Episode 020 | Elmar Being Interviewed by Lawful Rebel Nigel Howitt


Hello again and a warm welcome to episode # 020 of Elmar´s Tooth Talk – The missing link to total health. I am Dr Elmar Jung.

Today I’m interviewed by Nigel Howitt of Lawful Rebels.

Let Nigel tell you what his Podcast is all about and what is in it for you today whilst he interviews me. Enjoy the show.

The connection between oral health and overall body health is often overlooked and under-appreciated. For this reason, holistic dentistry, as practised by Dr Elmar Jung, could be the missing link in your search for health. Many modern chronic diseases have their origin in the mouths of sufferers and the underlying cause of disease can sometimes remain undetected for decades.

For most people, dentistry and general health are not connected. But this is illogical. Why should one part of your body remain exempt from the overall picture?

Our teeth are often the source of chronic inflammation, a widely acknowledged cause of chronic disease, so it follows that we should check our oral health in any investigation into the source of chronic disease.

Holistic Dentistry – whole-body health

If you are rationally concerned to pursue optimal health, or if you suffer from chronic disease, holistic dentistry is something you need to know about.

Although there is currently no governing body for this profession and no unifying definition, it’s an approach that takes into account the whole person, and in this respect, it is way ahead of conventional dentistry.

In the quest for health and the avoidance of disease, this is the only approach that makes sense.

Dr Elmar Jung is one of the leading experts in holistic dentistry here in the UK and practices at his clinic in Southampton.

Dr Jung has state of the art equipment including the CAVITAU scanner that can detect hidden infections within the jawbone without any invasive procedure and none of the harm associated with x-rays.

Crucial health-preserving information

In this interview, he discusses the many ways in which modern toxic dentistry can negatively affect your health and the solutions that are available. There are many aspects of dental health that so many people are unaware of and yet are very likely a significant contributory factor in the ill-health.

The thinking man or woman should have no root canals or amalgam fillings in their jaw. They should also be mindful of the possibility of focal infections remaining hidden in the jaw for years after a wisdom tooth extraction.

Without cleaning the wound out thoroughly bacterial infections can persist for decades delivering a constant stream of toxicity into the body that un-necessarily loads the immune system and reduces your potential for optimal health.

At his clinic in Southampton, UK, Dr  Jung offers a comprehensive list of treatments, including the safe removal of amalgam fillings and root canal treated teeth. He offers a comprehensive all-round approach to optimal health.

His book “Shut your mouth and open wide” is a great read and a concise summary of his approach.

Further details:

To get a copy of “The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life” by Arthur Firstenberg go here.

If you are interested in the Berkey water filters visit their website here.


As a thinker, I hold my optimal health as a key value in my life and I recommend you do the same. This means it is necessary to know about how your mouth affects your health. You won’t hear about it in the mainstream news, your dentist won’t tell you about it either, and nor will your doctor. But if you are a truth-seeker you can be one step ahead of the crowd and extend your life and health span.


I trust you enjoyed the episode and I am looking forward to welcoming you back again next time.

Why you should listen to the next episode? It is all about implants. The history, the first steps in dentistry, materials, pro’s and con’s and some patient cases.

See you next time @ Elmar’s Tooth Talk – The missing Link To Total Health. Bye for now

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