Episode 037 | The Misconception Continues


Hello again and a warm welcome to episode # 037 of Elmar´s Tooth Talk – The missing link to total health. I am Dr Elmar Jung.

So, before we start, let me tell you What’s in it for you in this episode:

We talk about:

  • HOW Lockdown, Mask and social distancing conflict with Research
  • HOW effective is Quarantine for Covid?
  • WHAT the PCR Test does and what it doesn’t tell you
  • WHAT arithmetics and statistics have to do with Winston Churchill
  • HOW Covid consequences look like
  • WHAT supplements can support your immune system to fight viral and bacterial intruders
  • The Takeaway

Today we continue from last week’s episode with The Misconception Continues. 

A major global pandemic?

We are made to believe Corona19,20,21 is a major global pandemic. Wouldn’t you think that government health authorities would work together with a number of independent scientists and organizations to figure out what’s truly the right move for humanity?

Instead, the reality seems to be that, as Kamran Abbas, the executive editor of the British Medical Journal and the editor of the Bulletin of the World Health Organization points out, the “medical-political complex” is corrupt & suppressing science.

Critics also question if there is conclusive scientifically sound data to support these draconian measures when the survival rate is 99.5%. The answer is a simple “NO”, says Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, one of the most cited research scientists in German history.

Does Quarantine work?

A report published in the British Medical Journal has suggested that quarantine measures in the United Kingdom as a result of the new coronavirus may have already killed more UK seniors than the coronavirus has during the months of April and May 2020.

Simon Wood from Cornell University concludes in his paper that infections were in decline before full UK lockdown (24 March 2020), and that infections in Sweden started to decline only a day or two later.

Other researchers demonstrate that the United Kingdom’s lockdown was both superfluous and ineffective.”

According to Mathias van der Heiden, in general, not all infected people develop symptoms, not all those who develop symptoms go to a doctor’s office, not all who go to the doctor are tested and not all who test positive are also recorded in a data collection system. 

In addition, there is a certain amount of time between all these individual steps, so that no survey system, no matter how good, can make a statement about the current infection process without additional assumptions and calculations.

The research seems to show overwhelmingly that the measures imposed on us are neither stopping the spread of the virus nor do they improve individual health.

Countries such as Sweden or Belarus where no lockdown was imposed have as many or as little Corona deaths as the fully locked down countries???

The PCR Test

Many scientists and doctors claim that the PCR Test is useless. It doesn’t fulfil Koch’s Postulates, the virus was never properly isolated, no control experiments done, and it shows many false positive and false negative results.

Even the late developer of the test, Kary Mullis, stated that the test is not aimed to diagnose anything. It is just to check for RNA particles which can show anything in anybody

Even the WHO and CDC admit that only 6% of Corona deaths are caused by COVID-19 alone, all others had at least two or more various other co-morbidities which could have led to their death such as motorcycle accidents, suicides, heart attacks, murder, even cancer… they’re all being counted as death caused by COVID.


Would you like a bit more fuzzy arithmetic? Here we go.

For last year’s flu season, starting in October 2019, the Centre for disease Control and Prevention statistic reported of 56 Million cases of influenza in the US alone. 

56 Million – bear the number in mind!

That was the flu season BEFORE the Covid madness kicked in.

How many influenza cases do you think have been reported so far 2020 flu season? 

More than 56 million? 80 million? 100 million? Or was it only 10 million?  Maybe even less? Make your guess.

According to the most recent CDC data, the total number of influenza cases reported in the Land of the Free this flu season through December 27, 2020 is …..  make your guess, a whopping 877 cases.

Not 877 million or 877.000. 

Just 877!!  That is fewer than 1,000 people in the US have had the flu.

Really? Seriously? Are they kidding? 

Are we honestly expected to buy into this? 

Are we supposed to believe that the infallible US public health officials have miraculously eliminated influenza?

Or is it possible that, ok it might be a bit far-fetched, that influenza cases are being counted as COVID cases?  No, of course not. They wouldn’t manipulate statistics, that would be fraud, wouldn’t it?


Well, over the last few months, we could already enjoy quite a bit of interesting arithmetic from Covid reporting.

Many countries require that anyone who tests positive for COVID and passes away is automatically counted as a COVID-related death.

In Colorado the police report listed a murder-suicide death as “blunt force injuries due to a gunshot wound”. 

But Colorado public health officials listed both as COVID deaths 

Was Winston Churchill correct when he blatantly stated ““I only believe in statistics that I doctored myself”?

Covid or no Covid

Isn’t it remarkable that, if someone tests positive for COVID and dies for any reason, the cause of death will often be registered as COVID?

However, if someone takes a COVID vaccine and dies, the cause of death will never be registered as the vaccine. You can rest assure that vaccines will kill zero, null, none, rien,  people. Listen to the scientists. 

