Sun Screens & Cancer. Is there a connection?

Today (22 September 2023) marks the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s the transition between the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn. Time to dig out your warmer clothing, scarves and beanies in preparation for the colder days ahead.  And don’t forget those fuzzy socks; the unsung heroes of chilly toes everywhere. […]

The Breath of Life: Inspiring and Expiring

Breathing is one of the great miracles of our existence.

Among The Worst Inventions…EVER

If someone cornered you and demanded to know humanity’s greatest brainwave, you’d probably blurt out “the wheel” without even pausing to contemplate.


Could It Also Be A Disease Of Location?


Unveiling the Element’s Essential Role

Tooth Decay Starts From The Inside

Chapter 2 shows WHY tooth decay starts from the inside

How You Avoid The Dark Side Of Dentistry

Discover Helen Butler´s thoughtful view on dentistry while we`ve been on Tom Evans´s workshop “Author´s Re-Treat”. Get inspired!
Go for the real smile

Spiders, they keep appearing all around me, crawling over my book. Their eight legs clattering along. Weaving their intricate webs of lies and deceit and so we weave. We spin those webs, casting out our thoughts and feelings. Catching our prey within it. Like the venus fly trap. We send out our scent into the night. Attracting all the honey and when we do and we get one that sniffs a bit too close, then bang, we snap shut and we keep a tight hold. No way are we letting go of the prey.


Like muscles and organs, teeth store memories of events from your life and especially from any kind of stress.

Gum disease more harmful than diabetes

People suffering from gum disease are twice are at double the risk of having a stroke than people with diabetes.


. . Dental amalgam filllings are composed of approximately 50% liquid mercury; the remaining powder is made up of mainly silver (~20-35%) and some tin, copper (~10%), and zinc (~2%). . If you have mercury fillings, your mouth is a toxic area. If the health regulations for your mouth were the same health regulations for […]