The Dentist

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Dr Ana Velasco, Lead Dentist

Biological Dentist, Myobrace specialist

Dr Ana Velasco graduated from Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain) with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery and has been practising dentistry for more than 10 years.

Whilst working for the NHS, Dr Velasco experienced first-hand, the limitations of traditional mainstream dentistry and the effects these limitations have on patients.  This led her to develop a keen interest in holistic dentistry. As she learned more, the path that would fulfil her professional life became very clear. She then set herself the goal of becoming a biological dentist.

Dr Velasco began following Dr Jung and his teachings as she knew he was highly regarded in the field.  As luck would have it, the stars eventually aligned presenting her with the opportunity to join Dr Jung’s team!

Dr Velasco has been with Dr Jung’s clinic since March 2022 and is undertaking all of Dr Jung’s clinical work, including safe amalgam removal using IAOMT’s SMART protocol as well as all surgical procedures and restoration work. She is also trained in the use of the CaviTAU Ultrasound scan. As our Lead Dentist, Dr Velasco conducts all initial consultations with Dr Jung.

Dr Velasco also offers the Myobrace orthodontic system for children and the Homeoblock treatment for adults. These methods naturally align teeth, and by redirecting jawbone growth and development, improves breathing and swallowing patterns. Ultimately this supports the ideal positioning of the teeth and eventually your overall wellbeing.

As a mother of a little boy, Dr Velasco knows how important it is to make choices that benefit children and create a better world for them. Her warm, caring nature, patience, and delicate manner ensure a child-friendly dental experience for your little ones!

Frequently Asked Questions

Initial consultations can usually be arranged within 4-6 weeks of your initial enquiry as soon as we receive your forms and OPG x-ray. The Initial Consultation is carried out by our Lead Dentist, Dr Ana Velasco. Dr Jung is also present.

We read through your information and carefully prepares for your first appointment. This can only be done once you have sent your forms and OPG x-ray.

  • Once you have sent your initial consultation forms AND your OPG x-ray, we will take about 30 minutes to get a first impression of your present situation.
  • The basic initial consultation usually takes 1.5 hours however, if you have the CaviTAU scan as well or any other test, the consultation may take 2 hours.
  • After your appointment Dr Velasco will write a detailed letter with the findings of the day including treatment plan with costs and consent forms. This will be send to you by email.
  • Initially you will be brought to the consultation room and discuss with Dr Velasco and Dr Jung your reasons for attending our clinic and we will go through with you the findings of your OPG x-ray. At this point we may recommend additional diagnostics such as OroTox to measure the toxicity of the tooth or implant, a CaviTAU® scan to determine your bone health in order to finalise our recommendations for treatment. We will also touch on diet, lifestyle and general health in association with your teeth. However, if you would like to go further into these areas we recommend to book an appointment with Dr Jung in his capacity as Dental Health Coach.
  • Once in the dental chair, Dr Velasco will check your oral and facial muscles, TMJ joints, nerve points, lymph nodes, tongue, gum health, examine your teeth, fillings and other restorations, check your bite and its influence on your leg length and other checks appropriate to your individual situation.
  • At the end most patients will get some homework to do.
  • You will also receive a complimentary and signed copy of Dr Jung’s latest book.
  • OroTox Test for toxicity of root treated or dead teeth and implants –
  • Oligo Scan to check for heavy metals
  • CaviTAU® scan to determine bone health
  • Patch test for Iodine depletion
  • Tri-Mercury Test (Quicksilver Scientific)
  • Blood tests
  • MELISA test for metals
  • Clifford test for dental materials

An OPG is a full mouth x-ray which shows your teeth, jawbone, sinuses, TMJ joints.

Dr Jung uses this to assess your teeth, jawbone, sinuses and TMJ joints.

This is necessary to assess the x-ray on screen and is mandatory for the CaviTAU scan.

An OPG gives Dr Jung a snapshot of the whole mouth from which to work, whilst the CBCT scan can be useful for a more detailed view of areas of concern that may show up on the OPG.

We don’t offer OPG x-rays in the clinic, so we recommend you look for a local dentist close to you who can offer digital OPG x-rays.

Simply obtain the email address of the Dentist you wish to use for the OPG x-ray and email us with their name and email address asking us to send a referral on your behalf.

If you haven’t already submitted your Registration form to us, then we will need your name, date of birth, address and contact telephone number and email so we can put this on the OPG referral.

An initial consultation is £350.