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Hello again and a warm welcome to Elmar´s Tooth Talk. The missing link to total health. This is episode 007. The Episode for all us James Bond fans. But no-one gets killed

As always, before we start, here is what’s in it for you.

Some people have asked to hear more about real patient cases. I guess it is far more intriguing to hear from real people’s experiences.

  • What happened to them?
  • Why did they go the alternative route?
  • How did they get help?
  • What problems different dental materials and dental treatment methods can cause?
  • How dental treatments are carried out in our clinic out and
  • How a Psychiatrist reacted to his patient’s recovery

Well, what do they say: Your wish is my command!


Case study

Susan was a very interesting patient. Well-educated, in her mid-thirties, she knew exactly what was wrong with her.

She also knew exactly what we had to do. She explained to us exactly not only what we had to do but also how we had to carry out her treatment!

She had multiple psychological challenges, was in and of psychological institutions for 18 years. Counselling was impossible because she only talked but never listened.

The medication she received only served to mask her problems but never solved any of her underlying issues.

She had severe irrational anxiety and panic attacks, severe depression, problems with concentration and memory and mental and behavioural disorders and she couldn’t cope with any kind of stress.

All these symptoms are classic mercury intoxication symptoms.

Some therapist recommended a mercury mobilisation test (Kelmer) for. The test result was that she was suffering from very high levels of mercury.

However, most likely this mercury mobilisation test was not the best way forward for Susan because her body couldn’t fully excrete the mobilised mercury, therefore causing even more symptoms.

From her diary notes she could also tell that after every dental visit where she received another amalgam filling, more psychiatric symptoms appeared.

On top of many amalgam fillings she also had root canal treated teeth.

Her treatment was certainly challenging, but we decided to proceed nevertheless for the wellbeing of the patient and her family.



She had her pre-treatment supplementation and then on the Monday and Tuesday all her mercury amalgam fillings and root canal treated teeth were removed and she received the usual high dose vitamin C infusions for three consecutive days.

By Wednesday, after her fourth infusion she felt as normal as she never had in the last 18 years.

This could happen because the cause for her symptoms was removed which resulted in a dramatic and swift healing.

Her fantastic result was further maintained by a very healthy lifestyle including optimum nutrition.

The main part of the mercury burden will be excreted within the first 30 days of the detoxification treatment.

For patients with a reduced detoxification ability it is important to continue the individualised supplementation with antioxidants such as vitamin C and Glutathione and metal binders for a longer period of time.

Her recovery we could say was without doubt very dramatic. The treatment opens the question if patients suffering from psychological and or psychiatric symptoms should all be examined for heavy metal intoxication.


How her psychiatrist reacted to her recovery

Now, Susan went back to her psychiatrist. She wanted to tell him all about her recovery, how they found out, what they did. So, of course she was very enthusiastic to let him know she wouldn’t need to come to see him anymore.

Here is how her psychiatrist reacted to her recovery.

Yes, he was very happy that she felt better and congratulated her for the results achieved. But he was in no way interested in how she did that. When she asked him if he wanted to know what she did to get better he replied, “I only care for sick patients”.

What?? Come on! Can you believe this? “I only care for sick patients.” I mean that is more than idiotic. Doesn’t that sound like wilful neglect?

Can you imagine how many patients with similar symptoms like Susan, could be helped if they were aware of the impact mercury and root canals can have on their overall health?

That is one of the reasons I tell you these stories because they are real life success stories of people who transformed their health with this knowledge.


Case study

The next case study is a bit different. The next case shows that even without mercury amalgam fillings neurological problems can appear.

Debs was in her early thirties when she came to see us and you would call her a high-flying business woman who was very successful in her job. One could see, even feel, she definitely was in control. In control of her business life.

One day, about three years before she came to the clinic, out of the blue Debs recognised a very strange feeling. A feeling she never felt before. A feeling that started creeping up her legs and long and behold felt in her arms and hands. A feeling of shiver, something vibrating in her hands, arms and legs.

Her symptoms were so bad she had to leave her job.

She was also complaining about skin problems where the skin got inflamed or infected quite regularly.

All the medical tests you can think of, she had done. Obviously at great expense.

The diagnosis which in the end she was left with was that of “essential tremor”.

In other words, what this really stands for, is:” Actually we haven’t got a clue what is going on with you.”

No treatment whether conventional or so-called alternative could in any way alleviate her suffering.

