Episode 001 | Mercury-Amalgam Part 1 – How Mercury can destroy a life


Hello and a very warm welcome to the first episode of Elmar´s Tooth Talk: The missing link to total health.

Our topic today is mercury amalgam.

So, before we start let me tell you, What’s in it for you today:

We talk about:

  • HOW mercury intoxication can get you sectioned
  • WHY pregnant mums have to listen
  • WHAT role does the father play when it comes to mercury detoxification?
  • WHAT infertility has to do with mercury?

Amalgam fillings, although not really at the fore front of our dental clinic anymore, because many patients have had their metal fillings replaced, it is still a very controversial, conflicting and often emotional subject.

Not only amongst dentists, doctors and their professional bodies, also in media and politics.

This is the reason why I start the podcast series with this topic.

I start with a story. A story that is almost unbelievable. A story many people might even think I made-up. However, listen and experience for yourself how this story unfolds.


Case study

July 1997, Schaffhausen, Switzerland. It‘s a warm and sunny  Wednesday morning.

We are in a small holistic dental clinic. It is just before lunch.

I remember this day as if it was yesterday.

Our receptionist has reluctantly scheduled an emergency appointment with a distraught mum and her 12-year old daughter by the name of Catherine. Mum didn’t tell much what the appointment is about. They were booked for 12 o’clock.

Wednesday is the day I only work half days and I was already looking forward to go swimming with my kids in the nearby river Rhine. Well that had to wait.

What I am going to experience in the next hour or so was not only mind boggling, extraordinary, it was actually un-be-live-able.

I went into the waiting room to welcome mum and daughter and was shocked. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Catherine, the daughter had no resemblance of a healthy chirpy twelve-year old girl. She looked bloated, overweight, yes obese, depressed, in pain in tears and her left leg was covered by a plaster.

I invited both into the surgery and sat down with them to listen to Catherine’s heart-breaking story.


How the suffering evolved

A few months earlier, her mum explained, a strange pain started to creep into Catherine’s body, pain all over her body, especially in her left leg.

The plaster was put on because the GP didn’t know what to do anymore, nothing was broken, the x-rays didn’t show any problems, she was just suffering pain.

Mum was at her wits end and said we were their last resort.

She started to gain weight no matter what and how much or how little she ate. She started to have problems concentrating, her short-term memory begun to decline, and other neurological symptoms appeared. It became so bad she couldn’t concentrate properly in school. She became very anxious, easily frightened, almost suicidal.

Her previously excellent marks were turned upside down and she couldn’t face going to school anymore, she had to stay at home.

She was in tears a lot of the time for no apparent reason. She was a shadow of her former self, her mum said.

They went from specialist to specialist but none of the medical tests shed any light on this grave matter. She was put onto numerous medications by the doctors, almost like a guinea pig. Antibiotics for suspected infection, pain killers, corticosteroids and anti-depressants. Nothing made any difference.


What GP and headmaster made of her symptoms

The GP was clueless and so was her headmaster. They just couldn’t make any sense out of her symptoms. And because none of the tests and none of the specialists found anything wrong, they believed she was making this all up to get attention.

Can you imagine this. I didn’t believe what I just heard. Making this up. The bloating, the pain, the depression??

And even worse.

Because they believed she was making this up, they decided to section her. Institutionalising a 12-year-old girl. For her own safety, to give her time to think about her dishonest behaviour.

Catherine’s mum didn’t believe a word the doctor said and continued her quest to find the reason and a solution for her symptoms. She had six days until the lock-up of Catherine.

This is when they heard about us.

Three days before her sectioning, they came into the practice in tears.

All her symptoms fitted perfectly into the category of you guess:  mercury poisoning.

Upon examination I discovered one tiny amalgam-mercury filling.

I asked when this was placed, they couldn’t remember straight away. But after some recollection it came to light that the filling was placed only a few weeks before her symptoms started.

