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Do you know the hidden secret of water?

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The Hidden Secret of Water

I will show you a secret that only few people know. You will be one of the first to discover this. You will need:
1. a pair of scissors
2. a paper in your favourite colour
3. a pen in your favourite colour
4. a bottle of water

With the scissors, cut a circle from your paper the same size as the bottom of your water bottle. Before you place the paper under your water bottle you write a four letter word on this paper.

What do you write on this paper? That’s the big secret.

What’s more, this secret is scientifically proven. A world of which every living entity shares a part, and yet about which we knew very little… until the groundbreaking work of a pioneering Japanese researcher, whose astonishing discovery about water, documented photographically, changed most of what we didn’t know and led to a new consciousness of Earth’s most precious resource. “The messages from water are telling us to look inside ourselves”.

See hado.net and masaru-emoto.net

Okay, as a holistic doctor and non medical practitioner, I present to you the secret of water! Please write on the paper, with your total intention and focus of meaning, the four letter word:


This will change the energy of your water significantly. As you drink your water always think “Thank you”, “Love” or whatever positive affirmation you want to manifest.


Dr Elmar Jung Holistic Dentist

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