Sleep vs. Food: The Surprising Source of Human Energy

Edward Hookey Dewey, a medical graduate from the University of Michigan in 1864, served as an assistant surgeon in the U.S. Army.  Although you may never have heard his name, he became famous as the “No-Breakfast Doctor.” Now, with Christmas on the horizon, the usual flood of celebrity cookbooks will start appearing in bookstores soon, […]

Episode 099 | Hypnotherapy with Sharon Waxkirsh

Imagine no sweaty hands, panic attacks, or fear of gagging, just a relaxed meeting with your dentist.
And best of all, even though you know, he must drill or maybe extract a tooth, he will not stick a needle in the gum to numb the tooth.

Because your dentist uses hypnotherapy. How cool would this be?

Episode 098 | The Real Pandemic

In this episode you’ll discover:
• WHAT is the real pandemic?
• HOW many people are affected worldwide?
• WHAT cost does it cause?
• WHAT other diseases can it affect or cause?
• WHY people suffer from it?
• HOW you can find out if you suffer from it?
• WHAT to do about it?

Episode 097 | Philosopher Christopher Sigmond about Inspiration, Harmony and Play

In this episode we discuss how railway engineer Christopher Sigmond became an inspiring Philosopher, what it takes to go on this inner treasure hunt and how inspiration, harmony and play are fundamental for this journey.

Episode 096 | BioHacking with BreathWork

Starting your biohacking journey with breathwork is very powerful. It is transformative. It is always available. It is cheap. And it does not require any tools or fancy gadgets.

• WHAT is BioHacking
• WHAT Breathwork can be used for
• WHAT you need to know
• HOW it can benefit your mind, body, and spirit.
• WHAT styles of breathwork will you find
• WHERE can you find out more / some resources

Episode 095 | Intermittent Fasting – BioHacking To Health

We talk about:

– WHAT is BioHacking
– WHAT is intermittent fasting
– HOW Intermittent fasting can benefit you
– WHAT are possible side effects
– WHEN intermittent fasting might not be right for you
– HOW to intermittent fast?
– HOW to implement intermittent fasting in your daily routine
– WHAT powerful benefits do people experience
– HOW about going to the next level

Episode 094 | Amnesty and Moving-On?

What are we supposed to forgive? The worldwide destruction of the economy, injuries, side-effects, deaths, abuse? Who deserves to be forgiven? Who repents?

Episode 093 | SomaDerm – The Homeopathic Fountain of Youth?

A homeopathic gel that balances your hormones? Could SomaDerm with its homeopathic human growth hormone make it happen? People reported weight loss, firmer skin, mood swings, increased libido, reduced pre- post-, and menopausal challenges and the list goes on.

These are just a few of the experiences made using the gel Somaderm has just launched in the UK.

Episode 092 | MYOBRACE – More Than Just Straight Teeth

In this episode we talk about:
– WHAT is the difference between traditional Orthodontics and Myobrace?
– HOW long does a treatment with Myobrace take?
– WILL my child need braces after the Myobrace treatment?
– WHEN treatment is finished, will the teeth crowd up again?
– WHAT are the side effects of the Myobrace treatment?
– IS the treatment painful?
– WHY tooth extraction is not the best solution
– WHEN is the best time to start orthodontic treatment

Episode 091 | Methylene Blue The “New” Kid on the Block?

In this episode we talk about:
– The History of Methylene Blue
– WHAT is Methylene Blue?
– HOW Methylene Blue works
– WHAT is the best dosage
– WHAT are the benefits of using Methylene Blue
– WHAT are there any concerns regarding long-term use?