Dr Elmar Jung

On this site I share my views on holistic integrative dentistry. Comprehensive FAQ pages inform about Amalgam, Root Canals and Cavitations and why it can be very important to know what materials you have in your mouth and how Root canals can be causing problems to your overall health.

A tooth chart shows how teeth are connected with the rest of your body and a recently added page provides news about our latest acquisition, the state-of the-art Ultrasound scan, CaviTAU®.

The CaviTAU® supports the diagnostic for jawbone density and quality. Available in our clinic from mid-February.

We now also offer Bio-Photon Light-Therapy and the feed back we receive from patients is phenomenal.

Enjoy the site and if you have any queries drop us a note.

For a more main-stream view on dentistry check out sites such as GDC or BDA.

The Health Consultant

Dr Jung has been an advocate for holistic dentistry ever since leaving Dental school over 30 years ago.


The dentist I found is Elmar Jung, and in April I had my first consultation with him, before the appointment I had to fill out extensive health forms, and I researched the areas of dentistry that I wanted & that he offered, as well as some that I hadn’t even heard of, so I arrived with questions & a clearer idea as to what it was that I wanted – removal of amalgams, replacement of a metal cap, and the very unwanted root canal.

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Karen R., SomersetTreatment, August 2019

Only positive experiences with him. He’s kind, passionate, hardworking, knows his craft, has patience and he’s great, yeah! I am happy to have found him!

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Excerpt from Facebook’s Nico group with permission from JOHN JOHN