Why Should We Drink More Water?

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So Why Should We Drink More Water?

Doctors keep trying to convince the average person that they need to drink more water. People often will try to increase their intake, or simply won’t listen. Why drink water if you don’t feel thirsty? The reasons why might shock you.

Even mild dehydration (which is virtually undetectable) can be the cause of many diseases. 90% of all body functions need water in order to happen. Water helps transport nutrients and vitamins to where they need to go.

Water also raises the metabolism. Believe it or not, water weight gain only happens when you are dehydrated. If you want to lose weight, drink up! Much of the hunger that people often experience is actually thirst. Before every meal, try to drink a glass of water to see if the hunger subsides. This makes weight loss even easier.

Water helps you regulate your body temperature before sports and heavy exercise. Without drinking water, you can overheat or suffer a heat stroke.

Water also helps carry out impurities and pathogens from your body. Not drinking water keeps them inside your body, where they will be more likely to cause harm to you.

The leading cause of daytime fatigue is actually dehydration. If you need more energy, drink water.

Water has been proven to alleviate back pain, reduce headaches, and even decrease the risk of many different kinds of cancers. This is the ultimate tool for disease prevention and pain reduction.

It also has been linked to better skin.

Lastly, the best reason to drink water is because without it, you cannot survive. A person can live for up to 30 days without food. The longest any human being has ever lived without water is 14 days. Think about what that means for your health and quality of life.

How much water do you drink in a day?

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  1. Dan Knowlson
    Dan Knowlson says:

    Good article with sensible advice. I’m curious that you didn’t mention fluoridation in the article category is “water fluoridation”

    Personally, I think it’s totally wrong and should be avoided.

    Can you give us some more on your thoughts around fluoridation?

    • Dr Elmar Jung
      Dr Elmar Jung says:

      Totally agree!!
      Water fluoridation is a sin against mankind!!
      Forced medication without verified benefit but lots of severe sideeffects.
      See Chapter 11 Water Fluoridation!!


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