Looking closely at the vaccine procedure it appears as if they are made up on the go.

The presumed vaccine experts from Pfizer tell us that the vaccine requires two doses, three weeks apart and they also state there is zero data to suggest that a single dose would be effective after 3 weeks.

Therefore, just before Christmas, UK’s public health officials made it absolutely clear that it is of utmost importance to have the second injection after precisely 21 days.

Luckily, UK’s public health officials are the real health experts. How else can it be possible that they proclaim that the vaccine will continue to be safe beyond 3 weeks. 

They have conducted zero studies, and no research exists on the matter.

In their infallible ingenuity they are now insisting that a single shot of the vaccine will keep people 70% protected despite the manufacturer’s objections. 

Therefore, it is deemed sufficient for the second blow to be delayed until week 12 or even later. 

I assume they mix a strong dose of Hopium in the first lot to keep us going.

Covid worshippers

Amongst all those busy religions there is one that stands out rather bluntly. It’s the Covid worshippers. 

Well, to be precise, it appears that they worship the fear of Covid. Their god, for obvious reasons, demands stringent obedience and if you don’t obey, he will haunt you with outrage and panic. 

His commandment must be followed to the point. Even if this means to terrorise non-believers or blasphemists who dare to ask the obvious questions about Covid, vaccination, lockdown and so on.

This god will insist on punishment for disobedience be it on social media, at work or at home to make it crystal clear that his word must be followed. Otherwise, you will serve as poignant example for others.

This fanatism has already taken hold of much of the Western world. 

Covid Consequences

What we haven’t even touched are the multitude of consequences these draconian measures of lockdown, social distancing and having to shut your business, being furloughed have on the population. 

Suicide rates are soaring, negligence of non-Covid patients, immune systems being compromised due to wearing masks, psycho-somatic diseases sky-rocketing and a bit further down the line other complications such as food crisis and poverty are already looming.

Some say it is not a virus pandemic we are dealing with but a test pandemic. Sounds pretty accurate to me.

Obviously, you want to protect yourself and your loved ones from this deadliest-ever virus the same way you want to protect yourself from any virus, flu or disease. 

Vaccines are one such way – if you are prepared to live with the likely consequences and of course if you trust the health claims the pharma industry is making regarding their products. 

A quick word on the long awaited and highly praised COVID-19 vaccine.

What is the definition of a Vaccine?

Simply put, a vaccine, as defined by the CDC and FDA, introduces a foreign protein or weakened virus or bacteria into the body and activates the immune system to make antibodies against it. 

If the vaccine works according to plan, it gets in your body and programs itself to attack the infection should it cross its path. 

By definition, the vaccine has to stimulate both immunity and disrupt transmission. Does the COVID-19 injection do that? Does it encourage your body to program your immune system? No, it doesn’t. Instead, it is the program.

The COVID-19 injection bypasses this stimulating step and takes over the programming of our cells to make proteins it wants to make, which is presumably to stop, prevent or modulate the infection in question. 

Therefore, couldn’t we call it a treatment? A genetic treatment? A treatment that has never before been applied to humans?

If it is a treatment rather than a vaccine that neither prevents you from getting infected nor spreading the virus, how can it be any better than other treatments on offer such as high dose Vitamin C infusion, Vitamin D, KIB500, Ivermectin or any others.

You can now ask yourself the question, if the injection does not prevent transmission or protect you from getting the infection, why are authorities pushing for everyone to get it?

Instead of having an undisclosed gen-manipulated protein shot into your body you can prepare yourself while you are still healthy and before you experience any suspicious symptoms.

Supplements that support your fight against viral and bacterial intruders

The main supplements to help with this preparation are:

  • Vitamin D3 – 5000iU – ongoing, if you don’t get any sunshine
  • Vitamin K – 300mcg – always in combination with VitD3
  • Vitamin C – daily 3-6 gram especially in winter and higher dosages of 10-20g at first signs of trouble. You can use liposomal Vitamin C up to 100g per day if needed.
  • Zinc – 30 mg
  • Selenium 200mcg
  • Magnesium 400mg

By the way, Vitamin C, if given in high enough amounts, acts as an antiviral drug, effectively inactivating viruses. Vitamin C is also anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, antioxidant and antithrombotic

If the famous shit has hit the fan a very good supplement is KIB500. It works against all kinds of bacteria and viruses and together with high dose of Vitamin C it would be my first choice when experiencing any signs of infection. 

Best to get at least six kits. Take two on the first day, and one on second day.  See how it helps and maybe repeat after a few days. 

Check the transcript how to order KIB500 as you only get it from or through health practitioners:

www.kib500.com        to order use these details:    jung_client     password: 5674

Chronic Inflammation

It is also of utmost importance to reduce chronic inflammation. 95% of the population suffer from it, so it is likely that you are one of them too. 

