Among The Worst Inventions…EVER

If someone cornered you and demanded to know humanity’s greatest brainwave, you’d probably blurt out “the wheel” without even pausing to contemplate.

Classic choice, right?

But let’s take a walk on the wild side of the invention spectrum—the Hall of Shame, if you will.
Nestled among the contenders for “What Were They Thinking?” are gems like the DVD rewinder (why?), the parachute jacket (a Darwin Award there), pop-up ads (just annoying) and rubber soled shoes.

I bet you didn’t think you’d see rubber soled shoes on the ‘worst’ list when they can be comfortable, durable and usually provide a solid grip against the elements and keep us from slipping on banana peels?

Apologies if you’re wearing a pair.

I’ll address the issue but let’s look at this from a different perspective.

Thunderbolt and Lightning – Very Very Frightening

Lightning is a massive phenomenon; indeed Nature’s grand pyrotechnic performance. It’s unpredictable, spectacular, challenging and can be difficult to protect against.

Worldwide, there are over 3,000,000 lightning flashes every day. That’s around 35+ strikes every second.

“Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against Nature. When enough sins have accumulated illnesses will suddenly appear”


In the 1800’s scientists first measured the ground currents by spreading out like human divining rods, poking the Earth for its electric secrets. They’re all part of the global electric circuit.

Today, Geophysicists believe that this bank of almost limitless energy is continually replaced with free electrons every time Zeus throws us a lightning bolt.

So when we walk barefoot on the earth, it’s like standing on a rechargeable battery. We’re absorbing a charge of energy. The earth feeds energy into all organisms that make direct contact.

This bio-energising takes place in the mitochondria, the microscopic dynamos of our cells where incoming electrons are passed on to the enzymes that in turn produce the cellular equivalent of rocket fuel – adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the fuel that allows cells to function and repair themselves.

“The common shoe is perhaps the world’s most dangerous invention” adding “it is the most destructive culprit of inflammation and autoimmune diseases”.

David Wolfe

Walking barefoot on the earth, sand or grass is like plugging into Earth’s main frame – it provides an unlimited flow of electrons INTO the body.

Wearing rubber soled shoes insulates the wearer from this benefit.

The original foot coverings – leather, wool, canvas and cork – have evolved from a need to protect against challenging weather conditions. Today’s footwear instead reflect a person’s culture, fashion and indeed wealth.

They do not provide the same practical purpose as the original foot coverings.

The moment a person put’s on a shoe, the healing energies of the earth are gone.

Interesting that the increasing incidence of soaring chronic diseases in our lifetimes has occurred during a period in which people have become increasingly disconnected from the Earth.

“Did you know that the invention of the synthetic rubber shoe sole is a major contributor to the proliferation of cancer, heart disease, and auto-immune diseases?

Rubber insulates against electricity. When synthetic rubber soles were invented, nobody foresaw the side-effects of losing our electrical ground from the Earth. We are electrical beings… every bodily function, whether it’s physical or mental, is powered by low levels of electrical current. Modern-day living saturates our body with unnatural frequencies… there is now concern that we absorb tremendous amounts of electromagnetic radiation from our modern devices. This disturbs our fine electrical balance.

It sounds absurd… but the act of taking off your shoes and connecting to the earth has incredible (medically recognized) health benefits. ‘Earthing’, also known as ‘grounding’ is the process of connecting to the Schumann Resonance. 7.83Hz is the natural frequency of the Earth. Some people call it “the Earth’s heartbeat,” and every living thing on the planet has evolved to depend on it. It is by no coincidence that 7.83Hz is also the dominant brainwave rhythm of humans – and all other mammals. Unfortunately, modern living is drowning out this natural frequency – which manifests into a cascade of serious health problems (especially for the elderly). Over 30, peer-reviewed, double-blind studies (the most rigorous research standards) conclude that Earthing has profound health benefits. The best part is that Earthing is incredibly easy to apply!”

From Emily J. Parker & Dr. Lin Xiaoxi at Natural Synergy

I’m off to the beach for a long barefoot walk to get sand between my toe.

Dr Elmar Jung

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  1. Dave
    Dave says:

    I have been finding the benefits of earthing/grounding for a a number of years and found a couple of useful hacks:
    1. Sleep is the time for rest and repair and a most important time to be grounded (and protected from EMFs too). there are fairly expensive things you can buy, but with a bit of ingenuity you can ground yourself at little cost. A stake in the ground connected via simple wire to a part of your body. You can check for electrical continuity with a simple test meter that most DIYers have. If you want to get really sophisticated you could add a diode (that only allows DC current flow in one direction, but that is not really necsssary.
    2. In the industrial world there is a class of footwear called ESD (meaning electrostatic discharge). They are made for use in electronic workshops and labelled accordingly. If someone handling electronic parts is not earthed, the electronics can be damaged because of the static voltage. You can use them for every day wear and get grounded whenever you are on suitable surfaces.

  2. Amanda Chambers
    Amanda Chambers says:

    I love this blog Elmar! I had never thought about this before, yes, shoes are the worst invention ever!
    It’s so simple, so obvious, so important, everyone should be made aware of this and luckily there are easy solutions! Thank you Elmar!


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