Could It Also Be A Disease Of Location?

During a trip to London in 2002, fate led me to an encounter with the late Rolf Gordon, Director of Dulwich Health. This marked the introduction to Geopathic Stress (GS) into my world.

His knowledge was so immense that my pen practically sprouted

 wings and started scribbling down notes like it was prepping for a marathon.

Geopathic stress is essentially an excess of natural radiation.

The main topic of our discussion that afternoon was embodied in the title of Rolf’s book – ‘Are You Sleeping In A Safe Place?’:

Here are some fascinating extracts:

“Dr. F.S. Andersen who is in charge of a cancer clinic, arranged for a dowser to search the homes of his 300 cancer patients. The results were quite a shock to him. ALL the patients, without exception, had been sleeping for a short or a long time over strong GS lines.  Dr. Andersen is 100% convinced that the connection between the Geopathic Stress  and illness is a real one.  He has many causes of cancer and rheumatism where a dramatic improvement has occurred by just moving the patient’s bed a metre or two.”

Dr. Anderson goes on to write:

Dr. Anderson goes on to write

“Some German builders employ dowsers and give a guarantee that all essential rooms are free from GS. In parts of Austria planning permission will not be given for many types of building sites unless the plot has been dowsed for Geopathic Stress.”

“Many plots of land, which people previously knew were not suitable to be built on, due to GS, were used to build workhouses on during the last century. When there was no longer a need for workhouses at the beginning of the century, they were often replaced with prisons, hospitals or schools – you can draw your own conclusions.”

The phenomenon of GS isn’t limited to your home.  Even if you believe GS lines aren’t influencing you directly, they still exert an influence on various aspects of your life.

GS doesn’t play favourites either. When it impacts a tree, plant, or human, some form of illness inevitably ensues. Fruit trees might still blossom, but the overwhelming stress prevents them from bearing fruit.

Many plants succumb entirely. 

This pattern is all-encompassing. While walking through rural landscapes, you’re likely to encounter contorted tree trunks, malignant growths, or trees curving away from negative energy fields.

Trees may exhibit bulbous growths on their trunk. We call them burr knots caused when a tree’s growth hormones are disrupted due to stress.  

And we know about the many causes of stress!  

Gypsy Study

Interesting that gypsies rarely get chronic illness and it’s believed that this is because they rarely stay in one place for more than three weeks.

Christopher McNaney of the People’s Research Centre, Alston (Cumbria) carried out his own research on gypsy families and found that less than 1% of them suffered from cancer, even though they smoke, drink alcohol and don’t bother with exercise or special diets. McNaney believes this support the theory that “cancer is primarily a disease of location”.

In his book “The Invisible Rainbow” researcher and journalist Arthur Firstenberg associates certain events with significant health issues which were more than just a coincidence:

  • 1889  Power lines introduced to America – Influenza pandemic
  • 1918    Radio era began – Spanish Influenza pandemic
  • 1957    Radar era commenced – Asian flu pandemic
  • 1968    Satellite era – Hong Kong flu carried on into the wireless era

We’ve been repeatedly told that electricity is ‘safe’ for humanity and the planet. Unfortunately that’s far from correct. Radiation is being showered onto us in our homes, offices and schools and the intensity has escalated over the years to a level that is now causing a significant increase in cases of chronic diseas

Invisible Road Hazards

Imagine for a moment you’re driving along a country road and out of the blue, a car is approaching you head-on. Not so much theory but unexplained collisions do happen repeatedly, leaving drivers perplexed.

Hopefully you’re lucky and swerve in time.  If you’re less fortunate and are involved in a collision, the cause of the accident and the resultant fault may not lie with you or the other driver.

Detailed research work in Germany looked into the cause of head-on collisions on the same stretch of road that happened for no apparent reason.

They found themselves veering onto the opposing side of the road just moments before a head-on collision, with no signs of braking or slowing down being evident.

Surviving drivers recounted experiencing complete blackouts in these cases. 

This bizarre situation arises from the concentration of radiation through electrical fields which build up due to subterranean water flow. This concentration notably affects bodily conductivity and pH, consequently impacting cellular function.

Although the body’s endocrine system attempts to counteract this influence, its response isn’t swift enough to prevent momentary blackouts. 

Fortunately, some significant GS sources have been pinpointed through the use of electronic measuring tools, and these issues have been resolved through GS neutralising measures.

An illustrative example occurred where a single road segment saw a reduction in accident occurrences from 32 incidents over a span of two years to just one incident in a year, following the implementation of these mitigation measures.

In recent years GS neutralisers have been installed on many commercial vehicles and cars.

One lady always experienced back pain when she got into her car. Unwittingly she parked in a zone affected by GS. After parking in a non-GS carpark, the back pain stopped.

Others reported drowsiness, aggressive driving, backaches and even car sickness.

Another woman who crashed and wrote off her car having driven across 4 lines of GS causing her blackout, was told by her neurologist that she’d had an epileptic fit and recommended she take drugs for the rest of her life!

The real reason for the accident was later revealed…and it wasn’t epilepsy.

Other areas (all covered in Rolf Gordon’s book) where GS can impact our lives:

  • pregnancy
  • restless sleep
  • schools
  • gardeners, farmers and livestock
  • sick building syndrome
  • cot deaths (babies instinctively move away from stressed areas) 

Despite comprehensive documentation of GS incidents over decades, scientific consensus remains limited, claiming “more research is needed for conclusive evidence”.

More research?  What evidence there is already could barely be captured on the pages of a redwood tree.

Rather than wait for science to wake up, learn more about GS and how it may be impacting you, by getting your copy of  ‘Are You Sleeping In A Safe Place’ directly from Dulwich Health.

Dr Elmar Jung

 Are you sleeping in a safe place?

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