Episode 003 | Mercury-Amalgam Part 3


Hello and a very warm welcome the third episode of Elmar´s Tooth Talk: The missing link to total health. I am Dr Elmar Jung.

I trust the previous podcast didn’t shock you too much, instead made you even more alert to the possible implications mercury and mercury amalgam can have on your health.

So, before we start let me tell you What’s in it for you in this episode:

We talk about:

  • What Dr Alfred Stock discovered back in the early 1900’s
  • What other facts and effects about mercury do we know?
  • What the packaging information sheet of amalgam says. You’ll be in for a surprise!
  • Why is amalgam still in use?
  • Why alcohol is good for you if you have mercury amalgam fillings.
  • The minefield of detoxification
  • What are the basics of any kind of detoxification
  • What do you need to know about Mercury Detoxification Protocols?
  • What are Biophoton mirrors?


Case study

Andrea, a 40-year old woman worked as an executive in a large company.

Over a short timeframe of only a few months she recognised that she could not remember things properly, she got tired very quickly, was easily distracted, became absent minded and experienced brain fog.

She complained about anxiety, depression, mood swings and increased sweating. She seemed to lose the lustre of life and her energy levels decreased rapidly.

She was not happy about anything anymore, had digestive issues and itching.

She had also been previously diagnosed with Candida and had a metallic taste in her mouth.


On examination she presented with four amalgam fillings, two gold inlays and a metal crowns.

Her mercury level from exhaling before activating the mercury fillings was 7 which is below the maximum allowance of 20 but after activation with an eraser kind of rubber, the value jumped up to a massive 362, a very high value indeed.


Her treatment was very easy in a way. All metals were removed and after only two weeks her main symptoms had disappeared and after another 3 months she was back to normal. No candida, no itchiness, no gut issues and she felt like a new person.


Amalgam can fracture a tooth

It is fact that amalgam has the tendency to expand in the tooth. This means over time the filling gets bigger and can fracture the tooth.


Amalgam study confirms toxicity

In 1927 the German chemist Professor Alfred Stock confirmed that mercury was the source of his own health problems and as he studied the release of mercury vapour, he published his findings in over 30 scientific papers.

Stock also led an international movement to halt the use of mercury in humans – that was almost 100 years ago!


One of his publications includes: The Danger of Mercury and Amalgam tooth fillings (Stock, Alfred, Chemische Berichte Berlin 1928).


Here some more facts regarding mercury.

Mercury releases from amalgam fillings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: when you chew, grind your teeth, when you drink hot drinks, when you smoke a cigarette, even when you brush your teeth!

Maybe you have watched the video clip “Smoking tooth” that I mentioned in the last podcast?

Mercury is one of the most toxic naturally occurring elements on earth.


Mercury damages nerve and brain tissue and even the World Health Organisation (WHO) say there is no minimum concentration of amalgam that are not harmful, which means mercury is always poisonous.


Mercury vapour from fillings goes straight into your lungs and from there in only a few seconds into your blood stream, and from there into the brain and other organs.

It can also be deposited in your gum. Especially in the area where other metal fillings are. This is the reason we sometimes see what looks like a tattoo but actually is mercury accumulation in the gum.


Now to an extraordinary topic.

The information written on the production information leaflet for amalgam fillings.


Toxic Dentistry exposed

According to Dr Graeme and Dr. Lillian Munro-Hall’s groundbreaking book “Toxic Dentistry Exposed” the manufacturers write the following information on their information leaflets which come along with the amalgam mercury delivery into the dental practices.


  • It points out that mercury shouldn’t be used if other metals are present in the mouth or on patients with kidney problems or known amalgam allergy.
  • Amalgam shouldn’t be used as a build-up under crowns. Amalgam shouldn’t be used on children under the age of 6 and pregnant women.
  • The side effects according to the producers could be: birth defects, lichen planus; a preliminary stage of skin cancer or mouth cancer.
  • Inhaling of higher concentrations can cause immediate respiratory distress, coughing, fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, gastroenteritis, increased saliva, metallic taste, gum disease, gum inflammation and heart rhythm disorders.
  • Irritation of the air passages can appear in combination with chest pain and tightness of the chest, symptoms can disappear or increase to necrotic bronchitis, pneumonia, lung oedema, pneumothorax, interstitial fibrosis and death.


Other side effects according to the manufacturers are acidosis and kidney damage.


