Sun Screens & Cancer. Is there a connection?

Today (22 September 2023) marks the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s the transition between the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn. Time to dig out your warmer clothing, scarves and beanies in preparation for the colder days ahead.  And don’t forget those fuzzy socks; the unsung heroes of chilly toes everywhere. […]

Big Brother in Your Shopping Basket

Wherever you have the opportunity, buy organically grown food from your Farmer’s Market.  This is where you’ve exchanged hearty handshakes with the people that grew it.   That carrot might not have graduated from geometry class, but it’s unadulterated with questionable chemicals. Shop locally and you’re throwing a lifeline to genuine, hardworking human beings rather than […]

The Breath of Life: Inspiring and Expiring

Breathing is one of the great miracles of our existence.

Among The Worst Inventions…EVER

If someone cornered you and demanded to know humanity’s greatest brainwave, you’d probably blurt out “the wheel” without even pausing to contemplate.


Could It Also Be A Disease Of Location?

Gum Disease: Unlocking Oral Health

“Let’s start at the very beginning / A very good place to start” sang Maria to the Von Trapp Children.


Unveiling the Element’s Essential Role

The Invisible Wonders of Humming

We all know how to hum, but when did YOU last do it?

One Size Never Fits All

Some 20 years ago I was a guest speaker on a course.  This particular course had a delightful mix of characters, one of which stood out like a unicorn in a field of horses. A hardcore vegetarian, she complained to the host that the nearby accommodation arranged for her was at a dairy farm and […]

Stay Properly Informed

…..because there will come a time when you need to know We’re launching a weekly report every Friday that, long term, will prove to be one of your life’s most valuable resources. Seriously!  In this crazy, fast-paced world where everyone is scrambling to stay properly informed, we’re here to deliver the essentials. We won’t bombard […]