When I tested my Omega6:3 ratio, shockingly for myself, I was out of balance too! 

Now, five months into our anti-inflammatory protocol I am balanced!

Actually, it is best to reduce chronic inflammation first because then your body will be capable to benefit fully from the supplements you provide. 

In an inflamed gut even the best food or supplement will do very little.

You want your immune system to be best equipped to fight any kind of infection. To achieve this check out Zinzino’s Balance oil, gut pre-biotics and x-tent.

If you like to hear more about chronic inflammation and what to do about it, listen to episode 29 of Elmar’s Tooth Talk – the missing link to total health. 

The Takeaway: 

So, what can you take away from this podcast?

2020 was and 2021 is a year that due to the declared pandemic has brought with it a major shift in society and in consciousness for the individual and for the collective mind.

Many people started to question if government, big pharma and big tech actually have our best interests at heart or as some believe, they are entities of their own and care predominantly for their own.

Some people also question if governments should have that much power. Governments decided to lockdown the planet against the will of many people and against scientifically founded indisputable facts and data. At the same time, they label those who are critical to these measures as “conspiracy theorists” or worse.

Another interesting aspect evolved. Lots of people are so polarised that they don’t even attempt to understand why people have opposing views. 

Media outlets are the trendsetters. They regurgitate what the governmental outlets excrete rather than investigating the validity, which isn’t very helpful in the bigger picture.

This black and white writing, talking and thinking seems a very delicate point which already has separated families, destroyed friendships and has brought fair and multi-opinion discussions to the halt. 

In talk shows we only see the same people rehearsing their left-ish mantras. Proper discussion was yesterday, today it is all about conformity, compliance and moral cowardice.

Is it really so difficult to approach other opinions and even opponents with an open mind? 

Why not show tolerance and listen to what others have to say and relying more on proper data and facts than on the statements from government officials, who themselves, some people suspect, most of the time haven’t got the faintest idea what they are talking about and where their information is coming from?

To speak one’s truth is to partake in the societal conversation without sacrificing one’s integrity for the sake of public approval. To take responsibility for one’s mistakes proves intellectual humility and allows the debate to go on, in the incremental pursuit of Truth.

And that is how, step by step, the individual improves the world.

The best decisions are made when you are calm and focused. Humans tend to make terrible choices which they tend to regret afterwards when done out of emotions or in a state of panic.

Therefore, do not rush. Do not panic.

It is now time for independent thinking and planning. 

I trust this is Food for thought and I leave you with it for today. 

This is Elmar’s Tooth Talk – the missing link to total health. Bye for now.

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8 replies
  1. Sanna Awwad
    Sanna Awwad says:

    Thank you so much Dr. Elmar for your courage and integrity. Presented in a clear concise manner, you nailed it on the head.
    This needs to be shared far and wide and hopefully will encourage debate. Thank you for being brave enough to stand up for humanity. God bless.

  2. jane
    jane says:

    Firstly let me say I am NOT anti vaccine per se. However I am anti being force fed poor and erroneous reasons to be vaccinated. The points above are clear, not part of any conspiracy theory and easily checkable. Or askable to any scientist. So much we have been told as facts is blatantly contradictory. I understand governments have to make decisions and whatever they do will always have a critic somewhere, but this fear that we will all die if we don’t “get vaccinated” is causing serious social issues. I’m sure there will be people too scared to go out even when the all clear is sounded. This “vaccine” is not a vaccine. At best it might reduce the chances of getting seriously ill if you are at risk due to your health (not age). A lot of seriously ill people all wanting medical care at the same time does put a strain on the disease management system we run. Worldwide we can’t agree on whether each vaccine type is safe or effective, or how long between doses or if it is safe to mix them. It is not clear that it will prevent transmission either. If you say you don’t want it, you are labelled as selfish and putting others at risk. If I am wrong then all the risk is on me getting seriously ill and those who have taken the drug will be safe. How is that selfish? If I’m right then those who have had the drug can still pass to me and still be susceptible . themselves. Everyone has a choice and I wouldn’t harangue those who choose to take it but society seems fine with having a go at those who are more cautious.

    • Dr Elmar Jung
      Dr Elmar Jung says:

      Dear Jane,
      Thank you very much for your valuable input.
      I agree we should all have the choice to chose if we want to be “vaccinated”.
      However, to do so we first must inform ourselves what we are up for to be able to make an informed decision.
      Hopefully, more people will ask questions and come to their own conclusion rather than just regurgitating governmental propaganda.

  3. mary yule
    mary yule says:

    Great podcast Elmar. Very reasuring to share a similar view when the world
    is so polarised with governmental propaganda.
    Best wishes
    Mary Yule


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