Episode 052 | How to support Children love going to their Dentist

Interview Partner Information:

Name: Carol Wells

Website: https://www.Wellness4life.bz

Email: cwells137@gmail.com

Extra Partner Information:

Working with children, helping children to be effective with their own home care encourages independence and a bright future. Most children do not like to have things “done to them”. Why not teach them how to be successful with their own home care through “show and tell”.

Hello and welcome to episode number 52 of Elmar´s Tooth Talk: The missing link to total health.

Today’s topic is all about our little ones. How can we educate, support, and motivate our children to a great oral hygiene regime?

So, before we start let me tell you What’s in it for you in this episode:

We talk about:

  • WHAT is biological dental hygiene
  • WHY most kids fear going to the dentist
  • HOW to set the stage that kids love to go to the dentist
  • HOW to motivate children to be successful in their own oral hygiene protocol
  • WHAT is a Phase contrast microscope?


Today I am joined by Carol Wells a biological Dental Hygienist who graduated in 1977. She worked in private practice from 1977 until 2007 and specialized as a Periodontal Co-Therapist.

Carol is experienced in understanding how the mouth can impact your overall health. She calls it “The Oral Systemic Connection”. Carol advocates a whole body approach because Periodontal Disease is multi-factorial and there is a need to appreciate how Oral Health and Overall Health interact.

Carol developed her Biological Dental Hygiene protocol, a Holistic approach to Dental Hygiene which she coined “Integrative Dental Hygiene Process of Care”.  

Kids don’t like things “done to them”, therefore our approach to get them into the chair must be fun, appeal to their curiosity and meet them at the level where they are.


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