Tongue Diagnostic

. Chapter 20 . Tongue Diagnostic . Your tongue does much more than just help you to speak properly. It´s the organ you taste with and it helps detect minute changes within your mouth, whether broken teeth or the development of lumps. On top of that your tongue contains a holographic image of the rest […]


. Chapter 19 . Tooth-Organ-Connection . Your teeth are living organs connected by meridians to other many other parts of your body as well as your emotions. Take a look at our fascinating interactive tooth chart Any infection in your teeth or mouth can spread to any other part of your body. It can also […]

CranioSacral Therapy

. Chapter 18 . CranioSacral Therapy . In 1970 John Upledger, then a surgical assistant discovered the movement of the Dura Mater, the outermost layer of the meninges surrounding the brain. He combined his findings with Dr. William Sutherland´s Cranial Osteopathy, developed them further and established CranioSacral Therapy. Cranial Osteopathy focuses on manipulating the sutures […]


. Chapter 17 . Orthodontics . Some thirty years ago children cried if they had to have braces. Nowadays they cry if they don´t get them. The earlier you start the treatment the easier the correction will be. A whole-body-approach (holistic) is important because crooked and misaligned teeth are merely symptoms of underlying causes. Whenever […]

Children´s Teeth

. Chapter 16 . Children´s Teeth . Healthy teeth for healthy children starts long before conception. Only healthy parents will produce healthy kids. Expecting mums unwittingly deposit up to 80% of their toxins e.g. mercury waste vaporised from their fillings and stored in different organs, into the unborn baby through the umbilical cord. Children´s teeth […]

Tongue Piercing

. Chapter 15 . Tongue Piercing . Having their tongue, lip or other parts of the body pierced appears cool and good looking to some individuals. Others think it only self mutilation. Many parents are upset seeing their offspring coming home with nose, ear or more delicate parts of their body artistically altered. Whatever your […]

Tooth Whitening

. Chapter 14 . Tooth Whitening . Hollywood is calling. Almost naturally, the rest of the world follows. Is this  what you really want? Did you have a look into the ingredients and side effects of these artificial smiles. Have you ever asked yourself why you are not happy with the appearance of your teeth, […]

CAVITATIONS: Hidden Problems in Your Jaw

. Chapter 13 . CAVITATIONS: Hidden Problems in Your Jaw . Extracting a tooth would normally solve the problem of a badly decayed, broken or abscessed tooth. Sometimes however new problems emerge at the point of extraction. This happens mainly with wisdom teeth or molars. If the periodontal membrane (the tissue that holds the tooth […]

Root Canal Treatment

. Chapter 12 . Root Canal Treatment . If none of the previous chapters have caught your full attention this one will blow many conditioned beliefs out of your mind. Root canal treatments are no more than a quick fix approach with an end result (maybe years or decades later) probably far worse than the […]

Alternatives to Mercury Fillings and other Restorative Options

. . Alternatives to Mercury Fillings and other Restorative Options . Once your tooth has been drilled you will have to decide what kind of material you want your dentist to place in the cavity. The options are either fillings placed directly in the hole or manufactured by technicians and fitted at a second appointment. […]