Our unique holistic, biological, and integrative approach to your oral health

In July 2022, Dr Elmar Jung stepped back from his clinical practice to concentrate on his role as a COACH, SPECIALISING IN DENTAL HEALTH CHALLENGES AND NATUROPATHY. With more patients seeking a natural approach to dentistry and health in general, Dr Jung will be extending his expertise and knowledge to a wider audience and those who wish to take responsibility for their whole health.

As well as coaching and speaking, Dr. Jung, will in the near future, also be offering health education programs specifically focused on the challenges we are currently all facing in this modern age.

Dr Ana Velasco is now our Lead Dentist and undertakes Dr. Jung’s clinical work, including all surgical procedures. She also follows Dr Jung’s holistic approach by offering safe amalgam removal utilising the IAOMT’s SMART protocol, as well as bio-composite fillings, inlays, and crowns, oral hygiene programmes.

In addition, Dr Velasco has trained in Myobrace orthodontics for children, Homeoblock treatment for adults, and jawbone density scanning with the CaviTAU scan. She is one of currently only two dentists in the UK offering the Homeoblock treatment.

Dr. Velasco leads the initial consultations in the clinic as well as online with Dr. Jung being present to share his expertise.

Sam Cooper will be extending the Bio-Photon therapy by incorporating some health-focused programs following the success of her latest clinical study.

Dr. Jung’s clinic will continue to operate out of Atlantic Clinic in Southampton.

Dr. Jung would like to extend his heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of his patients for their support over the years.

Together we can make the future an even brighter place for everyone. Dr. Jung and his Team will continue to support you where they can in your dental health and general well-being.

On-Line Consultations

Dr. Jung will still be offering ON-LINE consultations. This is an opportunity to discuss with him recommendations on how to keep you and your loved ones healthy and how to maintain your teeth and oral health at an optimum level.

Bio-Photon Treatment

Sam Cooper is offering Light-Kinesiology Bio-Photon Therapy and Counselling to all of Dr. Jung’s Dental Practice patients.

This is an ideal addition either before or straight after your dental treatment to look at underlying health challenges and to improve healing and recovery after surgery.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Dr Elmar Jung

On this site, I share my views on holistic dentistry, also called biological, integrative or functional dentistry. Comprehensive FAQ pages inform about Amalgam, Root Canals, and Cavitations and why it can be very important to know what materials you have in your mouth and how Root canals can be causing problems to your overall health.

A tooth chart shows how teeth are connected with the rest of your body and a recently added page provides news about our latest acquisition, the state-of-the-art Ultrasound scan, CaviTAU®.

The CaviTAU® supports the diagnostic for jawbone density and quality. Available in our clinic from mid-February.

We also offer Bio-Photon Light-Therapy which is a mandatory requirement before any surgical procedure. The feed back we receive from patients is phenomenal.

Enjoy the site and if you have any queries drop us a note.

For a more main-stream view of dentistry check out sites such as GDC or BDA.

The Health Coach

Dr Jung has been an advocate for holistic dentistry ever since leaving Dental school over 30 years ago.

Elmars Tooth Talk – Podcast

In Elmars Tooth Talk Podcast of almost 100 episodes, you will find all you need to know about dental topics such as Amalgam Fillings, Cavitations, Fluoridation, Implants, Mouthwashes, Orthodontics, Root Canals or Tooth-Organ Connections. We discuss the pro’s and con’s of dental materials and treatments.

And many more topics beyond dentistry such as Supplementation, Posture, Covid, Dream building, Krypto, Biohacking and many more


