Episode 045 | Amalgam Update with Dr Graeme Munro-Hall

In this episode I interview Dr Graeme Munro-Hall about the latest updates on banning amalgam form dental offices. We discuss the safety of composite fillings and the FDA’s ban for children and pregnant women.

Episode 044 | How Essential Oils can be used in Dentistry

In this episode I talk wit Essential Oil Expert Tiffany Spalding about:
What are essential oils?
– Where do the ingredients for essential oils come from?
– How are essential oils made?
– What are the health benefits?
– Why doTerra essential oils?
– How can essential oil help in dentistry?

Episode 043 | Disruptive Entrepreneur Rob Moore meets disruptive dentist

In this episode I talk with disruptive entrepreneur Rob Moore about his views on health, fitness, wellness, mindset and business. A tour de force of how to run a business or your life, which don’t seem to be that disruptive at all – but make a lot of common sense.

Episode 042 | Todays Science – Fact or Fiction

In this episode we discuss:
– WHAT forms of scientific trials exist?
– WHAT the FDA requires to approve a drug
– WHAT are the flaws of double blinded randomised trials?
– HOW Richard Feynman looked at science?
– WHY should we listen to the government’s scientists?
– WHY we must not ask question?
– HOW Big Media and Big Tech make what to believe easy for you?

Episode 041 | The Vaccine Cover Up

In this episode we talk about:
– Why do they tell us to wear masks?
– How can politicians be clairvoyant?
– How can we trust the Vaccination Companies?
– Who owns who?
– How can you patent a virus?
– What Covid has to do with Your Life insurance?

Episode 040 | NICO A Journey from Heaven to Hell and Back with Faiz Khaki

Interview Partner Information: Name: Faiz Khaki About: Faiz now practices as a Certified Integrative Health Coach. He is trained in Duke Integrative Medicine’s world-class Integrative Health Coaching Programme and other complementary training. Having gone through a number of drastic life changes himself, he is now able to guide clients through the change process with empathy, […]

Episode 039 | Interview with Jo Kendrick | How Asyra treatment can benefit patients and dentists alike.

I am joined by Jo Kendrick an experienced Asyra practitioner. Jo is sharing her experience with this state of the art technology and how it can support patients prior and post dental treatment and assist dentists to make treatments flow smoother and with less complications.

Episode 038 | Breaking Bad Breath

Today we discuss:
– The 10 most common myths about bad breath
– WHAT causes bad breath
– WHICH different smells have what causes
– WHAT you can do to get rid of annoying bad breath

Episode 037 | The Misconception Continues

Today we talk about:
– HOW Lockdown, Masks and social distancing conflict with Research
– HOW effective is Quarantine for Covid?
– WHAT the PCR Test does and what it doesn’t tell you
– WHAT arithmetics and statistics have to do with Winston Churchill
– HOW Covid consequences look like
– WHAT supplements can support your immune system to fight viral and bacterial intruders

Episode 036 | Masks, Mouth and Misconception

In this episode we are looking into:
– WHY wearing a mask should protect
– WHY wearing a mask can harm
– WHAT is Mask Mouth?
– WHAT causes Mask Mouth?
– WHY does it cause tooth decay?
– HOW to avoid the risks of Mask Mouth
– HOW Mouth Breathing endangers your health