A Treat For Your Taste Buds

Keeping tabs on the ingredients in ready-made and processed foods has always been a worthwhile task.

These days, deciphering the fine print on labels might require a Sherlock-level magnifying glass. 

It seems the font size is in a secret competition to be the smallest, possibly because they don’t want us asking too many questions.

Supermarkets showcase a variety of packaged goodies, contributing to the nation’s health predicament. Processed foods, united by common traits, flaunt low nutritional value, an excess of saturated fats and sugars, and an abundance of additives. 

It’s like a not-so-secret recipe for disaster.

Supermarkets strategically position products to boost sales, with ‘ready’ meals conveniently placed at eye level, tempting us with the allure of last-minute impulse purchases. 

Little do we realise that these seemingly convenient options may include industrially-recovered meats with connective tissue and leftovers that even a butcher would hesitate to use.

And then there’s the checkout queue spectacle, where mothers navigate their way through strategically placed chocolates, trying to distract their (usually bored) kids.

It’s a battlefield where the real casualties are our wallets and, potentially, our health.

Puddings targeted at school children boast ‘approved’ additives, leaving us to wonder, approved by whom? 

If you’re not on a first-name basis with the ingredients and their roles, it’s probably safe to assume they have no business being in our meals.

Whatever happened to good old-fashioned real food? Processed foods, with their elaborate production methods not only dominate the shelves but also command premium prices, contributing to fatter profit margins. 

It’s a sad reality check on how corporate interests and our well-being (apologies for the oxymoron) often find themselves in the same sentence.

The food we consume is a major player in our overall health, including the state of our teeth and gums. 

So, in this culinary maze, let’s strive to find our way back to the simplicity of real, unadulterated food.

Opting for food from your local farmers market is filling your plate with top-notch goodies

No middleman means these hardworking folk get a steady cash flow to keep their families fed and their farms flourishing. It’s like hitting the jackpot for your taste buds and supporting the backbone of our food scene.

Now, contrast that with the supermarket saga. When farmers sell to these retail giants, they’re stuck in a waiting game, twiddling their thumbs for payment that might take months. 

And when it finally arrives, it’s often akin to getting a handful of pocket change for all their efforts. Talk about a delayed and lackluster payday!

So, by choosing local, you’re cutting out the drama and ensuring these farmers get the appreciation and compensation they deserve.

And let’s not forget the bonus round.  Good-quality, local fare isn’t just a treat for your taste buds; it’s a bonus for your teeth and gums. So, every crunchy bite is not just a flavour explosion. 

Now, that’s what I call a win-win on your plate!

Dr Elmar Jung

Dr. Elmar Jung
Dr. Elmar Jung Dental Clinic
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