Finger Exercises For Generating Brainpower

Mudras: Yoga For Your Fingers.

Imagine tiny yoga poses for your hands, guiding them through gentle stretches and peaceful bends. Sure, it sounds a bit out there, but if it makes you feel good, why not?

Legend has it that these hand movements can turn your mood from ‘meh’ to ‘ohm’ faster than you can say ‘namaste.’ And while some people might raise an eyebrow at the idea of redirecting your body’s energy flow, think of it as giving your inner chi a little nudge in the right direction.

We’re not saying there’s a scientific stamp of approval on this stuff, but if it helps you relax and maybe even boosts your brainpower a bit, isn’t is worth trying?

To stay fit and flexible, our fingers need exercise.  Activities such as piano playing, typing, or intricate hand movements in crafts like knitting can engage the brain and improve dexterity. Who knew your fingers were so important?

So, whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just looking for a new way to de-stress, maybe it’s time to give those fingers a little workout. After all, the Japanese who believe that every finger has a link to at least 2 organs have been onto something for centuries.

BrightSide: A Japanese Method To Relax In 5 Minutes (1:26)

Apparently, our fingers are like little energy superhighways, with enough pathways to regulate more functions than you can shake a stick at—14,400 to be precise. So, by giving each finger some individual TLC, you’re basically giving your whole body a tune-up. Try this for yourself.

CureJoyInc: 8 Yoga Mudras (1:54) 

And get this: you can sneak in this finger-fitness routine just about anywhere. Waiting for your morning coffee to brew? Stuck in traffic? Waiting for a train?. You’ll be balancing your chi like a boss in less time than it takes to order a latte.

These finger exercises aren’t just for grown-ups—they’re like a secret weapon for keeping children entertained and challenged.

So, if you’re looking to add a little zen to your day without breaking a sweat, give those fingers a workout. Who knows, you might just unlock a whole new level of finger finesse!

Finger Fitness 1: Be A Genius (11:03)

Dr Elmar Jung

Dr. Elmar Jung
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  1. Maureen Upton
    Maureen Upton says:

    Readers may like to try the following :
    Make contact with firstly ..
    *thumb and index finger and notice where lung expansion takes place
    *middle finger and thumb ..
    * little finger and thumb

    You should feel expansion in three different areas .. upper apexes of lungs to middle lungs to bottom apexes .
    Used in meditation really concentrates both mind and body plus clears energy pathways
    Namaste 🙏


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