Episode 004 | Mercury-Amalgam Part 4


Hello and welcome to episode number four of Elmar´s Tooth Talk: The missing link to total health. I’m Dr Elmar Jung.

So, before we start let me tell you What’s in it for you in this episode:

We talk about:

  • What damage mercury can cause to your brain
  • Which diseases are linked with mercury toxicity
  • Why boys are four times more affected by autism than girls
  • Why Candida can be your friend when you suffer from mercury toxicity
  • What does mercury have to do with Alzheimer’s disease
  • Some more case studies

Okay, so this is our final episode on the topic of amalgam and mercury.

Case study

With these stories you get a clearer picture and can imagine much better what can happen to your health through dental materials and dental treatments.

Karen, in her early fifties, has three kids, was very active in her job and in politics but life got increasingly more difficult for her.

Her symptoms started with the loss of her sense of smell at the age of 8, shortly after she received her first amalgam filling. For the last 15 years she had suffered from chronic fatigue and was even unable to go on holiday.

There were many days she didn’t even have the strength to get out of bed because she was so low on energy and couldn’t pick herself up to go out to work.

Karen’s digestive system didn’t work properly, and she developed multiple allergies which increased in severity over the years. She suffered from recurrent bladder and respiratory infections.

No conventional or alternative therapy could bring any kind of easing from her symptoms. She smoked but drank very little alcohol. Her diet was relatively healthy. She bought organic food and took some supplements as well as drank very good filtered water.

Numerous and costly medical tests were performed over the years without giving any plausible explanation as to the source of her suffering.

The only treatment she was offered from her doctors were in the form of antibiotics and tranquilisers, antidepressants, or steroids all of which she declined to take.


What did the dental examination show?

It was a mix of several factors.

She had two amalgam fillings and a gold inlay. Inlays by the way are fillings which are manufactured in a dental laboratory which are then fitted with cement by the dentist into the tooth.

She had three metal pins to support the amalgam fillings, those pins are used to hold the filling if there is little tooth substance left to anchor the amalgam filling on the tooth. Most of those pins consist of nickel alloy. We have known for a long time that nickel has a very high allergy value.

She also had two composite fillings and five metal bonded crowns. Metal bonded crowns look like they are ceramic crowns because they look tooth-coloured, but the base of the crown consists of metal. In her case she had non-precious metal which mean the material quality of the crown was very poor.

And she had three root canal treated teeth.

There will be an extra podcast on root canal treated teeth.

Her upper and lower teeth were not in harmony with each other, so she also had some considerable structural stress.

Her saliva and urine pH were very acidic. The urine was more alkaline than the saliva which indicated a chronic infection somewhere in the body.


What did the treatment look like?

The treatment was made up of three parts. Pre-treatment, treatment and post treatment.

The pre-treatment started approximately three weeks before the proper dental treatment and consisted of mineral and vitamin supplementation and some adjustments to her diet. The goal of the pre-treatment is to activate the detox organs liver, kidney and the gut.

The dental treatment consisted of, replacing all metal crowns and amalgam fillings with metal free materials, removing all the root canal treated teeth and optimising how her teeth bite together, what we call occlusion.

Occlusion means the contact between the upper and lower teeth when they meet, as it occurs during chewing or at rest.

During the dental treatment Karen received high dose Vitamin C infusions over the course of three days.

Post-treatment consisted of some more supplements which the patient took for a further eight months.


What were the results of her treatment?

Within two weeks she reported a massive decrease in her previous symptoms.

After four weeks her sense of smell which she had not had since childhood, suddenly returned and all her allergies disappeared after only a few more weeks. Her tiredness also improved and was far less severe.

Five months later when she returned for her review, she said she never felt better and fitter in her whole life.

Nearly all her symptoms were gone!

Her pH got more alkaline and her body temperature increased to 36.8.

A body temperature consistently below 36.6 indicates there might be an issue with the thyroid gland. Best practice is to have all your amalgam fillings removed before embarking on a thyroid treatment.


Isn’t that an amazing, a life changing experience?

Don’t you think there are many more people out there just like Karen who suffer for years and years or even decades? They all must hear this information.


How about you are going out there spreading the word. Spreading the word about the potential risks of dental materials and dental treatments and in passing save someone’s life. How does that sound?


