Episode 020 | Elmar Being Interviewed by Lawful Rebel Nigel Howitt

The connection between oral health and overall health is often overlooked and under-appreciated. Holistic dentistry, as practised by Dr Jung, could be the missing link in your search for health. Many modern chronic diseases have their origin in the mouths of sufferers and the underlying cause of disease can sometimes remain undetected for decades.

Episode 19 | Toothpaste – Bathroom Poison

We talk about:
– WHY avoid conventional toothpastes
-HOW to identify toxic ingredients in your toothpastes
– WHY parents must read the packaging information
– WHAT about Fluorides in toothpaste
– HOW to make your own toothpaste

Episode 018 | Tooth Whitening – Risks, Benefits & Methods

We talk about:
– WHAT you must know about tooth whitening
– WHEN not to whiten your teeth
– WAYS to whiten your teeth
– RISKS and benefits
– PROS and cons of different tooth whitening methods
– HOW to make your own tooth whitening toothpaste
– HOW to whiten your teeth without chemicals
– WHAT You can do if your teeth become sensitive after whitening

Episode 017 | Tongue Diagnostic

Today on Elmar’s Tooth Talk about Tongue Diagnostic you will discover:
– What is Tongue Diagnostic
– How did it develop
– What you can discover on the tongue
– How a healthy tongue looks like
– What influence food, drugs and mouthwashes can have on the tongue

Episode 16 | Osteopathy – How it can assist in dentistry

Today on Elmar’s Tooth Talk about Osteopathy you will discover:
– What is Osteopathy
– What is Cranial Osteopathy
– What is Cranio-Sacral Osteopath
– Who developed Osteopathy
– How Osteopathy works
– Why it is beneficial with dental treatment
– Why babies benefit tremendously

Episode 015 | Sugar – The Sweet Poison

In this episode you’ll discover:
– The true history of sugar
– How badly sugar affects your body
– Alternatives to Sugar
– Nursing bottle syndrome
– Worse than sugar: Artificial sweeteners – Aspartame
– Alcohol is a sugar too

Episode 014 | How To Get Rid of Gum Disease – The Blotting Brush

In this episode you’ll discover:
– How you can eliminate gum disease
– A Complete Mouth Cleaning System – The Blotting Brush
– Death by toothpaste
– Dangerous electric toothbrushes
– How gum disease can affect your health
– Gum disease and pregnancy
– Gum disease and smoking
– How to make your own toothpaste

Episode 013 | WHY Gum Disease is a systemic disease

– What is gum disease
– First signs, reasons, stages, symptoms and contributing factors
– How a tooth is held in the bone
– What is Plaque and Calculus
– How to prevent and treat gum disease
– Why a water-flosser can make gum disease worse
– Why you should clean your toothbrush after each use

Episode 012 | WHY Tooth Decay doesn’t strike at random

In this episode you’ll discover:
– WHAT is tooth decay
– WHY teeth decay – the mainstream perspective
– WHY teeth really decay – The secret even most dentists don’t know
– WHY emotions can cause tooth decay
– HOW to prevent tooth decay
– HOW to reverse tooth decay

Episode 011 | Braces for Kids – What You need to Know

In this episode you discover:
– What is different in functional Orthodontics
– Main reasons for jawbone anomalies
– The importance of starting early
– Avoid tooth extraction
– The best time to start treatment and how it is done
– Which appliances are used and for how long
– Prof Balters favourite appliance the Bionator
– Additional supporting therapies