Catherine Buchan
Catherine Buchan
March 26, 2022.
I had a wisdom tooth taken out. Prior to the surgery, Dr. Jung recommended i change my diet and added certain supplements to help the healing process. I don't know if it's having had the infected tooth taken out or the new diet and supplements - or both - but I have felt amazing since then! I have so much energy it's great. Consequently, it does not feel like I am depriving myself of certain foods as I am experiencing such benefits. He also made the whole extraction process as comfortable as he could. I had been avoiding the dentist for years and then thankfully, I found Dr. Jung who has helped me to no longer fear going to the dentist. I highly recommend him - and Sam too. I also think my session with Sam prior to the surgery helped improve my well-being.
Ruka Tuk
Ruka Tuk
March 21, 2022.
I've been chronically ill for the last 10 years, in and out of hospital and my health got worse when I had a root canal re-done at a previous dentist. I did some re-search on root canals and the health impact it has. Which lead me to look for a Holistic dentist and I quickly realised that not all Holistic dentist are what it says on the tin. In terms of Dr. Elmar Jung, Sam Cooper, Ana and the rest of the team, it was the best medical experience I've had. I feel like a had a mind, body, spirit overhaul. It was compulsory for me to see Sam Cooper before the extraction because that is Dr. Jung's requirement. Not to give too much away, I'm so glad this is a requirement. I feel so much better on an energetic level since seeing Sam and understand my Self so much better. She advised me on certain vitamins and minerals as well. Back to Dr. Jung. The extraction of my root canal tooth was done with such skill and finesse that I didn't feel any pain or discomfort during the anaesthetic or the extraction itself. I had blood taken by Ana, again no discomfort as she skilfully got the needle in my vain. I had a Vitamin C infusion while Dr. Jung was working on me. He gave me a breathing technique while he would time my breath while doing the anaesthetic. The extraction itself happened so gently, it's like Dr. Jung lured my tooth out like a tooth whisperer. Once out, we saw an abscess attached to the top of the tooth. Ozone was used to clean my wound, my own white blood cells was used in my wound and stitches were applied. They far exceeded my expectations. To call Dr Jung a dentist is doing him a disservice. Dr. Jung, Sam Cooper and the team are health Alchemist. They are like an oasis in a world suffering with the Medical Industrial Complex. To have a taste of what approach to health you will be getting, read Dr. Elmar Jung's book called Shut your mouth, and open wide (available on Amazon) I will give the book 5 stars as well as it's very easy to read and is packed with overall health information that makes you realise the wealth of knowledge and passion for health he has. I'm only 6 days in since my surgery so will update this review of any health changes since my root canal extraction and getting rid of the mercury in my mouth.
March 14, 2022.
After suffering with chronic fatigue for many years it was pointed out to me by a functional medicine doctor that having quite a number of metal fillings and root canals was a major contributing factor. I was referred to Doctor Elmar Jung as he specialises in this type of holistic dentistry and is recognised as the top expert in this area in the uk. Since having the metal fillings and root canals removed, my health and chronic fatigue has increased dramatically. I would therefore highly recommend Dr Elmar Jung, I am very happy with the treatment I received, he was highly personal and prof throughout the process. I believe in both his and my functional medicine doctors perspectives that we should not be putting metal into our bodies and that this is a major root cause of chronic fatigue syndrome.
March 6, 2022.
I have been going to Elmar for about 5 years and I truly appreciate having him as my dentist. Although it’s about a 3 hour car drive, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Unfortunately I have had to have some unpleasant procedures along the way, e.g wisdom teeth extractions, and I tend to feel very anxious about dentist visits (I neglected going for 7 years so there was some work to do). But he has made the experience as positive as it can be, and I really trust him. He even managed to save a tooth of mine which had broken badly. He treated it, and over the course of a year the nerve retracted and I managed to keep it so far! He has been patient and kind when I have felt very emotional and scared and I just wanted to say thank you and i recommend him to others. I also love that he uses homeopathic remedies which have really helped with healing. It’s really hard to find a genuinely holistic dentist, and So I’m glad I have one!
July 21, 2021.
Dr. Elmar Jung is thoroughly professional and has a great attention to detail with his work. I cracked my tooth recently which resulted in a large section coming away. I originally went to my local dentist who categorically stated it would need to be extracted. I’d already researched Dr. Elmar and wanted the extraction to be carried out with him. One of his first questions was whether the previous dental practice had tested the tooth to check whether it was still alive or not (they hadn’t) and so this lead to Dr. Elmar offering me the option of saving the tooth as it was still alive. Needless to say I was delighted with the outcome having gone in expecting the tooth to be extracted. The practice extends its focus to looking at the whole body as a holistic system which gives reassurance that the best decisions and approaches are taken for overall health and recovery from treatment. His podcast series shows a real passion for the subject and continual learning.