Mercury poisoning was the diagnosis.

I agreed to talk to GP and headmaster in a bid to obtain a six-week period of grace whereby we could commence treatment. To my surprise they agreed. Great

I actually believe GP & headmaster were happy someone took the pressure of them as what they demanded was a very drastic measure.


Allergy or Intoxication?

However, this tiny filling was just the tipping point which started a cascade of symptoms of.

We are not talking about allergy to Amalgam. Allergic reactions to amalgam are actually very very rare.

We are talking about an intoxication and specifically mercury intoxication.

Further investigation brought to live that Catherine’s mum had a mouthful of amalgam fillings. And the best remedy for a woman to get rid of her mercury burden and obviously many other toxins is to become pregnant.


Pregnancy and mercury detoxification

During pregnancy mum’s detox 60-80% of their heavy metal burden into the unborn through the umbilical cord and even during breast feeding more of that toxic stuff goes into the baby.

Therefore, babies can have massive heavy metal intoxication just by the fact that the mum detoxes during pregnancy.


WHAT role does the father play when it comes to mercury detoxification?

On top of that Professor Boyd Haley, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Kentucky, showed in his presentation at the IAOMT Scientific Conference 2010 in London, that if the father has mercury fillings himself, the children of those parents will have problems detoxing their heavy metals and will find it very difficult to get rid of the mercury.

This was exactly Catherine’s problem.

Her mother and father both had many amalgam fillings and Catherine wasn’t capable of detoxing all of them.


How did we safe Catherine from being sectioned?

The plan was to safely remove the tiny filling, activate her liver, kidneys and digestive system and using a gentle but effective detox program to remove the mercury from tooth and body.

We asked for the plaster to come off immediately and stop all medication, to start a very gentle exercise program, lots of intra venous infusions, colonics and supplementations were administered.


Her progress

After only two weeks Catherine’s appearance had already started to normalise, the bloating had subsided as did the pain. After a further two weeks many of her neurological symptoms had alleviated.

Week after week Catherine felt better and better. Only a few months after starting the treatment Catherine was back to school and on her way to becoming the healthy chirpy twelve-year old girl she once was.

After 8 weeks, she could return to school and after 3 months at school, Karina was one of the best in her class.

The treatment saved her from being sectioned and it saved her from turning mad we could say it saved her life.

This story highlights the dire consequences and life threatening effects that this dental material can have.

Mercury is a neuro-poison. It is still used in amalgam fillings and was for a long time also used in vaccinations as a preservative.

I talk more about safe removal of amalgam fillings and detox programmes in one of the next podcasts.


So, what can you take home from this episode?

Well, first of all, if you suffer from symptoms no doctor has an explanation for, have your mouth checked out. Ideally by a dentist known to look beyond the common drill-fill and bill practice. Luckily, there are more and more out there.

And if you don’t suffer any symptoms think about having them removed anyway as a prophylactic measure. Your fillings sit only a few inches below your brain!


Very important, if you wish to have children and ponder about becoming pregnant, rather than thinking of what impact the child might have on your life, first of all look at the implications your health, especially oral health, can have for your little one.

If you or you and your partner have amalgam fillings, consider having them removed before conception. This might be the biggest gift you can possibly do for your offspring.

If the removal is not an option at present use activated charcoal or chlorella powder as your mouth wash multiple times during the day, stop smoking and stop chewing gum immediately.

Speaking of smoke, did you know that crematories had to install mercury filters in their chimneys once it became known that the mercury vapour from dental filling emerging during the cremation process reaches multiple times the allowed concentration. And did you also know that the groundwater around cemeteries is highly contaminated with mercury?

Ok guys, enough for today of this deadly and toxic stuff and thanks for listening.

More of mercury in the next Podcast. In episode 002 you will learn even more fascinating facts about mercury and the effects it has had on people’s lives.

This is: Elmar´s Tooth Talk:  The missing link to total health. Bye for now.

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