How did it look in her mouth?

You probably already know where the secret cause of Debs suffering lies. No-one has looked in her mouth and if they did, they didn’t see anything wrong with it.

Debs never ever in her entire life had any amalgam fillings but she had two root canal treated teeth and two metal bonded crowns.

Already the way the crowns were made caused her a lot of stress because the teeth didn’t fit together properly so her whole chewing system was constantly under stress. Stress the whole time.

Interestingly, the root canals were performed about a year before her symptoms started. The metal bonded crowns were fitted a few months before the root canals. Metal bonded crowns are crowns that look tooth coloured, but their base is a metal alloy. And often the alloy is of low quality.

Her wisdom teeth were in place and didn’t show any signs of infection or decay. They were all okay.


The end her suffering?

Debs, like all our patients, received an individualised supplementation plan starting at least two weeks before treatment.

During treatment she received high dose vitamin C infusions.

The treatment consisted of removing the root canal treated teeth and replacing the metal bonded crowns with non-metal crowns.

The jawbone areas, where the root canal treated teeth have been, we call this the tooth socket, they were cleaned out with hand instruments as good as possible to remove all soft, necrotic bone, rinsed with ozonated magnesium chloride and ozone gas. The last step is placing the sutures to keep the gum together.

Her bite was adjusted for her teeth to meet and move in harmony and she received a grinding guard to relax the stress in her teeth, muscles and temporo-mandibular (TM) joint, that is the joint that moves your lower jaw.



Back in those days we didn’t use what we use nowadays and what is called PRF or PRGF. PRF stands for Palet Rich Fibrin and PRGF for Palet Rich Growth Factor. The theory behind PRF is based on centrifuging the whole blood without any blood thinner.

At the end of the spin you see two parts a red one at the bottom and yellow-ish one on the top. This top part is a fibrin clot which contains the majority of the platelets and the white blood cells. And this blood clot is called PRF. The PRF gradually releases growth factors into the surrounding area. The benefit of using PRF is a faster healing of bone and soft tissue.

Back to Debs.

What was her outcome from the treatment?

Well, one month after treatment, the tremors stopped and she could start working again. Her skin problems also disappeared.


Now, what was the reason for her tremor?

It was most likely the combination from the toxins of her root canal treated teeth, the low- quality crowns containing palladium and the incorrect bite. On top of all that she had a very stressful and unhealthy lifestyle.


Dental Materials

By the way when dentists choose the material for their patients they should always aim for the least toxic material.

I highly recommend to get rid of all metal in your body if at all possible. Metals can react as antennas and with more and more WiFi and soon -hopefully not- 5G coming at us, the least metal we have in our body, the better.

If your dentist still uses metals and you agree with that, opt for a premium alloy. Premium alloys don’t contain palladium but are high in gold and silver.

Palladium, incidentally, can also be responsible for hair thinning which is especially prevalent in women around their menopause.

Again, you could see that with little effort very dramatic results can be achieved.

Debs comment after the treatment and her at that time for her miraculous recovery was

“Why do only so few dentists and doctors know about these connections?”

Luckily, times are changing, and more dentists get interested in the whole tooth-body connection, educate themselves and offer healthier treatments to their patients.

Also, doctors, functional medicine therapists and many others in the healing arena starting to get it. Therefore, reducing their patients suffering and helping them leading a normal life again.


Even better though, more and more patients get educated, ask their dentists what and how they do treatments. They also come together on social media, gather in groups and exchange their experiences, support each other and even have lists of dentists they recommend and those they don’t. Especially Facebook is full of groups.

If you want to read what other people went through, if you would like some advice or just share your experience or question there are groups for almost every ailment. Whether you are looking for more information about root canals, check out the NICO group, amalgam, thyroid, Vitamin C, Lyme’s, etc., they are all there.

Go there, become a member of the group you are interested in, and benefit from sharing.

And there is the growing number of people who had to go through dramatic health crisis before they got better and even healed themselves. They are now offering their services to others because they have been there, they know what has worked for them. They have found their new calling, which I find is absolutely amazing.


Ok, that’s it for this episode. Great to have your here.

In the next podcast we discuss the subject of tooth decay and why it happens. I am pretty sure, you are up for one big surprise no dentist or doctor has ever told you. Except obviously if you’re one of my lovely patients.

This is Elmar’s Tooth Talk, The missing link to total health.

Until next time, Bye for now.

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