Commercial Mouthwash: Not Something You Want In Your Mouth

Not Something You Want In Your Mouth You may recall that TV ad where a woman’s teeth fall out of her mouth into her hands.   Of course it’s a bad dream.   Then, as she brushes her teeth, blood pours out of her mouth.  The ad for Corsodyl mouthwash was designed to shock you […]

Hugging. This Simple Act Can Transform Your Mood Instantly!

The timeless power of a good hug – it may be a fleeting three-second affair in the UK but researchers have discovered something interesting. 

Enjoy a hug for a lingering 20 seconds and voila! You’re in for a therapeutic bonus that does wonders for your body as well a your mind.

A Treat For Your Taste Buds

Keeping tabs on the ingredients in ready-made and processed foods has always been a worthwhile task. These days, deciphering the fine print on labels might require a Sherlock-level magnifying glass.  It seems the font size is in a secret competition to be the smallest, possibly because they don’t want us asking too many questions. Supermarkets […]

Sleep vs Food

Sleep vs Food Edward Hookey Dewey, a medical graduate from the University of Michigan in 1864, served as an assistant surgeon in the U.S. Army.  Although you may never have heard his name, he became famous as the “No-Breakfast Doctor.” Now, with Christmas on the horizon, the usual flood of celebrity cookbooks will start appearing […]

Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara’s Recommendations For Living Longer 

Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara’s Recommendations For Living Longer  How does someone live to well over 100?  What habits might they have to help us live that long?  Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara (1911 – 2017) gave us the answer that suited him. He lived to 104 and enjoyed an active life in Japan. He wrote over 150 books […]

Understanding Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Approach to Emotions

In our practice Sam Cooper combines the fascinating work of Dr Bradley Nelson with Renzo Celani’s amazing Bio-Photon mirrors and Dr Geerd Ryke Hamer’s mind blowing German New Medicine to achieve significant results.

Getting To Know Your Soil

As humans, we often find solace and a sense of connection in nature. One way we can deepen this connection is by digging into the earth and delving into the world beneath our feet.  This act of digging not only physically allows us to explore the soil and its hidden treasures but also symbolically represents […]

Water: A Mouthpiece For Nature

Our most precious resource is water. Everyone living on Planet Earth has used water for survival.  Without drinking water we would last for only three days. As we normally drink water to quench our thirst or as a solvent for foods, we tend to ignore its many health benefits and the fact that every organ […]

Plants: The Secret Superheroes of Our World

There’s nothing quite so magical as watching plants grow – from tiny seeds and shoots to flourishing leaves and flowers.  Learning to become little plant detectives is an important part of the Science curriculum in primary schools, with children learning to name local flowers, bushes and trees, exploring the different parts and functions of a […]

The Sounds of Silence

In the grand theatre of global customs, the way we value silence is unique to each culture and purpose.