The Dentist

Dr. Elmar Jung has been an advocate for holistic integrative dentistry ever since leaving Dental school nearly 35 years ago.

Early on, Elmar realized that treating symptoms is the most common approach that dentists and doctors take to tackle illnesses. Convinced that there must be more, he embarked on a remarkable journey to explore complementary diagnostic and treatment methods which offer a whole-person approach.

He is a qualified holistic Dentist with the German Association of Holistic Dentists and a Doctor of F.-X. Mayr Medicine, and a German Naturopath (Heilpraktiker).

Prior to moving to the UK to work with Dres Graeme & Lilian Munro-Hall, the UK’s pioneers in holistic dentistry, he ran two successful holistic practices in Germany and also worked at the prestigious Paracelsus-Clinic in Switzerland.

In 2012 he published his first book “Weapons of Plaque Destruction” together with Graeme Dinnen, on how to cure and prevent Gum Disease and Tooth Decay with an easy-to-learn blotting technique and a genius little toothbrush, the Blotting Brush.

Over the years, Dr. Jung has witnessed first-hand, the damage that poor nutrition and toxic dentistry can do to a patient’s health and the transformational changes that happen once they get it right.

He supports his metal-free treatments with dental detoxification and supplementation protocols and advises his clients on a healthy mindset.

Dr. Jung is passionate about his patients taking full responsibility for their health and well-being.

In April 2019 he launched his Bestseller book “Shut Your Mouth and Open Wide” and in 2020 he started “Elmar’s Tooth Talk – The Missing Link To Total Health” his Podcast about Holistic Dentistry.

His latest book “Success Secrets for Wellbeing” is a cooperation of ten entrepreneurs sharing their views on physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Available on his Website, Amazon and  Waterstones

At present Elmar stopped working hands-on and concentrates on consulting with patients.

Elmar lives in the New Forest and still doesn’t fancy swiSavemming with sharks.

He also lectures in the UK and internationally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Initial consultations can usually be arranged within two weeks of your initial enquiry as soon as we receive your forms and OPG x-ray.

Dr Jung reads through your information and carefully prepares for your first appointment. This can only be done once you have sent your forms and OPG x-ray.

  • Once you have sent your initial consultation forms AND your OPG x-ray, Dr Jung will take about 30 minutes to get a first impression of your present situation.
  • The basic initial consultation usually takes 1.5 hours however, if you have the CaviTAU scan as well or any other test, the consultation may take 2 hours.
  • After your appointment Dr Jung will write a detailed letter with the findings of the day including treatment plan with costs and consent forms. This will be send to you by email.
  • Initially you will be brought to the consultation room and discuss with Dr Jung your reasons for attending his clinic and he will go through with you his findings of your OPG x-ray. At this point he may recommend additional diagnostics such as OroTox to measure the toxicity of the tooth or implant, a CaviTAU® scan to determine your bone health in order to finalise his recommendations for treatment. He will also touch on diet, lifestyle and general health in association with your teeth. However, if you would like to go further into these areas we recommend to book an appointment with Dr Jung in his capacity as Health Consultant.
  • Once in the dental chair, Dr Jung will check your oral and facial muscles, TMJ joints, nerve points, lymph nodes, tongue, gum health, examine your teeth, fillings and other restorations, check your bite and its influence on your leg length and other checks appropriate to your individual situation.
  • At the end most patients will get some homework to do.
  • You will also receive a complimentary and signed copy of Dr Jung’s latest book.
  • OroTox Test for toxicity of root treated or dead teeth and implants –
  • Oligo Scan to check for heavy metals
  • CaviTAU® scan to determine bone health
  • Patch test for Iodine depletion
  • Tri-Mercury Test (Quicksilver Scientific)
  • Blood tests
    • MELISA test for metals
    • Clifford test for dental materials
    • Test for RANTES
    • Vitamin D testing (25 OH & 1.25 OH) –

An OPG is a full mouth x-ray which shows your teeth, jawbone, sinuses, TMJ joints.

Dr Jung uses this to assess your teeth, jawbone, sinuses and TMJ joints.

This is necessary to assess the x-ray on screen and is mandatory for the CaviTAU scan.

An OPG gives Dr Jung a snapshot of the whole mouth from which to work, whilst the CBCT scan can be useful for a more detailed view of areas of concern that may show up on the OPG.

We don’t offer OPG x-rays in the clinic, so we recommend you look for a local dentist close to you who can offer digital OPG x-rays.

Simply obtain the email address of the Dentist you wish to use for the OPG x-ray and email us with their name and email address asking us to send a referral on your behalf.

If you haven’t already submitted your Registration form to us, then we will need your name, date of birth, address and contact telephone number and email so we can put this on the OPG referral.

An initial consultation is £350.

PRF is used to fill the hole after tooth extraction or surgical clean and to promote bone healing, reduce bone recession and support bone density. Ozone is used to kill any remaining bacteria after surgical procedures and Vitamin C supports the healing and detoxification process.

Treatment can usually be booked 2-3 weeks after the initial consultation.


Due to the current situation, we don’t offer a payment plan.

We don’t offer this at present.

Dr Jung prepares a comprehensive Treatment Plan for every single patient and each is unique. Therefore, this takes time to prepare and we recommend that patient’s read the plan and accompanying documentation carefully before committing to any treatment.



Most of our patients have underlying health conditions and it is Dr Jung’s philosophy that the mouth should be given time to heal following any surgical treatment and implants should not be placed until chronic health conditions are rectified.

We offer dentures and bridges.

All our materials are bio-compatible and the filling material we use are from Elsodent and Saremco.

Each patient and their dental journey is unique. We pay special attention to each and every patient ensuring that they are happy with their treatment plan, any questions being answered, and patients are followed up after surgery.

A treatment plan is emailed out to each patient by Dr Jung personally which includes a Dental Bone Protocol and pre- and post-surgical instructions as well as consent forms which must be signed and mailed back before treatment is booked.

We use both.

Yes, because Vitamin D is essential for bone and tissue healing.

It is recommended to take certain supplements before treatment to help the body prepare and support it during the impending treatment.

You will be given this information and where to obtain the supplements in the Dental Bone Protocol which you will receive with your Treatment Plan.

A cavity is a hole, decay in a tooth. A cavitation is a hole in the bone.