“You see but you do not observe” Sherlock Holmes

When people embark on a campaign of eye exercises, they generally start with an excitement for the much-anticipated vision improvements that lie ahead.   And they practice faithfully for a week….or two.  Then the enthusiasm wanes.  When an Improvement is noticed, however small, for some reason that’s the point at which many people slow down […]

Showers vs Baths; Hot vs Cold Water

Showers vs Baths; Hot vs Cold Having a hot shower after some exercise is a wonderful feeling, but what are the healthy alternatives?  It’s claimed the downside of a shower lies in the notion that falling water ‘breaks up’ a person’s aura. Similarly, we might argue that the downside of a hot bath lies in […]

What Were Cleopatra’s Teeth Like?

Beautiful as history has portrayed her, the front teeth of Cleopatra VII (69 BC – 30 BC) Queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, were so fused with tartar deposits she could take them out.  Despite this flaw she became one of the world’s most famous seductresses.

When Does The New Year REALLY Start?

We’re already a few days into 2024, the New Year commencing on 1 January as decreed by Julius Caesar (Janus was the Roman God of Beginnings).  New Year’s Day is the choicest of all calendar dates – it saves us from the villains of the past and allows us to usher in a fresh start […]

Iodine: A One-Stop Shop For Wellness

Here’s a brief example of how modern medicine deals with and eliminates the symptoms rather than the cause.  When the liver is eliminating toxins, the toxins will leave the body along the path of least resistance. This could manifest in one person as bad breath, or in another as body odour, diarrhoea or a skin […]

Brushing Your Teeth or 歯を磨く (pronounced ‘Haw-omee-gaku’)

The Japanese have an incredible talent for transforming the mundane into something so specialised that it makes the rest of the world scratch its head. Take, for instance, their knack for folding paper – Origami (or Kirigami if they decide to wield scissors). It’s like they’re turning paper into magical creatures before our eyes. But […]

Commercial Mouthwash: Not Something You Want In Your Mouth

Not Something You Want In Your Mouth You may recall that TV ad where a woman’s teeth fall out of her mouth into her hands.   Of course it’s a bad dream.   Then, as she brushes her teeth, blood pours out of her mouth.  The ad for Corsodyl mouthwash was designed to shock you […]

Hugging. This Simple Act Can Transform Your Mood Instantly!

The timeless power of a good hug – it may be a fleeting three-second affair in the UK but researchers have discovered something interesting. 

Enjoy a hug for a lingering 20 seconds and voila! You’re in for a therapeutic bonus that does wonders for your body as well a your mind.

A Treat For Your Taste Buds

Keeping tabs on the ingredients in ready-made and processed foods has always been a worthwhile task. These days, deciphering the fine print on labels might require a Sherlock-level magnifying glass.  It seems the font size is in a secret competition to be the smallest, possibly because they don’t want us asking too many questions. Supermarkets […]

Sleep vs Food

Sleep vs Food Edward Hookey Dewey, a medical graduate from the University of Michigan in 1864, served as an assistant surgeon in the U.S. Army.  Although you may never have heard his name, he became famous as the “No-Breakfast Doctor.” Now, with Christmas on the horizon, the usual flood of celebrity cookbooks will start appearing […]