mark Bennett.

So, before we start let me tell you What’s in it for you in this episode:

We talk about:

  • WHY there is no one size fits all when it comes to health
  • WHY biochemical individuality is key
  • WHY food based nutrients are superior
  • WHY lamb’s liver is the best multivitamin
  • WHAT mitochondrial health has to do with dysfunction
  • WHY oral health plays a major role in overall health
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