Elmar’s Tooth Talk

The Missing Link to Total Health

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Get a behind-the-scenes look and experience first-hand the serious side-effects that many dental treatments and materials can have on your health.

Your dental knowledge increases from episode to episode and soon you will be your own dental expert and can claim back responsibility for your health.

In Elmars Tooth Talk – The missing Link To Total Health you discover:

  • The hazardous toxins and life-threatening risks of dental materials and treatments and what you can do about them.
  • The connection your teeth have with the rest of your body and how to use this to your advantage.
  • How to eliminate the toxins and poisons lurking around you in everyday life.
  • The devastating consequences that early tooth extractions can have for your child.
  • Powerful, clear and effective solutions from a leading UK expert in holistic dentistry.

You’ll understand why your teeth are probably the most important part of your health and how applying what you learn in the Podcast can kick-start your well-being revolution and transform your oral and overall health.

If you always suspected that there is more to your health than just drill-fill-bill dentistry, then this Podcast is for you.

Latest Episodes:

Episode 089 | The World of Krypto Part III

We talk about:
– Crypto started with erste generation Bitcoin and Ethereum
– Second generation: Ethereum
– Third generation
– WHAT is the difference between coins and tokens
– Third generation ( Polkadot, Matic, Chainlink, Cardano Chainlink
– Fourth Generation ( Zeniq, Streakk, Metaverse)

Episode 088 | The World of Krypto Part II

Inside today:
• WHAT is the difference between Krypto and FIAT money
• HOW safe is Krypto
• WHAT are the risks
• WHAT are the benefits
• WHY would you put money into Krypto
• WHAT is the difference between Centralised vs decentralised wallets
• What is Error 40

Episode 086 | The World of Krypto Part I

In this episode we talk about:
1. What is Krypto
2. What is Blockchain
3. WHAT is Digitalisation
4. Why is the world moving into Krypto

Episode 086 | Dr Mike Mew URGENT!! SUPPORT his Petition

– WHAT are the two different approaches to straightening teeth
– WHAT is Orthotropics
– MIKE’s Mission
– WHY are teeth crocked
– WHAT is Mewing
– WHY teeth can get damaged during orthodontic treatment
– WHY faces can get damaged during orthodontic treatment
– WHY the GDC wants to get rid of Mike Mew
– HOW to get straight teeth without extraction
– WHY Buckminster Fuller is right

Episode 085 | Vitamin C – The Holy Grail to Health

Few vitamins provide as many health benefits as vitamin C. Discover the history, basics, and applications of this fascinating vitamin. Explore its various indications from a simple cold to severe health threads. Hardly any vitamin has had and still has as much research as vitamin C.

Episode 084 | Main Course: Critters

We talk about:
– WHAT are the benefits of eating critters
– HOW can 2 billion people be wrong
– WHY critters are good for us
– THE Good, the Bad, and the Ugly when it comes to eating insects
– WHAT is the agenda behind all of this
– WHY Hegel’s dialectic of Problem, Reaction, Solution is more apparent than ever

Episode 083 | Global Warning

In this episode we talk about:
– WHY is the sun ignored in most scenarios?
– WHAT happens when the level CO2 goes up?
– HOW much CO2 do termites produce compared to humans?
– HOW the IPCC guaranteed that climate change is human-induced.
– HOW we own nothing and still be happy
– WAS Al Gore’s documentary flawed from start to finish?
– MORE Global warming predictions gone wrong

Episode 082 | What is Health? with Dr Dirk Schreckenbach

We explore the different areas of health such as oral, emotional and social health. How can they be achieved and maintained? We compare the World Health Organisation’s and Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s definition of health and we dive into ways to achieve financial health.
What has taking responsibility to do with all of this?

Episode 081 | How you can make Goal setting & Dream building work for you

In this episode we talk about:
– What goal setting means
– How it is done
– Why goal setting is important to achieve your dream
– What is the difference between a goal, dream and a wish
– Why not to share your dreams

Episode 080 | How Your Teeth Affect Your Posture

We talk about
– What is Posturology
– How did Posturology develop?
– What are the five key sensory receptors?
– What are Postural imbalances?
– Why postural insoles are different to orthotics
– What are the benefits of Posturology?