  • Allergic reactions on previously mercury exposed people could be dermatitis, meningitis, and death.
  • Mercury vapour causing flu like symptoms immediately or after 24 hours with immediate appearing metallic taste, mouth dryness, ill feeling, fever, muscle pain, mild or strong headaches, nausea, pain, excessive urination and diarrhoea are immediate declarations from the manufacturers.


It goes on to say:

  • chronic inhalation is characterised with slight tremor starting in the hands then in face, arms, legs, abnormal shyness, flushing, depression, inability to deal with criticism, headache, tiredness, insomnia, and in bad cases; hallucinations, loss of memory and disorientation.
  • Concentrations of 0.03 parts per million can cause psychiatric symptoms in humans. This value can be easily reached when chewing, grinding or drinking a hot drink.


Other effects can be:

  • increased saliva, gum inflammation, loosening of teeth, blue discolouration of gums, diarrhoea, chronic pneumonia and anaemia, tremor and involuntary movements of babies in the womb.


The information leaflet indicates that mercury will be excreted through breast milk and that  fertility and reproduction problems were demonstrated in male rats.


They further state that if you place amalgam fillings you must wear protective gloves, protective goggles, protective clothes and the appropriate suction must be used.


Knowing all these possible terrible consequences, why would anybody allow let alone want mercury placed in their body?

There is a huge amount of research proving the dangers of amalgam mercury fillings.

Until now I have not found a single study that proves the harmlessness, the non-toxicity of mercury amalgam.


So, the real question is why is it still used?

The damage on people’s health can be tremendous. On top of this we haven’t even discussed the economic and environmental damage this is causing.

Don’t they say: Follow the money.

Just imagine what would happen if mercury would officially be declared a poison. I trust you get the picture.


Fortunately, the general public are now becoming more informed discovering for themselves the dangers of such toxic substances.


Previously people who have suffered for years even decades are now taking their health into their own hands and making their own informed decisions.


Why a little bit of alcohol can help with a mercury burden

Alcohol, and let me get this straight, alcohol in a small amount promotes liver enzymes which form part of the detoxification pathway (Cytochrome P450 (50 enzymes).


How does this work?

  • This enzyme takes the mercury from fat deposits in the cell walls and puts it into a water-soluble state. This makes people feel better first of all and in a water-soluble state the mercury can be excreted. (using the P450 part 2 pathways. Sulphation, methylation, Glucuronidation etc.)


  • However, if parts of these detox pathways are not working properly, the mercury becomes reabsorbed and in effect just redistributed throughout the body. This is usually what happens in sick people.


This little-known information might also be the reason why mercury using dentists have a reputation for alcohol consumption.

Alcoholism and suicide in dentists are amongst the highest compared with other professions.


Grapefruit lovers pay attention:

Research shows that grapefruit seems to inhibit this detox pathway (the P450 stage 1)


Now we are entering the mine field of detoxification


Before we start, remember … even if you have your amalgam fillings safely removed from your mouth, which obviously is best done with a properly trained dentist, you still have all that mercury that has been stored in your fatty tissues over the years or possibly decades that needs to come out.


What most practitioners miss to acknowledge, to become really mercury-free in your mouth you must have ALL metals removed from your mouth whether they are gold inlays or crowns or any other metals such as metal implants, because they have been contaminated by the mercury.


I also recommend removing all your root canals and any necrotic jawbone (so called cavitations) before embarking on the detox journey.


Let’s first look at the basics of detoxification.


How can you prepare your body for the process of detoxification?

There are three cornerstones to look at, diet, lifestyle, and detox organs


Optimise your diet

A supportive diet is one of the cornerstones of a successful detox protocol.


Ideally, you cut out all sugar and artificial sweetener, grains, processed food, dairy (except butter, cream or kefir from grass fed cows, better even from goats or sheep), trans-hydrogenated fats. Stay clear of any GMO food (Genetically Modified Food), any kind of artificial food additives as well as soy and corn. Go very easy on alcohol best to be avoided. Cook with Gee, coconut oil or beef dripping.


Intermittent fasting is a very helpful support for your digestive system. This means you have a time window of about 17 hours where you don’t eat anything and take your meals during the remaining seven hours.


Also make sure you live in a mold-free environment and be very vary of the health threats mobile phones, Wifi and other sources of EMF pose.


Support your body with lots of sulphur-containing foods because sulphur is a key player in producing glutathione and is one of the most important antioxidants in the process of removing heavy metals from your body. If possible, get 100% grass fed meats.


