Episode 093 | SomaDerm – The Homeopathic Fountain of Youth?

A homeopathic gel that balances your hormones? Could SomaDerm with its homeopathic human growth hormone make it happen? People reported weight loss, firmer skin, mood swings, increased libido, reduced pre- post-, and menopausal challenges and the list goes on.

These are just a few of the experiences made using the gel Somaderm has just launched in the UK.

Episode 092 | MYOBRACE – More Than Just Straight Teeth

In this episode we talk about:
– WHAT is the difference between traditional Orthodontics and Myobrace?
– HOW long does a treatment with Myobrace take?
– WILL my child need braces after the Myobrace treatment?
– WHEN treatment is finished, will the teeth crowd up again?
– WHAT are the side effects of the Myobrace treatment?
– IS the treatment painful?
– WHY tooth extraction is not the best solution
– WHEN is the best time to start orthodontic treatment

Episode 091 | Methylene Blue The “New” Kid on the Block?

In this episode we talk about:
– The History of Methylene Blue
– WHAT is Methylene Blue?
– HOW Methylene Blue works
– WHAT is the best dosage
– WHAT are the benefits of using Methylene Blue
– WHAT are there any concerns regarding long-term use?

Episode 090 | The World of Krypto Part IV

• WHAT happened to and with FTX
• WHAT will happen to other exchanges such as Binance
• HOW is the Krypto market regulated
• WHAT are the Krypto Industry standards
• HOW is our anonymity/privacy secured?
• IS KRYPTO dead or is now the best time to get in?
• WHAT are the do’s & Don’ts in Krypto

Episode 089 | The World of Krypto Part III

We talk about:
– Crypto started with erste generation Bitcoin and Ethereum
– Second generation: Ethereum
– Third generation
– WHAT is the difference between coins and tokens
– Third generation ( Polkadot, Matic, Chainlink, Cardano Chainlink
– Fourth Generation ( Zeniq, Streakk, Metaverse)

Episode 088 | The World of Krypto Part II

Inside today:
• WHAT is the difference between Krypto and FIAT money
• HOW safe is Krypto
• WHAT are the risks
• WHAT are the benefits
• WHY would you put money into Krypto
• WHAT is the difference between Centralised vs decentralised wallets
• What is Error 40

Episode 086 | The World of Krypto Part I

In this episode we talk about:
1. What is Krypto
2. What is Blockchain
3. WHAT is Digitalisation
4. Why is the world moving into Krypto

Episode 086 | Dr Mike Mew URGENT!! SUPPORT his Petition

– WHAT are the two different approaches to straightening teeth
– WHAT is Orthotropics
– MIKE’s Mission
– WHY are teeth crocked
– WHAT is Mewing
– WHY teeth can get damaged during orthodontic treatment
– WHY faces can get damaged during orthodontic treatment
– WHY the GDC wants to get rid of Mike Mew
– HOW to get straight teeth without extraction
– WHY Buckminster Fuller is right

Episode 085 | Vitamin C – The Holy Grail to Health

Few vitamins provide as many health benefits as vitamin C. Discover the history, basics, and applications of this fascinating vitamin. Explore its various indications from a simple cold to severe health threads. Hardly any vitamin has had and still has as much research as vitamin C.

Episode 084 | Main Course: Critters

We talk about:
– WHAT are the benefits of eating critters
– HOW can 2 billion people be wrong
– WHY critters are good for us
– THE Good, the Bad, and the Ugly when it comes to eating insects
– WHAT is the agenda behind all of this
– WHY Hegel’s dialectic of Problem, Reaction, Solution is more apparent than ever