Now, fortunately a growing number of doctors, dentists functional practitioners and other therapists are starting to understand the effects dentistry can have on their patients overall health.


So, if you suffer from symptoms which no doctor has any valid explanation for them being there and instead tagging you with a label such as ME or Chronique Fatigue, get your dental situation checked. This is especially important if you are a long-term consumer of prescription drugs such as antibiotics, antidepressants, tranquilisers, steroids or beta-blockers.


You might be just one step away from getting your life back.


The good news is: Now you know what you can look out for if you or some loved one suffers from any unexplained health issue.

If you experience symptoms your doctor can’t explain, have your oral health checked and get to know what is really going on in your mouth!

Ok, I trust Karen’s story has made you even more aware of the many detrimental effects dental materials and treatments can have.

The health-improving treatments available can bring you back to health simply by removing poisonous infections, toxic material and adjusting your bite.


Mercury and auto-immune diseases

Research has shown that Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease often show increased levels of mercury in the spine.

The Autism Research Institute in the USA is convinced that mercury is the primary reason for autism. This institute also claims that autism is a kind of mercury intoxication. They point out that if the mercury is detoxified from the body autistic symptoms decrease significantly.

In contrast to this is the opinion of UK’s autism organisation voiced in a reply to an article in What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You magazine only a few months ago, which disputes the possibility of autism to be much improved or let alone healed.

The Autism Research Institute in the USA claim that the symptoms of mercury intoxication and that of autism are very similar. They state that Autism is a kind of Mercury intoxication.

I have already mentioned in a previous podcast that pregnant women detox up to 80% of their heavy metals, and mercury is a heavy metal, into their unborn child. Even during breastfeeding, they detox further and therefore children without any mercury amalgam fillings can suffer from a high load of mercury intoxication.

The Environmental Protection Agency says one in every six women of child-bearing age has enough mercury in their blood stream to cause neurological damage to their unborn children.

Therefore, some doctors suggest that before conceiving both parents should consider having their mercury fillings removed safely followed by detoxification and furthermore have their mercury burden levels checked again afterwards to optimise the health of their new-born child.


If women have difficulties getting pregnant, mercury could be a reason!

The consequences of mercury intoxication to a child can be amongst others, reduced intelligence, learning disabilities and hyperactivity to name just a few.


Professor Boyd Haley from the University of Kentucky, who taught chemistry and researched the area of mercury for more than 25 years confirms this claim.

He was treated with hostility from his colleagues and the dental industry who claimed it was utter nonsense and that mercury doesn’t cause any such problems.

Professor Boyd Hayley went on to prove that autistic children lack the mercury detoxification mechanism and that the hormone oestrogen, a female hormone, protects against mercury. This mechanism he says, is the reason why boys suffer from autism more than girls. He says that out of five autistic children, four are male and one is female.


You may also know that mercury was used as a preservative in many vaccinations.


Mercury and candida albicans

Candida is a fungus and many people suffer an overgrowth of candida. In most cases the treatment focuses solely on getting rid of the fungus, but this isn’t very successful in many cases and the reason for this is that the candida helps the body to cope with the mercury load.

The general line of thought is that the body produces these yeasts in defence of excess heavy metals. The yeast cell binds and absorbs its own weight in mercury and prevents it from entering the bloodstream. What the yeast cannot deal with is either disposed of through the colon or poisons you as methyl mercury.

When methyl mercury poisons you it goes everywhere as it passes through the intestinal wall. At some point the body’s detox mechanism weakens and becomes depleted and your yeast infection and other health issues gradually get worse and worse.

At Michael Biamonte’s health clinic in New York, 84% of his patients with Candida have elevated mercury levels. The main source of methyl mercury is fish.

In Dr J. Trowbridge’s book “The Yeast Syndrome” he reports of doctors specialising in candida treatment who discovered clinically that 98% of their patients with chronic candida also had mercury toxicity. Therefore, if you suffer with candida those doctors recommended that you have your mercury levels checked.

Research has also shown that by just tackling candida the fungi will take on a different form and will then move from the intestine into other organs.


Mercury and Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s disease is a relatively new disease which was only discovered in 1906 by Dr Alois Alzheimer. Dr Alzheimer noticed changes in the brain tissue of a patient who had died of an unknown mental illness. Her symptoms had included memory loss, language loss and unpredictable behaviour, disorientation, hallucinations and ultimately her death aged only 55.