This is a list of food high in sulphur in alphabetical order and without any aspiration of completeness:

Artichokes, asparagus, avocados, bananas, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, chives, coconut, dark chocolate, egg yolk, garlic, flax seed, Kale, leafy greens, lentils, mussels, onions, organ meats, oysters, parmesan cheese, grass-fed red meat, wild caught salmon, walnuts, watermelon.


I’m sure there is something for everyone.

Supplements high in sulphur are for example Alpha-lipoic acid and N-Acetyl Cysteine,


Other important supplements to include into your daily regime are zinc, selenium and magnesium, have a tablespoon of good quality flax seed oil


Optimise your Detox Organs

Supporting your kidneys with sufficient pure, clean water, at least 2 litres per day is essential for the kidney to function properly.


Supporting your liver with coffee enemas and colonics. To take the pressure of the liver even more use milk thistle, dandelion tea and lots of leafy greens,


Supporting your gut. Colonics also help cleaning the gut. However, the best way to support your gut is by daily intermittent fasting. You should have two bowl movements a day. If you are not going regularly have 400 mg of magnesium before you go to bed and add flax seed to your diet.


Optimise your lifestyle

Reducing stress, going for a walk, gentle exercise, sauna or even better far infra-red sauna, get a rebounder and use it every morning – no better way to gently activate your lymph system, dry brushing after and deep breathing are additional ways to support your detoxification success.

For a more in depth look, check out my book “Shut Your Mouth And Open Wide”


Once you follow these guidelines, you will already see a great shift in your health. I admit following these guidelines might be quite a challenge for some. However, what you did until now brought you to where you are right now. Therefore, if you want a different kind of health, you have to make the necessary changes to achieve that goal.


All the above you can do on your own. Of course, it is a bonus to have a coach, mentor or practitioner who supports you from the start BUT these steps outlined above you can do on your own.


Doing all the steps mentioned, your body will already start changing and detoxing. This also means that which ever protocol you decide to follow will bring much better and quicker results because these steps are the foundation to ANY detox protocol.


This also gives you time looking for the ideal detox-coach for you who will assist you when it comes to the more specific detoxification programme.


What do you need to know about Mercury Detoxification Protocols?

When it comes to mercury detoxification you will find all sorts of different protocols or products. No matter which practitioner and protocol you chose to follow, and there are plenty out there, I say this again, they all must adhere to what we outlined earlier, otherwise the success will be questionable and your health might suffer.


Therefore, I highly recommend that you do not walk this phase on your own but get support from a practitioner experienced in heavy metal detoxification.


Some of the bigger names you will come across are, the late Andrew Cutler, Dan Pompa or Chris Shade. All of them have very detailed protocols.


The one thing that makes our detox protocol special and different to all others, we apply the knowledge of Quantum Biology to combine it with our detoxification protocol. We do this by using Light Kinesiology and Bio-Photon mirrors.


Why is this important?

Because by using the Light Kinesiology and Bio-Photon mirrors we can offer a fully unique, individual, bespoke therapy. You get exactly the treatment and even more importantly the supplements your body requires at this moment.

There is no one size fits all protocol.


What are Biophoton mirrors?

Simply put the Biophoton mirrors reflect back healthy, also called coherent, light and filters unhealthy light, called incoherent light. One could say we infect in a positive way the body with helpful, healing light.

Our Bio-Photon mirrors are solely developed and built by Renzo Celani in Germany and are based on the genius work of Prof Alexander Gurwitsch and Prof Alfred Popp.


What can Biophoton mirrors do?

With Biophoton mirrors we can determine problems in your body such as intoxication from heavy metals, from bacteria, viruses (very beneficial in the current situation), vaccination, drugs, environmental and electromagnetic pollution, electro-smog from WiFi, mobile phones and dirty electricity and many more.


Furthermore, we get an insight in your conscious and subconscious emotional or mental sabotage programs and we can determine your physical, mental and emotional state of health.


And the best thing about this treatment: Within only one session we can already release a lot of the toxic burden from your body. At the end of the 2-hour treatment we test for a supplement, a so-called binder to connect to the toxins mobilised during the treatment and eliminate them.


Ideally, we combine Biophoton treatment with intra-venous Vitamin C infusion to boost the immune system and help the detoxification process even further.


Have a look on my website dr-elmar-jung.com for more information.


Ok, we have come to the end of another podcast. Thanks for joining.

I trust you got some wisdom out of it.


In the next Podcast we discuss the damage mercury can cause to your brain, which diseases are linked to mercury, why boys suffer four times more from autism than girls do and many more mind-blowing facts about mercury.


See you again next time. This is: Elmar´s Tooth Talk.The missing link to total health. Bye for now.

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