5 Natural Products You Could Be Using Right Now

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There have been many different cases in the news about toxic finds in products that are used every day. The side effects of these toxic chemicals – everything from formaldehyde to benzene – can be anything from a minor reaction like stomach sickness to cancer. It’s no wonder why so many people are pushing for more natural products. If you have been considering switching to a more natural lifestyle, there are plenty of products you could use. Here are five natural, healthy products that you could be using right now.

The Crystal Deodorant – One of the most common things that has been reported is the occurrence of carcinogens in deodorant. The easiest way to avoid cancer by your toiletries is to invest in some natural deodorant, such as Crystal Deodorants. Crystal deodorants use natural sea salt and essential oils to improve a person’s scent. It’s inexpensive, lasts a long time, and also doesn’t have the more dangerous chemicals that most commercial deodorants have. You can also make a similar deodorant from baking soda, sea salt, and essential oils.

Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent – Laundry detergent has a lot of problems when it’s based on harsh chemicals. For people with sensitive skin, they already know the way that detergents can cause rashes, acne, and even sneezing fits. Seventh Generation laundry detergent lets you have clean, spotless laundry without having to deal with the chemical residues. Best of all, it has a very fresh scent. Many people use Borax as laundry detergent, too. Borax is a much more natural way to wash your clothes than the chemically loaded detergents available for purchase in a grocery store.

Soap By A Wild Soap Bar – All natural, specially milled soap is a great way to keep clean, smell amazing, and also get skin that is smooth and clear. Many people don’t realize how much synthetic, chemical-filled soap can actually harm and irritate skin. Getting natural moisturizers from plants and other sources such as avocado, oatmeal, and olive oil is an excellent way to keep your body feeling amazing.

DIY Toothpaste – Toothpaste is often chock full of strange materials and chemicals, so making your own toothpaste is a quick and easy way to cut bills. Toothpaste that you can make yourself can be many different flavors, and also has the added advantage of being 100% natural. You can’t really have a better way to know whether or not something is natural than making it yourself.

DIY Facial Masks – During a nice leisurely day off, having some time to yourself might mean putting on a facial mask. Instead of shelling out tons of money for a mask that you get at the cosmetics counter, make your own with one of the many different recipes available on the net. Each mask recipe has a different effect on your skin, so make sure to find one that is made specifically for your skin type. After 10-15 minutes, simply wash it off and enjoy your naturally healthy glow!

What natural products do YOU use?

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