Alzheimer’s disease is currently ranked as the sixth leading cause of death in the United States but recent estimates from the National Institute of Aging indicate that the disorder may rank third just behind heart disease and cancer as a cause of death in older people. Alzheimer’s disease ultimately is a fatal form of dementia.

It is reported that people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease have an increased mercury level compared to healthy people.

There is also a genetic disposition for Alzheimer’s. Professor Boyd Hayley says that a mercury intoxication has all diagnostic characteristics as the Alzheimer’s disease. He concludes that there is a high probability that mercury can cause Alzheimer’s disease.


Case study

In the last few episodes, we have looked into many different areas about dental materials and dental treatments and a great way to understand this information even better is to provide you with actual case studies.

So, here is one about an entire family affected by mercury.

Both parents were in their early fifties, the mother had chronic pain in her intestines and the father had to go into early retirement due to heart disease. Both parents had multiple amalgam fillings and root canals.

The eldest of their two children, in his mid-twenties was bed ridden due to chronic fatigue, having seven mercury fillings and four infected wisdom teeth. The youngest in his early twenties had to leave university due to chronic fatigue. His suffering started after he had had a wisdom tooth removed.


What did the treatment involve?

All four members of the family had a similar treatment protocol with individually adjusted supplementation as a pre-treatment.

They all had their amalgam fillings removed.

Unfortunately, I must mention we often see patients who have had their mercury fillings removed and in almost 50% there are still traces of amalgam underneath the new fillings and crowns. The best way to check if all mercury filling has been removed is an x-ray.

Further treatment with the family was removal of the root canal treated teeth, the infected teeth and the infected areas where teeth were once removed. All areas were surgically cleaned, treated with ozone and accompanied by high dose Vitamin C infusions.


What were the results following treatment?

Within only a few weeks both sons returned to their previous optimum health and were well enough to return to university.

Both parent´s health increased massively so much so that they could lead a normal life and only fading memories of their previous symptoms were left.

From this story you can see that health can be restored even if conventional or alternative therapies haven’t been successful.


Case study

Andy was a young man in his early twenties who walked with difficulties and sometimes needed the use of a wheelchair. His progression of disease was very rapid and within only two years he had only a few periods where the illness plateaued before his health diminished further.

Very interestingly in his case, he had an identical twin brother who had no symptoms at all.

However in the summer prior to the symptoms starting he was working in an industrial plant where he was exposed to a mix of different spray gases and on top of this came his research studies for university where he was in contact with glues, acrylics, dyes and silver soldering material.

His brother never came into contact with any of those materials. Both had amalgam fillings but only one brother had the list of symptoms.


What did his treatment comprise of?

Now before attending even the consultation each patient must always complete an extensive questionnaire to establish what kind of problem they present with whether this is infection, toxicity, a structural difficulty or a combination of them.

Prior to the treatment Andy received supplementation, then his amalgam fillings were removed, accompanied by high dosage vitamin C infusions and for a further eight months more he received supplementation.

After only a few months not only was he able to walk, he was also able to continue his studies and his symptoms had completely abated.

The only thing that remained and that reminded him of his previous ailment was a gentle pull in his right foot but this didn’t prevent him from running half marathons!

He was lucky that he was very young and that he got his treatment very soon after the symptoms started.

In his case it was the combination of mercury from the amalgam fillings plus the poisonous gases from the industrial plant that he was subjected to and the poisonous materials he had to use in his research, that was the cause of his problems.

You can gather from what you have just heard that even totally different reasons can cause similar symptoms and it is always the same kind of treatment and the same type of pre and post treatment protocol that brings patients back to health.


Four episodes of mercury facts and stories. I trust we have exhausted the topic of mercury for now. However, you might have a specific question, then please contact us.

In the next podcast, Podcast number five, we talk about the necessity and overall sense of adding fluoride into water, toothpaste, or other dental products or food. Another very exciting and very controversial topic.

And we obviously talk about possible detrimental health effects of fluoride.

If you have any queries or a specific subject, you like to know more about, please contact us.

Until then, thanks for listening. This is Elmar´s Tooth Talk: The missing link to total health.

Bye for now.

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